The story and meaning of Robert Plant's charming "Big Log

"My love is in union with the freeway, Her love will rush while the cities whiz by. And the light of the taillights dissolves in the coming night..."

Robert Plant's song "Big Log": history and meaning, clip, interesting facts

"Big Log." - a delightful track from the second solo album Robert Plante "The Principle of Moments. It was released as a single in 1983 and quickly won over the public with its excellent Wild West sound, with touches of sadness and romanticism... It was also a success. beautiful lyrics and music video - extremely cinematic and atmospheric. To date, the video has gained over 20 million views on YouTube!

This song brought Plante his first weighty success in his new role as a solo artist. And today we decided to remember its story, to talk about its lyrical meaning, as well as some curious details related to "Big Log.".

History and Idea

Robert Plant
Robert Plant

This song was written by Plante in collaboration with the keyboardist Jez Woodroffe and the guitarist Robbie Blunt. Plante later talked about the importance of Blunt in his autobiography, emphasizing that Robbie had an extremely difficult role - and not because he was working with one of rock's true legends.

Robert Plant and Robbie Blunt
Robert Plant and Robbie Blunt

It's all about the fact that he was the guitarist of a man who worked side by side with the great Jimmy Page! In spite of this, Blunt was insistent throughout the recording of the album: he gave Plante tough feedback when necessary. Blunt insisted on staying true to yourself as a musician, which earned Robert's respect and played a defining role in the final sound.

Remarkably, "Big Log" was written on a Sunday afternoon at the home of an English musician Roy Harper! Harper was one of those artists whose reputation among his peers always exceeded his sales. He was not a commercially successful star, but his influence on rock bands during the Led Zeppelin era was enormous. "The Zeppelins even dedicated "Hats Off to (Roy) Harper." In the early '70s.

lyrics and meaning

Robert Plant
Robert Plant

The composition "Big Log" is endowed not only with a beautiful sound, but also with a beautiful lyrical filling. Here's an excerpt:

"My love is in union with the freeway,
Her love will rush by as the cities rush by.
And the light of the taillights disappears into the coming night..."

"Big Log" is a lyrical extended metaphor Of lost love. This is common trailer driver lingo: travel, longing, love does not stand still, it is vast and is a continuum. The song expresses the connection between the road and love and the countless hours spent in it...

Music video

The clip begins with Plante's car overheating and stalling at an abandoned gas station in the desert, which makes him wonder Of lost love

There's a lot of truly fairy tale scenes: barren landscapes, strange abandoned places... We shot the clip in some pretty famous places: the opera house and the hotel at Death Valley Junction, California, the ghost town Calico in California, the Glass Pool Inn in Las Vegas, and so on... It came out just great.

Success and Importance

Robert Plant
Robert Plant

The success of "Big Log" meant a lot to Plante because part of the reason he created "The Principle of Momentswas to have material for touring. He did not want to play Zeppelin songs because he was determined to create his own solo legacy, and because he did not like the idea of playing these songs without drummer John Bonham, who died in 1980. At the time of the hit release, the musician was busy struggling to break away from his role as "Zeppelin's lead singer" and become Robert Plante.

With the success of the album and "Big Log" in particular, he had enough solo material to finally to tour! This was instrumental in creating his legacy outside of Zeppelin.

Interesting Facts

Robert Plant
Robert Plant
  • This was first solo hit Planta top 40!
  • Neither of the two words in the title does not occur in the lyrics. To some extent, this was a trademark of Plante, who, even in the Zeppelin days, often gave songs titles that had little or nothing to do with the lyrics.
  • In this track, as in many other songs on the album, we can hear Phil Collins on drums.
  • Subsequently, some of the artists, including the bassist Victor Krauss, recorded their own interpretations of "Big Log".
  • The song can be heard in the popular video game Grand Theft Auto V on the radio station Los Santos Rock Radio.

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