Careless Angel or Going to the Run: Which version of the hit about Angel has become more popular

Not everyone knows that Aria's hit called Careless Angel is a cover of the song Going to the Run by the popular Dutch band Golden Earrning. How did it happen that the cover became more popular than the original? Let's try to understand this article.

History of the song Careless Angel by Aria

Those who are familiar with the work of Aria know that these musicians love sing other people's songs. They took well-known compositions in a foreign language, rewrote the text and added songs to their records.

Art for the song "Careless Angel" by the group "Aria"
Art for the song "Careless Angel" by the group "Aria"

This happened with Return of the Warlord by Manowar, which Aria became known as The Hour Has Struck, with Cry for Freedom by White Lion, which became known as Freedom" and with others famous songs.

And the most popular cover of Aria - the song "Careless Angel" was originally performed by the Dutch rock band Golden Earring and was called Going to the Run. The original version of the song was released in 1991 and was not widely recognized anywhere except in the Netherlands, where the majority of the band's fans came from.

Going to the Run got into an ordinary Golden Earring album and was listened to only by a narrow circle of the band's fans. The group at that time had much more famous and interesting songs: Radar Love, When the Lady Smiles and others.

History of Golden Earring – Going to the Run

Golden Earrings
Golden Earrings

But it was in Going to the Run something special is its message and backstory. The Dutch recorded this track in memory of their deceased comrade - a biker from the Hell's Angels club ("Hell's Angels"). The biker was a good friend of all Golden Earring members, and the band's frontman, Barry Hay, considered him almost his brother.

Such a sad event as the death of a close friend prompted the musicians to record this song. It did not become a hit on a global scale, but touched the fans of the group, and then reached the talented hands of musicians from the Aria group, who were also very imbued with the song.

Accusation of Aria group of plagiarism 

Your cover for the song Going to the Run, Aria released 8 years after the original was published. In 1999 about the song of the Netherlands All have forgotten, so the fans of the Aria group at first thought that the song "Careless Angel" was composed by the "Aryans" themselves.

Aria with Kipelov
Aria with Kipelov

This is partly true - the Soviet poetess and translator Margarita Pushkina completely rewrote original text. This is far from a literal translation: from the original version, only meaning and that's not all...

But the musicians from the Aria group still clarifiedthat this is a song by the Golden Earring group, and they themselves only perform a cover of the song they like.

Margarita Pushkina
Margarita Pushkina - the poetess who translated the Careless Angel

Someone heard it someone passed by and called the musicians mediocre plagiarists. Even now, there are those who are angry at the group because of their addiction to performing other people's songs. But specifically for the "Careless Angel" Aria can only be praised. This is one of the most quality covers on the Russian rock scene to this day.

How Aria's "Careless Angel" Became a Hit

The musicians included the song "Careless Angel" in the 1999 album - Tribute to Harley Davidson. The track was actively played on the radio, especially often it could be heard at the Nashe Radio station, which in the 90s was almost the most popular radio station of all, on a par with Europe Plus FM.

Because of this, the song was heard everywhere: on the streets, in hairdressers, in cars, in cafes and in dachas. In 1999, wherever there was a radio, there was Kipelov's voice ... Because of this, the song quickly became popular, and many began to cover Aria's cover. The popularity of the track grewlike a snowball.

And a year later, the composition has not lost its relevance. In 2004, "Angel" became the title track of the rock ballad collection "Arias", and the song itself can occasionally be heard on the radio today: it is especially liked by motorcyclists and motorists.

Aria's "Careless Angel" has become a meme 

Around 2018 song got a new life She has become a meme. It was actively inserted into short videos on YouTube and TikTok. Usually she was framed when someone had some kind of trouble:

Here the guy flew away with the bike - well, why not a careless angel? So thought and the creators of such videos. If you enter the name of the song, on the first lines there will be the performance of the Aria group, and on the subsequent lines there will be a selection of people falling to this song.

When the song went viral on TikTok, they began to insert it not only in the moments of falling, but also in general at any unfortunate moments:

Some authors have gone even further. and began to sing song in a way that suits a particular moment. Here, for example, is a "guy" who just loves to nibble:


Such interesting life Aria's cover hit "Careless Angel": first the track was performed in the Netherlands, then on Russian radio, and then it became the main TikTok meme.

Now there is no point in accusing the band's musicians of plagiarism - their song came out much more in demand than the Golden Earrings track. And this, despite the fact that both groups performed it as talented as possible. A lot of rock bands should learn from Aria how to make good covers.

And what performance of this song did you like: from the Golden Earrings group or from Aria? Write your opinion in the comments, we are interested to know which version of the song is more liked by Fuzz Music readers.


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