"Circle In The Sand" and Beyond: Remembering Belinda Carlyle's Greatest Hits

She is a true warrior, a fighter for her art and for her life, who came into men's territory with her rock band, The Go-Go's, and then managed to build a successful solo career!

Top songs performed by Belinda Carlyle according to Fuzz Music magazine

She has been through fire and water, through poverty and serious 30-year addiction from substances, and, much to her delight, remained not only alive, but also in her right mind! She herself emphasizes with amazement:

"All these 30 years I was hanging by a thread every day... I understood everything, but I couldn't help myself. I knew it was only a matter of time before I died. And I'm still amazed that I survived..."

Looking at photos and clips from those years, where Belinda Carlyle - so bright, charming, sexy - it's hard to believe that this sweet girl has seen such a dark side of life. Few listeners even know her complicated story! But rest assured: she is more than just a pop singer.

Belinda Carlyle
Belinda Carlyle

She is a true warrior, a fighter for her art and for her life, who came into men's territory with her rock band The Go-Go'sand then managed to build a successful solo career (and even family happiness, which we are sincerely happy about). Perhaps after learning about all of her personal accomplishments, you'll take a look at some of her best songs from a new angle

"Circle In The Sand."

Belinda Carlyle
Belinda Carlyle

One of the most exciting and incredibly beautiful hits in the history of popular music "Circle in the Sand." has become Carlyle's calling card and a favorite of millions of listeners around the world. The song was written by other people, Rick Knowles and Ellen Shipley. But just listen how powerfully Belinda sang this song... She clearly got into the lyrics.

"What we found was.
It's a love that never ends.
And you fill my heart,
All we need is our love..."

Addiction to substances interfered with the singer's personal life, and even ruined her first serious relationship. Luckily, a producer came along on her life's path Morgan Masonwho supported his beloved, which resulted in a strong, more than 30-year marriage.

"Heaven Is A Place On Earth"

"Heaven is a place on earth." - Carlyle's most recognizable and popular song, which brought the singer her only American number one hit and the love of the general public. The composition is notable for with layered backing vocalswhich adds to the sound of truly "divine" shades of voices... By the way, one of the backing singers was Michelle Phillips From The Mamas & The Papas.

The clip continues to be popular, and to date it has gained over 20 million views on YouTube. Notably, the performer's husband appeared in it.

"Mad About You."

Belinda Carlyle
Belinda Carlyle

"Crazy about you." - is the name given to debut solo single Belinda, released in 1986. A noteworthy moment is the appearance in the video Andy Taylor, guitarist for the band Duran Duran.

The Go-Go's went down in history as one of the most legendary female rock bands. They managed to gain recognition in the "male territory" that is the music industry, but more importantly, they had a tremendous influence on many, more modern female bands (and solo rock singers in particular). Alas, there were enough reasons for decayand someday we will definitely come back to this topic...

"Leave A Light On"

Belinda Carlyle
Belinda Carlyle

It was a brilliant success and a wonderful conclusion 80s.

An amazing fact: George Harrison played guitar in this song! From Belinda's memories:

"Rick Knowles (the author) said we needed to find someone cool and with a distinctive style to play the lead guitar part. I thought about it for a while and said: "How about George Harrison?" We had crossed paths with him years earlier in San Remo, Italy. When we contacted him, he responded right away, saying he'd like to help..."

"La Luna"

A song that needs no introduction.

Clip to her very much loved by music lovers: so mysterious, beautiful and... sexy. In the best Carlyle tradition.

"(We Want) The Same Thing"

A great track with which Belinda confidently broke in in the '90s!

It sounds rousing and inspiring. In a word - cool!

"Summer Rain."

Belinda Carlyle
Belinda Carlyle

Very Tragic number. It is about a man who goes off to war and leaves the woman he loves, saying that they will always be together. The action of the song takes place in the present: his widow sings, remembering the last time she saw him...

"Whispering the parting words,
Waiting for the train to come,
I danced with a sweetheart
In the summer rain..."

And also 3 songs at the end of the day. As we think - they are beautiful! By the way: what a composition Carlyle your personal favorite? Maybe it didn't make the list? Share your preferences in the comments, it will be interesting to read.

"Vision of You."

"Live Your Life Be Free"

"I Get Weak."

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