The strongest albums in Russian rock in the 90s according to Fuzz Music magazine - Top 6

    Russian rock has always played a significant role in music. It united huge masses of people. This genre is a symbol of perestroika and free art, which gained a national identity and millions of listeners. In our article, we will tell you how Russian rock joined the atmosphere of the 90s, using the example of six iconic albums from this era.

    Top 6 coolest Russian rock albums in the 90s according to Fuzz Music

    In the 1990s. music was at the turn of the century. Important political events in the country's history greatly influenced Russian rockwhich blossomed in the 1980s and was at the peak of popularity until the collapse of the Soviet Union. Representatives of the genre had the difficult task of finding themselves and the new Russia.

    About the most interesting albums in Russian rock in the transition period...

    "Alice - Coven (1991)

    One of the masterpieces of the early '90s, the band's fifth anniversary record "Alice"The album was called "Sabbath". Konstantin Kinchev dedicated the album to the rock musician who died in 1988 To Alexander Bashlachov. It is interesting that almost all of the compositions with "Sabbath." were written by the leader of Alice 1986-1990and had been performed at least once by the band before the release of the record.

    Alisa Group
    Alisa Group

    The Russian rockers decided to base the album on their concert in Luzhnikiwhich took place in October 1990. Then with the help of a mobile recording studio the team recorded 3 more performances, after which the band members and producers selected a certain number of songs for the final edition of the album. The main work in the studio consisted of vocal overlay to the already recorded live drum and bass parts.

    Sound engineer Andrey Khudyakov about "Sabbath": "It was a non-standard editing job. We used the noises in the hall, combined Kinchev's vocals with the way the audience sings along to him. It was amazing..."

    "Sabbath" gave the domestic listener a new sound of the Alice anthem "Red on Blackand an iconic song for all of Russian rock "It's all rock and roll.".

    "KiSh" - The King and the Jester (1997)

    Many songs included on the full-length compilation, the second numbered album "KiSha."The first appearances were on the limited edition cassettes True Murderer and Be Like Home, Traveler.... In the full-length 1997 album The musicians gave a new sound to the compositions, making the sound denser and "thicker. "Two Friends and Bandits, "Woodsman."and "Jack and Lady" were most beloved by the band's fans and became hits.

    "If you want to understand what King and Jester is, listen to Lesnik," confessed band leader Mikhail Gorshok Gorshenev.

    The debut album by the horror-punk band King and Shute, titled "A Stone on the Head." also deserves to be mentioned. He, though not immediately, still became popular both among critics and Russian rock fans. It includes such songs as "Gardener," "Wandering Shadows," "Fool and Lightning," and others.

    Boris Grebenshchikov - "Russian Album" (1992)

    The band leader's third solo work "Aquarium" Boris Grebenshchikov is also considered a great '90s rock album. It was recorded by BG together with session musicians of the BG Band, who accompanied Grebenshchikov. The album's title, referring to Russian traditionsThe material for this album was recorded during a six-month period. The material for this solo album was recorded by BG during a six-month travel throughout Russia. After seeing the beauty of the homeland, the singer was so inspired that he was able to write an entire album.

    Young Boris Grebenshchikov
    Young Boris Grebenshchikov

    Researchers of Grebenshchikov's creativity note that his third solo work is a reflection of a completely new period in the music of this artist. "Russian Album" was the first after BГГ's completed trip to London and gave listeners a completely different Boris Borisovich, who emphasized his music not only in rock, but also in folklore.

    "We wrote the Russian Album during a tour that lasted about half a year. The repertoire was invented on the fly, we often sat down to invent songs right before the concerts. What came out, came out...", said BГГ about his third solo album.

    "Sector Gaza" - "Kolkhozny Punk" (1991)

    Group "Gaza Strip" has always been notable for her eccentric compositions. She was often criticized for promoting debauchery and unculturedHowever, it is simply impossible to imagine Russian music without these Voronezh rockers.

    Band "Sector Gaza"
    Band "Sector Gaza"

    Songs from the second album "Collective punk" The album was even more satirical than the compositions from the debut album. In this album, Yuri Khoi experiments with genres and lyrics, ridiculing Soviet reality and referring to Western culture. For example, the first song on the album parodies the hit of the legendary band Queen We Will Rock You. And the songs "Collective Punk" and "Plow-Woogie." are the band's calling card.

    "Kino - "Black Album" (1991)

    «Black Album» was the eighth studio album by the rock band Kino. Its demo version was recorded during the lifetime of the permanent leader and ideological inspirer of the band. After Viktor Tsoi's death The shocked musicians nevertheless decided to record the main version of the album despite the absence of the lead singer.

    Kino guitarist Yuri Kasparian about the recording of the "Black Album": "We felt that we had a great burden of responsibility. We didn't have the joy and fun that we had before. We didn't rework anything and just tried to keep the sound. It was even hard to work because of that...".

    Yuri Kasparyan talks about "Black Album" at the Moscow presentation
    Yuri Kasparyan talks about "Black Album" at the Moscow presentation

    After the release of the album the band broke upas its members realized that they could not exist as before. "The Black Album is the End of Summer, "Cuckoo", "When Your Girlfriend Is Sick." «Watch yourself» and much more.

    "Zero" - "Song about Unrequited Love for the Motherland" (1991)

    The last album in the top is the fourth album by the folk-rockers from St. Petersburg. The progressive music that the musicians of Nol wrote is still relevant and is rotated on the radio.

    Group "Zero"
    Group "Zero"

    "I'm going to smoke", "A Song about a Real Indian," and "A Song about Unrequited Love for the Motherland, "Man and Cat" - all of these compositions are considered to be the band's best creations. They helped Nolya get into the elite of Russian rock.

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