“The song that paralyzed tik-tok”: about popularity and how the boundaries of what is permitted are shifting a little

The trend started mainly with Russian users, but soon it was picked up by the whole world...

What is Simple Dimple? Betsy, M&A - "Simple Dimple Pop It Squish": TikTok Trend 2021, clip, meaning

"Simple Dimple Pop It Squish." - At first glance it may seem like just a set of letters, but... these are the names of popular 2021 year of anti-stress toys, as well as the lyrics to a song that became a trend in the blink of an eye TikTok! The track was the joint brainchild of the baby girl Betsy and a DJ. M&A. It is worth noting that the song caused an enormous furor in the "TicToc."! Hundreds of thousands of short videos have been made to this sound, gaining millions of likes... Actually, it's not surprising: cute and "sticky" sounds catch on people, especially users of the TikTok platform... The trend started mainly with Russian users, but soon the whole world picked it up!

About the song and its popularity in TikTok

Simple Dimple Pop It Squish
Simple Dimple Pop It Squish

It all started with the fact that in the spring 2021 of the year in social networks began to discuss new anti-stress toys Simple Dimple and Pop It. Upon learning of their existence, adults were horrified that they no longer understand the language of youth... But that's not even the point. At first everyone saw them as a child's entertainment, which came to replace the spinners, but... already in the summer these toys have become incredibly popular in TikTok! They soon took over the world, so to speak...

Together with the toys themselves in the TikTok a song became popular "Simple Dimple Pop It Squish.": You could say she went wild! A track with a very catchy sound performed by the girl known as Betsy quickly caught the attention of the general public... So, only in Shazam he has been searched for more than 550 thousands of times! The lyrics talk about the sounds of Simple Dimple and Pop Itand how addictive these toys are...

Many ticktockers just dance to this track, while others perform rather strange gestures:

By the way: the sound is especially popular among residents China and Japan. Famous Russian celebrities have not fallen behind the trend either, even the Philip Kirkorov went along with the popular sound!

Music video

A music video was made for the track, which almost 400 thousand views in a few months! Watching:

The video was published on the channel "Betsy Girl."and includes dancing modern children. But it all looks rather strange... Many people after watching it wonder, "Where are we going...?" The answer is hard to give.

"Roskomzdrav won't ban...?"

Simple Dimple Pop It
Simple Dimple Pop It

After anti-stress toys took over the social world, Rospotrebnadzor reported that he would check what effect they had on children. It is worth noting that the inspection was organized at the request of the parent community. This is reported on the website of the agency.

Simple Dimple, Pop It and Squish are suspiciously strangely popular among children, teens, and beyond. Even adults are crazy about them! This, accordingly, causes concern to parents... The toys themselves (Simple Dimple and Pop It) resemble bubble wrap in the form of ice molds. When pressed, they make a clicking sound and then take their original shape. Rospotrebnadzor draws attention to the fact that such toys were usually used by people with neurological disorders. The need to make clicking noises, squeezing and unclenching often occurs in a state of stress...

What is Simple Dimple and how it differs from Pop It

Pop It
Pop It

So what is it Simple Dimple is different from Pop It, and what is Squish? Pop It has the same size bubbles - they are quite small and arranged in rows on the toy. Simple Dimple The first one is characterized by larger, different-sized bubbles, which can be scattered around the toy in a completely chaotic manner.

Simple Dimple
Simple Dimple

Squish - is the name given to a soft anti-stress toy. It is usually small in size, and after being squeezed by the hands, it quickly takes on its original shape.


Squishies look very attractive, and recently there have even been scented models on the market! It's true - the demand for squishies has gone down a bit.



Psychotherapists believe that no toy can have a bad effect on a child if he is well mannered and lives in harmony ... In general, the excitement around Simple Dimple and Pop It can be compared to the frenzy around spinners in the 2017 year, the fashion for which eventually passed. Then the spinning toys completely took over the world: they were sold in every store and quickly became the subject of jokes and memes!


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