Biography of Alexander Morozov - the author of many domestic hits

This article is devoted to the biography and creative path of Alexander Morozov - a musician, producer, composer. How did he manage to write hits even without an initial musical education, who inspired him when writing songs, and is it true that he is able to write a hit in an hour?

Alexander Morozov - biography, collaboration with artists, solo career, famous songs

Alexander Sergeevich Morozov – multifaceted creative personality: talented composer, executor a considerable number hits own composition. During lengthy musical activity he created more than thousand hits. Songs, performed by the stars of the Soviet and Russian stage, were and remain loved ones to this day.

Alexander Morozov at one of his performances
Alexander Morozov at one of the performances

Childhood and youth

Future artist was born on March 20, 1948, in heavy post-war period, in the village of Oknita Moldovan SSR. His mother worked singer in an amateur team and often took little Sasha concerts and rehearsals. From early childhood, the boy showed capabilities to music - he could play enough any tune on harmonica.

Mother was in complex financial position and could not independently raise a child, so she sent her son to Chisinau boarding school so he can study music. IN school the boy began to take seriously sports and after the end of the seven-year period he entered Leningrad College of Physical Education and Sportsand then continued his studies at sports institute.

One day, while still young, the composer received a book of poems as a gift Nikolai Rubtsov. He was admired poet's lyrics and put music on the author's poem "It's light in my upper room". So there was The song, which became the first in the cycle vocal works for which 2005 Morozov was awarded "Star of the Fields".

In northern the capital before the young man revealed any doors - that's where it is understoodwhat he wants dedicate a life creativity. His job "Herbs smell like mint" almost immediately became hit. As a student, Alexander organized musical group, the team took part in all university events. After graduation university Morozov was called sailor to the Baltic Fleet, where he served on a ship "Kirov".

For getting the first awards per song "You and Heaven", superbly executed Eduard Khil at a TV festival "Song of the Year-72", young composer arrived straight from cruisers. A sailor's dress suit did not haveand perform on stage in vest he was uncomfortabletherefore Alexander appeared in mohair sweater. Since then hits the maestro annually became laureates television competitions and various festivals both in our country and abroad outside.

In the middle 70s Morozov submitted documents to musical conservatory. The case was uniquebecause Alexander did not have elementary musical education, nevertheless he was enlisted and studied three courses. Unfortunately, finish conservatory he failed due to tense concert schedule.

Creative activity

Leningrad group "Forum" was created by Morozov in the spring 1983. For the first time "Forum" appeared on stage at an international festival in Czechoslovakia, them performance it was very successful. Soon the songs became hits in all discos, and singles "White Night" and "On nearby street" popular to this day.

In different time the soloists of the group were Viktor Saltykov and Sergei Rogozhin, during the period popularity the group gave 40 concerts per month. IN 2000-х, against the backdrop of rising interest of listeners to retro artists former soloists together spoke at concerts dedicated to anniversaries Forum.

In 1987-м composer leaves for Ukraine, historical homeland his father, where working up to 1992 in close cooperation with Ukrainian poets and artists stage.

During creative Morozov created more than one hundred works, with his songs performed stars Ukrainian pop music, such as Taisiya Povaliy, Mykola Gnatyuk and others. Composer worked for a long time in co-authorship with the poet Anatoly Poperechny. This creative union gave listeners a lot of musical masterpieces. Here are just a few of them: "My Soul Hurts", "Beyond the Danube", "Outskirts". Maestro was famous for being able to literally in a few hours compose hit. An example would be the song "Raspberry Ring" performed Mykola Hnatyuk. Visiting the poet transverse, the composer was offered text songs. Locked up on kitchen, Morozov literally for one hour composed motive. The song was later enabled in the golden fund of the Soviet stage.

It is also worth mentioning separately the hit of 1989 performed by Yaroslav Evdokimov "Dreamer". The music for this composition was composed by Alexander Morozov in the barn, in which he set up a studio while his house was being renovated.


Solo career

During the period solo concert activity Alexander Morozov gave more five hundred concert performances and created 15 albums. In 2003 they Marina Parusnikova organized song theater "Nugget" - he became creative springboard for many soloists operatic art and pop stars. Thanks to "Nugget" many listeners learned about Nicholas Baskov, Pelagia, Marine Kapuro.

Alexander Morozov at the piano
Alexander Morozov at the piano

Romantic relationship between Alexander and Marina started filming the program "Trump Lady" on the TV channel "RTR"dedicated to International Women's Day. In spite of stormy novel, they decided breake downsince both had families with small children. Later ten years couple signed and went to tour tour across Ukraine. And although magnificent weddings didn't work, but Honeymoon was a success, because in every city they were congratulated and shouted "Bitterly!". Family became for the composer not only reliable rearbut also fruitful. creative union.

Alexander Morozov, Iosif Kobzon and Marina Parusnikova
Alexander Morozov, Iosif Kobzon and Marina Parusnikova

Achievements and awards

Maestro does not stop surprise fans of their Musical activities, his creation resonated with hearts million people. Many of his hits considered folk.

For a long time, the composer has repeatedly become laureate Russian festival "Song of the year". IN 2004 on the Square of the Stars among almost 100 memorable signs there was a nominal star artist Alexandra Morozova, which is proof popular recognition talent.

spring 2018 a festive concert took place in St. Petersburg "Dreamer"dedicated 70 year old anniversary composer and the 50th anniversary of his musical careers. Alexander Morozov is owner dozens of titles and a large quantities honorary awards, but main achievement for him is multi-million dollar loved by listeners all over the world.

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