Frank Sinatra learns Russian: a Hollywood rendition of "Ochi Chorny"

"Black Eyes" has enamored performers all over the world! And even Frank Sinatra himself was not spared.

The most unusual performance of one of the most famous songs of Russian pop music

Frank Sinatra, the master of musical improvisation, sang...on the Russian language. "Eyes black, eyes passionate, eyes burning and beautiful..." - sounds in Russian like sweet music, touching the depths of the soul. Frank sang every word with such passion that time seemed to stop and my heart sank at every beat.

And so, through the magic of movies and music, in one of the movies. 1947 year events began to weave themselves into an amazing story, leaving a trail of incredible trips into a world of sounds and emotions.

"It all started in Brooklyn."

When a great Hollywood star Frank Sinatra entered the American musical romantic comedy scene "It happened in Brooklyn." in 1947, no one even envisioned the magic and enchantment that awaited the audience. This movie, born under the inspired director's direction Richard Wharfit was like becoming a musical symphony of feelings and emotions.

Frank Sinatra
Frank Sinatra

The screen lit up stellar caste: Frank Sinatrawhose voice has long been a symbol of generations, Katherine Graysonwho exudes incredible charm, Peter Lawford with his infectious humor and Jimmy Durantewho gave his unique inner spark. Each actor contributed his or her own colorful contribution, creating a unique character.

A story set against the backdrop BrooklynThe city with many secrets and amazing corners, attracted the audience with its relaxed romanticism. And the irresistible piano The solos that enlivened the musical palette of the painting were a real find. Young musician André Previn easily commanded attention by his virtuosity, and under the delicate direction of the Johnny Green the music became part of the soul of the movie.

The movie poster for "It Happened in Brooklyn."

"It Happened in Brooklyn" not only won the hearts of the audience, but also won over many people critics. Journal Variety couldn't stay indifferent:

"The main magnet is Frank Sinatra's presence on screen. His charm mixed with Bing Crosby's nonchalance creates a unique atmosphere. It's like he's playing with himself, like he's dancing with Jimmy Durante, and in this wonderful symbiotic dynamic, the viewer finds himself."

And so, through a combination of talent and chance, was born. unforgettable a musical romantic fairy tale, transporting us to a world of melodies and emotions, where every note was part of the story and every actor was the key to the audience's heart.

Sinatra's "Black Eyes" is the cover no one expected!

Under the light of the rising sun, in the narrow streets of Brooklyn, blossomed the era of change. The times of war had faded into the past, leaving room for a new chapter - an era of love and hope. And nowhere was this seen more vividly than inside ancient of the theater where the events of the film unfolded.

The scene on which all eyes focused absorbed all the emotions and passions characteristic of a postwar musical was the scene with the performance of the "Black Eyes.". There are no comments here, it's better to just listen:

Commentators appreciated the cover:

"Frank got a little confused on the word 'love' (and I even know why). Otherwise, well done!"

Or another comment:

"It's clearly a pre-revolutionary version of the romance, singing 'Ochi Cherniye', and you can hear it clearly, you can't write it off as an accent."

Second song, pervading the air of magic, was like an echo of the sound of a gypsy tune "Eh, gone.". The refrain of this melody seemed to lift the hearts of the audience, calling them into the captivating world of music and dance.

And yet, one should not overlook Italian side of the story. For within Frank Sinatra, an American legend with Italian roots, a soulful connection to the language melted. When he took on the role of singing the song "Come Back To Sorrento" in Italian, the audience witnessed not only a musical act, but also a piece of his soul.

Neapolitan dialectThe language he spoke sounded a little awkward, but it was in this sincerity and imperfection that the real charm lay. В 1962 year, when Sinatra was recording an album in Italy, a difficult challenge awaited him. Phonetic text study was a salvation, and musical magic covered up the deficiencies linguistically.

Hymn of the Russian soul

Throughout the history of the romance, the number of its artistsmay have become one of the most amazing in the world. The list of artists who have reincarnated this tune includes multinational many, surprising with their diversity. Fyodor Chaliapin and Alla Bayanova, Yul Brynner and Vladimir Vysotsky, Boris Rubashkin and Nikolai Slichenko, Isabella Yurieva and Dmitry Hvorostovsky have found their place among this magnificent gallery of musicians.

This versatility of performers further affirms the international status of this romance. Almost everyone made their own adjustments to the song, making it even more interesting and lively. For example, modern a version of the text was revised by Fyodor Shalyapinand one of the verses was changed from Isabella's Yurieva.

The magic of this tune extends far beyond movie screens. Its sound was part of the hit song Nostalgia Julio Iglesias and crossed linguistic boundaries, becoming a "Les Yeux Noirs" performed by Mireille Mathieu and Patricia Kaas.

But equally fascinating is the story of appearances of the lyrics to this song. Eugene GrebenkaMr. Rothschild, born in Poltava, a nobleman with a classical education, wrote the poem "Black Eyes" during his visit to the village of Rudka, where he was a guest of the landowner Rostenberg. Here he felt a great inspiration when he met the daughter of his hosts, Maria. He dedicated this poem to her, soon learning that the "fiery look" of this girl had fallen into his heart. But such love stories usually have their tragic twists and turns. The true acknowledgement of his feelings, he didn't do it until after year. And even though Grebenka and Maria got marriedTheir marriage did not last long - in 1848, Mary left widow.


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