Top Songs Sounds Of Mu

    Each song, born from under the hand of Peter Mamonov, is an enchanting and original performance, the main character of which stands on the "roadside of life"...

    "Sounds of Mu": A selection of the best songs ...

    Let's remember the best songs of the national rock band "Sounds of Mu"! By the way: this group, whose leader is the phenomenon of the Russian scene Pyotr Mamonov, has long become a cult. The group was formed in the heyday of the 80s, in Moscow. Very quickly, the work of "Sounds" gained success and popularity! And far beyond the borders of the homeland, in the UK! Yes Yes! So, the third studio album Zvuki Mu was produced by English musician Brian Eno, whom the band met in 1987. Subsequently, Eno shared his emotions from working with the group, and in particular from working with Mamonov! The musician said:

    “In Petra, I see some very ancient archetype. Such a terrible feeling, as if this man crawled out of the Middle Ages! It's scary and attractive at the same time…”

    Pyotr Mamonov...
    Pyotr Mamonov ...

    Speaking of creativity: the repertoire of "Sounds" is full of everyday images and references, perfectly familiar to every (or almost) listener firsthand! The band experimented with their sound constantly, touching upon such genres as experimental and psychedelic rock, as well as post-punk and lo-fi (the latter dates back to the late 90s and early 2000s). It is for this reason that the genre orientation of the group is difficult to attribute to a specific definition. At the same time, the melody of “Sounds of Mu” is rather stingy: almost all tunes are based on one rhythmic-intonation formula! However, the strong voice of Peter Mamonov ideally dilutes the laconism of the arrangement, as a result of which each of their tracks is like a separate masterpiece!

    During live performances, Mamonov used a unique musical language with a variety of sound techniques! And what were these live performances like… Yes, that's another story. Today we will enjoy the best songs, hits of "Sounds of Mu"!

    Sounds of Mu, a national rock band
    Sounds of Mu, a national rock band

    "Rough Sunset"

    "Rough Sunset" is one of the favorite songs among Russian rock listeners. And not only ... In May 2013, the New York group The National published the video "Sea of Love". The clip is clearly inspired by The Sounds of Mu, although The National themselves do not acknowledge this ...

    By the way, today the video has gained more than 7 million views! The original, the video for the song "Rough Sunset", was filmed in Mamonov's studio in just a couple of hours! The son of the musician took part in the filming of the video ...


    Another no less popular composition of "Sounds":

    "The door is broken
    The light is off
    Take my can opener and cut out the letter I...
    I'll take your can opener and cut out the letter "I"


    The famous "Gadopyatikna" was released as part of the group's second studio album called "Crimea". This album is considered the best work from the point of view of the musicians who took part in the recording.

    The songs "Gadopyatikna" and "Daily Hero" ("Postovoy") were performed by the group to the soundtrack in the popular Soviet TV show "Musical Ring".


    This song was also released as part of the album of the same name. Since we are talking about the album "Crimea", it is worth adding that in the end it became not only the most beloved album of the band's musicians, but also the most authentic in terms of music ... In 1994 it was re-released on CD.

    "Elevator to Heaven."

    "The envy in my chest is gone
    I don't smoke on an empty stomach.
    My day is like water, neither this nor that
    My head is empty…”

    "Grey Pigeon."

    Composition from the album "Simple things":

    “Cars are coming and crushing me.
    But instead of asphalt, I dream of the earth
    And the sun…”


    In the song "Repair" there is a rather philosophical and quite close to many lyrics ...

    "We had love, and now repair
    You've been yelling all day, I'm tired as hell ... "


    The song is a fascinating story about "The Apprentice":

    “The mother gave the student 1 ruble and told him to buy 2 packs of milk at 16 kopecks each and a loaf of Riga bread, if available.
    And if it doesn't?
    That is half a loaf of black, only fresher ... "

    "A source of contagion."

    As for the composition “Source of Infection”, not everyone will understand its meaning ... Actually, this is not surprising. Mamonov's lyrics are a surge of his uncontrollable consciousness, captured in some sometimes incomprehensible and strange images ... However, this is precisely what catches the listener.

    The same applies to the famous "Lyulyaki bab":

    "Shuba Duba Blues."

    Everyone knows this cult hit of the Sounds!

    "The Mummy."

    "The mummy glows with gold
    Melting and flowing...
    Mummy is me…”


    "At night I lie dreaming I have one dream
    So that cleanliness remains under the nails all my life ... "


    The song "Winter" is also well known to domestic listeners. She was released as part of the Zvuki Mu album in 1989.

    "Paper Flowers."

    And one more composition with original lyrics, in the signature spirit of Pyotr Mamonov:

    “Everything I tell you will be made of paper
    Oh how I love you in the department store.
    Everything I buy you will be made of paper
    Oh, how I want you in the department store ... "


    Each song, born from under the hand of Peter Mamonov, is an enchanting and original performance, the main character of which stands on the “roadside of life”. This hero is far from privileges, spirituality, morality... This is a kind of "urban madman", reminiscent of a kind of jester! In fact, Mamonov demonstrates to society the wrong side of human life. It is for this reason that he, as well as his group, have become cult characters in the history of Soviet rock.

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