Crazy '70s fashion in the world of music that turned out to be revolutionary

Today, when we review the photos and videos of our favorite musicians of those years, we feel a certain comicality, a caricature of the "fashion wave" that swept the scene of the 70s and turned out to be revolutionary.

How the crazy fashion of the '70s took shape and what impact it had on the culture

Period 70s in music was remembered by the public for a number of reasons: the emergence of new directions, innovators and virtuosos, bright bands and brilliant solo artists... Some great geniuses, such as Jimi Hendrix or Janis JoplinUnfortunately, on the contrary, they left this mortal world at the beginning of the decade. Be it negative incidents, or positive ones - in any case, this is a whole separate epoch in music, during which many interesting and iconic events took place.

Today, when we review the photos and videos of our favorite musicians from those years, we sense a certain comicality, a caricature of that "fashion wave"It's something unique, distinctive, and catchy. It is something unique, distinctive, and catchy. It is definitely difficult to mistake this crazy in every sense of the word style - it is recognizable and, to some extent, unique.

Glam Rockers Shock the Public


Largely, The fashion revolution of the '70s started with glam rockers. The musicians in high heels, fancy clothes with rhinestones, war paint, and crazy headdresses (or just a "hairy" mop, the length of which any fashionable woman would envy) quickly made an impression on the audience!

Some instantly fell in love with these badass rioters, but there were also those who considered such zeal in the image of "bad form.". However, as he said Noddy Holder:

"It was an image, and it worked great! There were no indifferent people! Some people accused us of 'bad tone,' of being a bad influence on young people. But our appearance had nothing to do with our personal tastes. We managed to cheer up the people, to make the audience at the concerts smile! And that's the main thing. A smile means you're halfway to success."

Kiss on the streets of New York, 1976. Photo: Richard Corkery
Kiss on the streets of New York, 1976. Photo: Richard Corkery

Slade and Kiss can be singled out as the brightest and most celebrated representatives of the glam-rock movement, which began in the very early '70s. The bands were distinguished by their catchy image, heightened theatricality and extravagance in general.

This can also include the early Queen: images of young Freddy have become a real cultural treasure.

It is known that the legendary frontman was a big fan of the extraordinary, but at the same time unique and, if I may say so, themed images. Mercury adored opera and ballet, and this was echoed in his costumes.

Freddie Mercury...
Freddie Mercury

But many critics agree that the gates of glam rock were opened David Bowie. When the rock chameleon burst onto the world stage as an alien rock star Ziggy Stardustthe audience held their breath. Yes, maybe young Bowie's voice was still weak, but the image worked great!

David Bowie
David Bowie

It was fresh, daring, unheard of... It started history. And even today, the influence of glam rockers is undeniable: look at Lady Gaga? Adam Lambert?

Lady Gaga
Lady Gaga

Their style is. Investigation of the "glamour" movement of the '70s.

Hippies or a style that has come down to this day

Grace Slick (Grace Slick). 60s. Woodstock Festival
Grace Slick (left). 60-е. Woodstock Festival

The flowering of the movement hippie came at the turn of the '60s and '70s. What do you imagine when it comes to "flower children"? Of course, everyone's images are drawn in all sorts of ways, from reckless and free young men to addicted and "dirty" (opinions from the forums). But above all, it's a recognizable style: unobtrusive, colorful, flowing, layered...

Janis Joplin
Janis Joplin

The hippie style had a great influence on the musicians of that time, and even survives to this day. Very often. modern designers They dilute their collections with characteristic headbands, quirky airy skirts, tops, and so on. The bright star who adopted the "hippie" style was Janis Joplin.

The Mamas & the Papas - The hippie style (and way of life, too, in general) is also very striking.

Group "The Mamas & the Papas"
Group "The Mamas & the Papas"

Jefferson Airplane here as well. And the pioneers of psychedelic rock became one of the iconic bands of the hippie era.

In general, examples of the "hippie" style in the rock of the 70's, and in today's culture mass!

Colorful disco

ABBA group at a photo shoot
ABBA group at a photo shoot

Disco - is colorful, disco, even cosmic in some places. The weird puffy hairstyles (most of them), sometimes comical outfits, rhinestones, sexuality... In general, everything is bright and unusual, but also not serious (since the genre itself is still elevated and fun).

The most prominent representatives of this fashion are Boney M., ABBA, Donna Summer and many others. As Bjorn Ulvaeus once pointed out:

"We looked terribly ridiculous! But that was the fashion, the image worked..."

Art Rock and High Art

Roxy Music
Roxy Music

And to complete our "fashion guide art rock. This genre originated in the late 60's, but its heyday was in the 70's. This is a special art - a very high theatricality, well thought-out images... Less talk, better to admire the bright representatives in person!

Perhaps the most striking "art heroes" of those years are Roxy Music. But that's a matter of taste!

That's how the '70s produced not only a groundbreaking sound, but also fashion revolution! What styles are most memorable to you? And did you have any "fashion favorites" that impressed you the most?


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