Endless Disco: The Five Most Popular Eurodisco Bands from the '80s

Everyone who's ever been to a disco in the '80s remembers them. Young guys and girls danced to the hits of these disco bands all night long. And you remember them too! Ask us, who are we talking about? Today we remember the 5 most famous disco bands from the 80's!

Top 5 main Eurodisco musicians of the 80s

Music from the 1980s was divided into several popular genres. Mostly listened to either rockor disco. We have written many articles about popular rock musicians, bands, and concerts. But until recently, we didn't pay attention to the no less popular discoperformers out of 80х.

Modern Talking (Modern Talking)...
Modern Talking (Modern Talking)…

In this article we decided to recall the most popular performers in the Eurodisco genre. Many of them were even more popular than the rockers of the same time. Because of the fact that in the 80's and 90's were popular discosThe nightlife crowd simply adored these artists. Young people spent their nights dancing to their disco hits.

We invite you once again to plunge into the atmosphere of endless discos and remember the five most popular disco bands from the 80's!

5. London Boys

London Boys
London Boys

The popular duo from Germany, formed by Eden Ephraim and Denis Fuller. Despite the fact that the band was formed in Hamburg, the name ambiguously hints at where the guys came from. They were school friends and moved together from London to Hamburg. Ibid, in 1986and started composing music and performing.

They didn't become the most popular Eurodisco band, but they brought a lot to the genre. They are remembered for the songs "I'm Gonna Give My Heart", "Harlem Desire", "Requiem", "Chapel of Love". Notably, all of the duo's songs were popular rather in the UKthan in Germany. With a name like that, it's not even surprising.

In 1992 the duo broke up. But three years later they got together again and started working even harder than before, planning to release something that would make them famous. But they didn't make it in time. Unfortunately, both musicians were caught in a deadly car crash

They sang about love, friendship, loyalty, and tolerance. Even though their music didn't sell any supernatural numbers: during the whole time they sold almost 5 million records. But they were remembered by hundreds of thousands of listeners, and that's much more important.

4. Alphaville


The band is one of the few that still exists. True, almost nothing is left of the former success: now only old fans go to the concerts of the band. But in the 80s, Alphaville was played at every disco. Their hits "Sounds Like a Melody», «Forever Young"and "big in japan"Everyone knew it from the first album.

In the '80s, the band had only three albums: "Forever Young», «Afternoons in Utopia"and "The Breathtaking Blue". Not to say that the band was very prolific, but they took quality. The first record sold 2 million copies, the second - 500 thousand.

On the second album we also found some interesting compositions. "Dance With Me" and "Jerusalem". The listeners remembered them more than the others. The third album was one of the first albums in the world to be distributed on CD. But it was not as popular as the first ones.

3. Arabesque


Strange as it may seem, almost no one in Germany knew these great Germans. They were mainly listened to in Japan and at our domestic discos. Their creativity peaked in the late '70s and early '80s. At that time, it got to the point that every other girl at the disco danced like Sandra, Yasmin Vetter and Michaela Rose.

Their hit "midnight dancer"You can still hear it on the radio. And it sounds just as good as modern ones. No wonder it was so beloved. But the band had other popular songs: "In For A Penny, In For A Pound", "In the Heat of a Disco Night", "Friday Night".

In the title of the most popular songs, in one way or another, there was the word "Night"("Night"). By the way, in the song "In the Heat of a Disco Night" from the second album many people hear the words "Disco Beer, Disco Beer". Unfortunately, we couldn't hear it the first time, because we know how the phrase is translated Discofever (Disco Fever)... But there are similarities nonetheless:

2. Pet Shop Boys

Pet Shop Boys: Chris Lowe (left) and Neil Tennant. Photo: Yang Hutong
Pet Shop Boys: Chris Lowe (left) and Neil Tennant. Photo: Yang Hutong

Another "boyz" from UK. It is true that these musicians remained in London. That's where they became famous. Their singles hit the top of the charts, and their albums were consistently in the top 10 of the British hit parade. The records of the Pet Shop Boys were bought by millions!

Now the duo of Chris Lowe and Neil Tennant are considered one of the most commercially successful and prolific dance music recording groups in Great Britain. They are remembered for three albums in the '80s: "Please», «Actually"and "Introspective".

The collective still exists to this day: in 2020 they even released a new album - "Hotspot". People don't listen to them as readily as they did in the 80s and 90s, but they are still incredibly popular among English-speaking listeners. And among many of our people, too.

1. Modern Talking 

Modern Talking (Modern Talking)
Modern Talking

The most famous duo not only among those who performed disco, but among all musical duos in general! Originally, the musicians Thomas Anders and Dieter Bohlen got together in 1984. Both sang, but Bolen was also a producer Modern Talking.

Unfortunately, their Eurodisco duo didn't last long. They played together for three years, and then broke up because of disagreements. They got together again later, but they played very different music. And it was the first three years that made them memorable. с 1984 at 1987.

At that time legendary hits came out: "You're My Heart, You're My Soul", "You Can Win If You Want", "Cheri Cheri Lady", "Brother Louie", "Atlantis Is Calling (S.O.S. For Love)". All these songs were issued as singles and stayed at the first position in the charts for several weeks. They were even listened to in the USSR: several times the musicians were shown in the program "Rhythms of the Planet" and "Morning Post".

After the duo broke up, Dieter Bohlen created another Eurodisco project. Blue System. This group existed for only six months, the musicians recorded the album "Walking On The Rainbow", but the success of Modern Talking could not be repeated.

The only thing really memorable about Blue Systems is the single "My Bed Is Too Big".

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