The secret of the success of "Black Dog": the song or the attractiveness of the performers...

"We've been called love vandals, and even sexual idols..."

The real meaning of the song "Black Dog" by Led Zeppelin

Led Zeppelin - The legendary British rock band that showed the world what it means to play rumbling rock. The repertoire of the band includes many excellent tracks for all tastes - tender, daring, poetically romanticized, sexy... In general - a music fan can easily get lost in the Zeppelins' records for several weeks.

One of the band's well-known and revered hits is Black Dog. The track graced the band's fourth album, and very soon became Top 15 hit of the American chart! But how?

Unexpected takeoff

Led Zeppelin IV (album cover)
Led Zeppelin IV (album cover)

The band decided to release Black Dog single from their fourth album with the song "Misty Mountain Hop" on the back. As a result, the track showed a great performance in the charts: number 11 in Australia and number 15 in the USA. Actually, it is very cool, considering that the band is British... Even today not every artist from the UK manages to get into the top 30 Billboard Hot 100! This kind of success would have been obvious if it had been some fun dance pop or country song. But it was roaring rock.

In fact, "Black Dog" showed such impressive results in the charts thanks to... executors. When Led Zeppelin was young, especially Robert Plantwere very hot guys. And millions of female fans all over the world went crazy for these British beauties. So, because of their inner sexuality, the song became a hit in the States!

It would seem that it has nothing to do with the dog.

Led Zeppelin (1973)
Led Zeppelin

The song is called "Black Dog."but there's no mention of this animal in the lyrics. In fact, it would be a little strange if a hit actually sang about a dog... Who would be interested in that?

Robert Plant
Robert Plant

Robert Plant always differed in that he liked to give his songs slightly strange names - in no way related to the lyrical stuffing. "Black Dog" is a prime example. In fact, it's about A passionate desire toWell, the expression itself, that is, the title, was simply inspired by a black Labrador that was walking near the recording studio.

"Hey, hey, pretty girl, you're so on fire -
I'll make you wet, you'll be more satisfied than ever..."

Although if one British belief is to be believed "Black Dog." can have quite a deep and mystical meaning: the image of a black dog can serve as a harbinger of death for the person to whom it comes.

"We've been called love vandals."

Rare photo of the young members of Led Zeppelin
Rare photo of the young members of Led Zeppelin

After the passionate Black Dog The audience-especially the beautiful half of the audience-literally went crazy! The musicians were literally hunted by throngs of crazed female fans who didn't mind brightening up the rock stars' evening...

"We were called love vandals, and even sexual idols," participants recalled.

The Zeppelins themselves were flattered by such fame, but, according to Robert Plante:

"After the concerts, the female fans wouldn't give us a break. Sometimes they even broke into our hotel room. But the only thing that interested us after the show in the evening room was a good rest and a book!"

Hell's Message

Led Zeppelin
Led Zeppelin

Robert was extremely well-read, and it was often the band's songs that were inspired by with books. For example, the iconic "Stairway to Heaven":

Remarkable, but if "Black Dog" brought the band fame "sexual idols"then "Stairway to Heaven" led the world to believe that the Zeppelins worshiped... the devil! Some began to claim that if you rewind the track backwards you can hear lines in which the musicians praise Satan. Of course, the rockers themselves denied it, and the theory sounds too ridiculous. Would the members of Led Zeppelin spend so much studio time to record a message to the devil? To be honest, we're not sure...

Memories of Steven Tyler

Led Zeppelin and Jason Bonham
Led Zeppelin and Jason Bonham

Over a career spanning more than 10 years, Led Zeppelin recorded a huge number of rock hits and albums, some of which are recognized as classics for the ages. Alas, in 1980, the band fell apart. The reason for this is that the drummer John Bonham tragically passed away at the age of 32. Subsequently, the remaining band members reunited several times, but a full-fledged reunion was out of the question. In particular - it was opposed by Robert Plant.

After Page, Plant, and Jones reunited in 2007 to perform at the O2 Arena in London, it had long been rumored that Led Zeppelin would start performing again - with Bonham's son behind the drum kit and... Stephen Tyler at the microphone. The thing is that Page really wanted to try to reanimate the project, but Plant, as we've already stressed above, was against it. Then Jimmy offered Robert's place to the vocalist Aerosmith.

Steven Tyler
Steven Tyler

The story has caused mixed reactions from the public, especially loyal fans. But in a recent interview, Tyler decided to shed some light by telling:

"In 2008, I jammed a lot with Paige and the other guys. We had a great time! We played their hits - 'Black Dog', 'Stairway To Heaven'... It was just a good time. But then Jimmy suggested we make an album together. I thought about that suggestion for a few days, and then we met, and I said: "Look, Jimmy: you've got your cult band, I've got mine. I can't leave my guys and go to you. I don't want something like Coverdale and Page. I don't plan on playing in the same band as you, although your offer is an honor. I'm sorry."

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