Interesting facts about the Bely Orel group

“It was just my whim. It just got boring, I decided to sing ... As they say: there is money - you don’t need a mind!

A team with a lot of funny episodes in its history

"White Eagle"group, founded in the second half of the 90s by a businessman Vladimir Zhechkov. It is noteworthy that Zhechkov gave his voice to many hits of the band, the most famous of which are “Because you can’t be beautiful like that” and "How delightful evening in Russia". Clips "Eagle" was actively rotated on TV channels, and the greatest popularity came at the end of the decade. At the beginning of the 2000s, a hit track was released "And in an open field"which renewed public interest. However, not many listeners know how the history of the group that gave rise to loud hits began.

Formation and first steps

Group "White Eagle"
Group "White Eagle"

The history of the "White Eagle" originates in 1996 year. It was then that the Russian businessman Vladimir Zhechkov decided to form his own musical group:

“It was just my whim. It just became boring, I decided to sing ... As they say, there is money - you don’t need mind! ”, Zhechkov himself commented in an interview.

Vladimir Zhechkov with guitarist
Vladimir Zhechkov with guitarist

The name of the project deserves special attention: "White Eagle" - this was the name of an alcoholic drink, which at that time was actively promoted by Zhechkov's advertising company. According to the man, this phrase seemed to him very "respectable and at the same time ironic."

First big hit “Because you can’t be beautiful like that” the collective released in 1997, but until the end of the decade, the public had no idea what musical idols looked like. For the first time Vladimir Anatolyevich showed his face only in 1999. For some time he was a soloist Mikhail FaybushevichHowever, he did not quite fit into the overall picture. As a result, Michael left the squad.

In 2010 he joined the group Andrey Khramov. The most interesting thing is that, speaking at the sunset of the 90s in a small tavern, he performed mainly rock ballads and White Eagle hits. As a result, Khramov joined Zhechkov's team, which was far from being a rock giant, but the knowledge of the band's songs came in handy for the vocalist.

The main stages of creativity

The work of this group is difficult to characterize: critics called the music "White Eagle" and rock, and pop, and chanson. In the words of Zhechkova, the project was originally conceived by him in the style of chanson. Actually, the audience was not particularly worried about the musical uncertainty of the band, the most important thing is good songs.

Until the end of the 90s, Zhechkov himself acted as a vocalist. It is his captivating and exciting voice that can be heard in the main hits of "Eagle" - "How delightful evening in Russia" and “Because you can’t be beautiful like that”. Both compositions have found tremendous success and even today their popularity is great. Nevertheless, Vladimir Anatolyevich himself never took the group seriously. Repeatedly he appeared at the studio in a state of intoxication.

A group shrouded in mystery

Group "White Eagle"
Group "White Eagle"

The audience was captivated by the soloist's velvety vocals, but no one had any idea what kind of team it was and how its members generally looked. And this was the main idea of the leader: from the very first day Zhechkov I wanted to make the project a kind of ghost, around which many questions and few answers would circle ...

And he succeeded: there really was a hype around the mysterious project, which undoubtedly influenced its popularity. At the same time, in just the first two years of its existence, the group released about ten clips! But they also provoked the audience to harsh statements. Sometimes the videos copied the plots and visual techniques of popular foreign artists, because of which "White Eagle" repeatedly accused of plagiarism.

Only in 1999, the veil of secrecy was ajar: on New Year's Eve, Zhechkov! This year turned out to be the peak of popularity for the group, and tours soon began. but Vladimir Anatolievich tired of the music business, and therefore began to look for a candidate for his place. Joined the squad Mikhail Faybushevich. Subsequently, he was replaced Leonid Lyutvinsky, but in the end, Zhechkov again took the reins of power and the microphone into his own hands.

What brought zero

The new decade brought new hits to the public. The most memorable were the tracks "I am alone and you are alone" and "And in an open field". Later, the collection saw the light "I drink what I want".

In addition to success, the new century also brought tragedy ... Zhechkov's 17-year-old daughter died in a car accident - hopes. This led the leader of the "White Eagle" to depression. As a result, Vladimir went to France and left the group for a while.

Nadezhda, daughter of Vladimir Zhechkov
Nadezhda, daughter of Vladimir Zhechkov

From 2006 to 2010, he played the role of vocalist Alexander Yagya. He conquered many with the performance of "But I thought you were happy." Nevertheless, there were some scandals: due to the fact that Alexander performed solo with the group's repertoire, he had a serious conflict with the leadership. Soon he was expelled, and in his place came Andrey Khramov.

Today the team continues to perform: the soloist is Denis Kosyakin.

Interesting Facts

  • The director of the video for the main hit of the group “Because you can’t be so beautiful” was Yuri Grymov. He also filmed an advertisement for the alcoholic drink of the same name, which he gave to the project. Zhechkova title.
  • Many influential musicians collaborated with Orel, including Alexandra Dobronravova, Igor Matvienko and others. In addition, the records involved Igor Butman and Sergei Chernyakov.
  • The band has often been accused of plagiarism. In addition, the "White Eagle" performed other people's compositions at their concerts, which is why "Lone Wolf" by Alexander Dobronravov mistakenly attributed to them.

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