History of the album "White Night" by the band "Forum"

The album "White Night" was the culmination of Forum's career. In the second half of the 80s, the band's line-up changed: Saltykov was replaced by newcomer Sergei Rogozhin, who took some time for the public to get used to. In 1988, the record "Nobody's Fault" was released, after which the band's popularity plummeted.

About the legendary album and hit "White Night" by the band Forum

"White Night." - the most significant album in the career of the Soviet electropop band "Forum.". He saw the light in 1984 in 1987 on reel-to-reel tape. The record was re-released a year later and released on vinyl in 1987. The title song of the same name became a big hit, which is still going strong to this day. We will talk about the secret of the song's success and the influence of the debut work itself.

History, background

Best covers of the song "White Night" by the band "Forum" (Viktor Saltykov)
"White Night" by the band "Forum"

"Forum." - a Russian band formed by composer-songwriter Alexander Morozov в 1983.. A year later, the band performed for the first time in front of the public as part of the international rock festival in Czechoslovakia. The performance was accompanied by a composition "You understand me."that came out of the pen of the guitarist. Alexei Fadeyev. Then the song became one of the best tunes played at the concert. A successful start occurred, and soon the band went on tour and at the same time to record their tracks. So the material was accumulated, which was combined into a collection.

The Forum Group
The Forum Group

The mid-'80s marked the "Forums." peak of popularity. The renewed line-up recorded the legendary "White Night". It was the debut work for the band. At first it was released on reels, but later it was released on vinyl. The main hits were "The Island", "The Leaves Are Gone", "Crane in the Sky". and, of course, the song of the same name. The composition "Let's Call Each Other!" was also famous, and its music video was actively rotated on television. Subsequently, the group was invited to the "Musical Ring", and the track about the flying leaves brought the team to the finals of the "Song of the Year". However, today many people are familiar with and favourite with "White Night.".

The meaning of the title song

The Forum Group
The Forum Group

"White Night." became the title song of the album and the most popular song. It quickly appealed to listeners, especially the younger generation, due to its romanticised message. The lyric tells about the romantic dreams of a young man: the hero is constantly thinking about his beloved, but his feelings are especially acute at night. Nevertheless, it is far from being a cheerful song. The lyrical hero asks himself the question time and again:

"I hear familiar speech I see your face,
Why is it only in dreams...?"

The Forum Group
The Forum Group

Obviously, the young man thinks too much about the girl, since she appears to him even in his dreams. To this day, "White Night" remains one of the most beautiful Soviet songs, both lyrically and musically. Over the years, its popularity has not faded, but, on the contrary, has grown significantly. The composition is often played at discos, it is popular among bloggers and other media personalities, and many cover versions have been made of it.

And there's nothing surprising about this success: beautiful lyrics, a lovely melody and a recognisable voice Viktor Saltykov - All these factors combined to make the song a timeless hit. For many people, it is a way of travelling back to their youth and nostalgia for a short while.

Track list

We suggest checking out the full list of songs.

"White Night."

"How ridiculous..."


"The leaves have flown away..."

"The Island."

"Let's get on the phone!"

"What compares to youth..."

"Crane in the sky."


"Believe it!"

Interesting facts

  • In just one year, it sold out over two million of the album's vinyl records!
  • Clips shot for songs from the album formed the basis of a concert film "Together with the Young" (1985).
  • "White Night." is the band's first and last album since Victor Saltykov in the line-up. Subsequently, Victor performed these songs at his own live performances. He also performed "White Night" in Italian together with the programme team "Evening Urgant".

  • Some tracks from the album, including. "What a ridiculous thing to say." и "White Night.", became part of the soundtrack of the TV series "The Eighties".
  • Subsequently, many artists presented their covers of songs from the album: the band "Hi-Fi" ("Trouble")., Tatiana Bulanova ("What an absurdity..."), "New Gems" ("The Leaves Have Gone") and others.

  • Almost all of the music was written Alexander Morozov и Alexander Nazarov.


In conclusion, it remains to be added that the album "White Night." was the culmination of a career "Forums.". In the second half of the 80s, the band's line-up changed: Saltykov was replaced by newcomer Sergei Rogozhin, who took some time for the public to get used to. In 1988 the record was released "It's nobody's fault."After that, the popularity of the group fell sharply.


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