"Woman in Love" and two other hits that actually belong to the Bee Gees

But the Bee Gees have some hits that not many people know about. And that's because they belong to other artists. How is that possible? It's simple: the members of the legendary band helped their stage mates and wrote great songs for them, which eventually became classics of their time!

Three world hits that actually belong to the Bee Gees

Bee Gees - a truly legendary band that has given this world dozens of timeless hits! The light motifs and generally enveloping atmosphere of their songs never cease to delight listeners - even contemporarywho are just beginning their acquaintance with the classics of the last century. And the band's biggest hit (at least if you consider its commercial success), "Stayin' AliveIt has long been in the public domain and has probably been re-recorded a hundred times by other artists as a cover!

This composition has a very funny story. For example - it is one of the most high-profile disco sloganseven though the band never had anything to do with this genre! That's how it is.

But the Bee Gees have some hits that not many people know about. And that's because they're from other artists. How is that possible? It's simple: the members of the legendary band helped their fellow band members on stage and wrote gorgeous songs for them, which eventually became classic of their time! These are the kind of things "secret" hits Bee Gees today and we will talk about it - in this article we have tried and collected for you three striking examples! The songs presented below are familiar to music lovers, but perhaps we can get you surprise At least their history!

"Woman in Love."

Barbra Streisand
Barbra Streisand

Doesn't anyone know "Woman in Love" by Barbra Streisand? We're sure everyone has heard this delightful song at least once in their lives! It can still be heard on the radio waves today, and in the distant 80s it was heard from every iron! "Woman in Love" is considered to be the biggest international hit of the singer, which quickly won platinum certification, the fourth of Streisand's career. For Barbra herself, however, it is quite sad and personal composition: by her own admission, she performs this hit in memory of her favorite idol John Lennon

If by the early 1980s Bee Gees had acquired the status of a cult band, adored all over the world, Streisand by this time began to rapidly lose And so, sensing the approach of fading fame, which is very difficult to return, the singer goes to forced measures: she asks Barry Gibba to write an album for her. And so, in fact, the record was born. "Guilty." and the charming ballad "Woman in Love" in particular, which never fails to touch listeners' deepest feelings...

"Chain Reaction."

Diana Ross (Diana Ross) in her youth
Diana Ross (Diana Ross) in her youth

"Chain reaction" became a worthy addition to the repertoire of the sultry beauty Diana Ross and her album "Eaten Alive." in particular. Remarkably, the elevated composition was the last to be included on the record! It was written by the brothers. Barry, Robin and Maurice Gibbs: they emphasized melody, trying to match the spirit of the The Supremes - The band with which Ross began her march to Olympus. Whether they succeeded or not, judge for yourself. We think it's a very worthy track that fits Diane's voice and image perfectly.

Ross literally in love into this song, and wanted to make "Chain Reaction" the lead single from the album! But RCA Records decided otherwise. In general - the song did not succeed the first time: it was released as the second single from "Eaten Alive" only in the USA and hardly entered the top 100. But then, when "Chain Reaction" was released as international singleand became popular and loved by listeners all over the world! And also conquered the prestigious places in the charts, of course.


Frankie Valli
Frankie Valli

This wonderful composition was born from the pen of Barry Gibba - It fit perfectly into the soundtrack of a musical movie "Grease 1978 year. Nevertheless, the director himself, Randal KleiserHe was not happy with the song: in his opinion, it did not correspond to the spirit of the 1950s. Anyway, "Grease" was a success among the listeners - many music lovers enjoy listening to this rhythmic piece even today! And it is almost half a century old!

Performed this song Frankie Valli - charismatic American singer, who had already made a name for himself before the release of Grease in the band The Four Seasons. As the owner of a powerful falsetto, Valli made "Grease" unprecedented hit! And an important melodic component of one of the best-selling soundtracks in history.


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