These rock albums were the best of the '80s - Part Three

Here's the third part of our selection of landmark records. Maybe there's a favorite among them - who knows...

The Best Rock Albums of the '80s: List, Tracks, Facts - Part Three

In today's article, we continue to talk about the most powerful, growling, truly rock 'n' roll records that have become the great treasure of the '80s! They rightfully bear the title best rock albums in the history of the genre, and after listening to at least a couple of tracks of them - there is no doubt. Beautiful melodies - riffs, solos, rhythm section and bass lines... Everything is perfect. The vocal parts are also flawless. These albums showed what rock is and what its performers are capable of. But first, as promised - the public's opinion. Of course, there are as many people as there are opinions. Everyone has their own tastes - some like "soft" rock, some like fierce, some like glam and hard rock in general! But of all the comments under the previous part, the next one is especially good:

"And yet, for all the diversity of rock musicians and rock bands, there are landmark records for all time for all rock musicians and rock music lovers. And in my opinion, if to consider the rock pedestal from all sides, especially without any flaw, powerfully and rocking beautifully, without a single unnecessary note, it's AC/DC 1980 Back in black!

As it seems to us - the man expressed his point of view very intelligently and reasonably. He is not imposing anything on anyone, and, in fact, the essence of our survey is It's not that. He simply expresses his opinion in such a way that no unnecessary questions are left! It's just his opinion, and because it is presented as intelligently and concisely as possible, we liked it. But as has been said above - everyone has their own view of music, and even some of of the greatest albumsThe many millions of copies sold around the world may not be to your taste. And that's totally fine. But still - here's the third part of our selection of landmark records. Maybe there's a favorite among them - who knows...

The Smiths - The Queen Is Dead (1986)

The Queen is Dead Musical album – The Smiths
The Queen is Dead, a musical album by The Smiths

The Smiths went down in history as one of the most interesting and quite successful bands in the indie, rock and alternative genres. However - would they have earned such a high-profile name without "The Queen Is Dead"? No matter how you look at it, this is their most outstanding record, which contains the best compositions of the band. Each song is unique and beautiful in its own way, but all of them are connected by something - harmonies, mood, character... Definitely there is a certain commonality, which makes this record "book." - Listening to the songs, it feels like turning pages...

Among the most famous tracks are "There Is a Light That Never Goes Out"and "The Queen Is Dead" of the same name. Many influential publications, including Rolling Stone, included this album in their lists of the greatest albums of all time. As far as we know, the record is still selling well to this day.

David Bowie - Scary Monsters (And Super Creeps) (1980)

Scary Monsters (And Super Creeps) Album Cover by David Bowie.
Scary Monsters (And Super Creeps) Album Cover by David Bowie.

In the quarry. David Bowie There were enough bright and memorable records. "Scary Monsters (And Super Creeps)" - just one of them. But what a... It was this album that featured such masterpiece "rock chameleon" tracks as "Ashes to Ashes", "Fashion", as well as the eponymous one.

In just a few weeks, the album reached the top position in the British chart! According to many biographers and musicologists, it was with this album that Bowie achieved "perfect balance".

Dead Kennedys - Fresh Fruit for Rotting Vegetables (1980)

Have you heard about Dead Kennedys - American punk rockers? Even if you haven't, you may well have heard their 1980 album titled "Fresh Fruit for Rotating Vegetables. This record has widely celebrated the very beginning band, as it was their debut. And it was a brilliant one...

The record includes 14 tracks, including a growling cover of "Viva Las Vegas" Elvis Presley. The result was obvious soon after its release. Over time, the album's influence only grew, and Rolling Stone magazine included it in its top 40 legendary punk albums in history.

U2 - Boy (1980)

Cover of the "Boy" album by U2
Cover of the "Boy" album by U2

Apparently, early 80s was an extremely generous period for hit records. How else to explain the third album in our selection, released in the same year? If it's not the most famous, it's definitely one of them. U2which is famous not only for its track list, but also for its coverIt depicts the brother of Bono's friend, a boy named Peter Rowan. By the way: Peter became a real star and a symbol of U2, as he repeatedly appeared on the covers of their albums (fans won't let you lie).

The album was a success on both sides of the Atlantic. The increased demand, which has not diminished to this day, has made it an unforgettable classic of the time and the genre...

Alice Cooper - Trash (1989)

Alice Cooper's "Trash" album cover
Alice Cooper's "Trash" album cover

When it comes to iconic '80s records, the iconic shock-rocker Alice Cooper can't stand on the sidelines - especially with such a gem as "Trash.". Despite its title (which translates as "Trash"), this album is great!

With this album Cooper surpassed himself and proved to the whole world that there is still powder in his gunpowder! In 1986 Cooper returned to the world of music after his long alcohol treatment. By that time the critics had already written him off (not all of them, but a lot of them). But Alice demonstrated his power with two excellent records, followed by the climactic "Trash", which finally consolidated his loud title.

Bob Dylan - Oh Mercy (1989)

Bob Dylan (Bob Dylan)
Bob Dylan (Bob Dylan)

TO Bob Dylan Some of them sincerely admire him, while others sincerely don't understand why he is so famous. In any case, Bob has long ago earned his place in the annals of rock, which means that his career has never been in vain. The evidence of that is his 26th album "Oh Mercy.".

"Oh Mercy." was a big hit (although critical reviews were mixed). It was also Dylan's brilliant return to music after an arm injury.

Shall we vote?

Finally, as is traditional, we offer vote in the comments for the best (in my personal opinion) album of the selection. The most detailed and well-reasoned comment will go into our next installment! And that's all for now - we hope you were properly recharged with great rock!

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