"Came to her fans' concert": how Billie Eilish was over-sung by Russian fans in Luzhniki

The adventures of Billie Eilish in Russia: today in our article you will learn how the concert of the most popular singer Billie Eilish took place in Moscow and why she is so popular among young people.

Billy Eilish's concert in Russia: loyal fans and the success of "Bad Guy"

When famous foreign musicians come to Russia, fans can't believe their luck, and so tickets go flying at the speed of light. Russian fans Billie Eilish Tickets for the concert were sold out in the first days, and on the day of the American singer's performance the entire hall frantically had fun.

Today we will tell you about Billy's adventures in Moscow - how a crowd of thousands of people created a real extravaganza by singing the most viral track "Bad Guy". Instead of Ailish, and how the young star managed to win the hearts of people not only in his homeland, but also in Russia.

When Fans Don't Let You Perform Your Own Hit: Billy Eilish's Performance at Luzhniki

Billy Eilish. 2019
Billy Eilish. 2019

In late summer 2019, the American singer and songwriter Billy Eilish performed in Russia. Billie gave a total of two concerts: in Moscow and St. Petersburg. It was in the capital that the seventeen-year-old star interrupted sing your own hit song.

It is worth clarifying that the concert took place not in Luzhniki, but in the sports complex "Megasport.". Tickets were sold out right away, and the performance was sold out. When the most acclaimed song of 2019, "Bad Guy," began, the hall exploded as fans began to literally drown out singing the singer with a chorus of voices. Billie might not even have been singing - so clearly the Russian-speaking fans minted every word of the composition.

The energy of the room charges even through the screen when watching this show. Billie's wild dancing combined with the singing of her loyal fans gives birth to the very magicIt's worth going to concerts for.

A little bit about the song "Bad Guy"

American singer Billie Eilish
American singer Billie Eilish

A song that quickly became a hit and stuck in many people's heads for a long time. "Bad Guy.", - released in 2019. This song was recorded on the aspiring singer's first studio album - "When We All Fall Asleep, Where Do We Go?"released by Darkroom and Interscope Records in the USA. Upon release the song received many rave reviews; the media characterized its style as dance-pop or pop-rap with a minimalistic arrangement. Later, "Bad Guy." headed Billboard Hot 100 and international charts.

There are two versions of the song in total: the one that Billie co-wrote with her brother By Finnes O'Connellwho was involved in the production of the track, and with the singer Justin Bieber.

The song "Bad Guy" is sung on behalf of a girl who scoffs over her lover, feels power over him, while chanting the lines whispered. The composition included sarcasm, gloating, and misandry. Journalists describe the lyrics of "Bad Guy" as the singer's use of game changers: It is as if she puts the figure of the girl in the place of the man who dominated the lyrics of the rock musicians and talked about his love affairs. Now it is as if Billy is putting myselfThe first time you are in a position of power over your partner and gloating over him or her.

Billy on Stage. 2020
Billy on Stage. 2020

Critics have warmly welcomed Billy's song, noting that it's a great way to get a glimpse of his dark side. Sam Prance of PopBuzz called the track iconicand the catchy "duh" one of the standout moments in music in 2019. Many critics have called "Bad Guy" anthem Generation Z, a composition that gains strength as it unfolds, a hit that ignores the standards of teenage music. Indeed, listening to these unhurried vocals, so lazy but rhythmic, makes you want to dance as your heart dictates, laugh and savor life As a teenager. It's a feeling that instantly hooks the listener.

Billboard listed "Bad Guy" as one of the 100 songs that defined the 2010s, and the YouTube video that was released scored about 1.2 billion views.

The Secret of Billie Eilish's Stunning Success

Billy on Stage in 2020
Billy on Stage in 2020

Billy Eilish's popularity among young people is understandable: the first thing that really grabs you right away is rebellious spirit. It is he who gives Billie her success: without such a protest against all the values already established and going beyond the boundaries chipped by the public, she would not have become the face of a generation.

Billy on the red carpet
Billy on the red carpet

One of Billy's main qualities as an artist is sincerity. She fascinates with that very teenage simplicity, although it would seem that her star status could make a girl's head spin. But that's what draws people to her: she doesn't try to to seem better than she is.

Another factor in Billie's success is her appearance. Her love of oversize clothes and street style identifies her with teenagers: being young herself, she doesn't want to make herself look older through her clothes. What's more, not only has Ailish helped some people understand that stars are people just like them, and don't always dress in couture, but she has also given personal an example to those who have long wanted to express themselves through clothing.

Billie Eilish
Billie Eilish

Not the least of these is singing style Billie: her voice is really unusual, mesmerizing. This is where the girl's musical talent came out in full force: in one song she could make her voice more hoarse, in places stiffand a little later - melodic, enchanting. The singer's specially changing vocals make her memorable.

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