The curious connection between Black Sabbath and Quentin Tarantino

In addition to their connection to the movie Black Sabbath, the rock band and the director are linked in other ways as well, such as their desperate attempts to make it big...

What do Black Sabbath and Quentin Tarantino have in common, and what does Pulp Fiction have to do with it?

Ozzy Osbourne, Geezer Butler and Quentin Tarantino — it would seem, what could be common between the participants of the cult heavy metal bands and filmmaker? And if Osbourne and Butler ignited a creative spark by becoming part of the heavy metal revolution (together they will not only start their careers, but also influence thousands of artists), then how does Tarantino? However, they do have something in common... And it's not about creative enthusiasm and refusal to obey certain cultural rules. There is a much more poignant connection between the two... Boris Karloff is an actor who actually deserves far more praise than he gets. He starred in the film "Black Sabbath.", which inspired Butler to write the song of the same name for the debut album, the band to name, and Tarantino to "Crime novel"! How it was? We invite you to find out…

Ozzy Osbourne's team gets its name

Black Sabbath band
Black Sabbath band

Thus the group Black Sabbath and film "Pulp Fiction" by Quentin Tarantino motion picture bound 1963 director's year by name Mario Bava. The film was divided into three parts with an independent plot: "Phone", "Ghoul" and "Drops of Water". Boris Karloff starred in "Ghoul", which depicts the undead attacking those they once loved ... The role of Karloff alone will be enough to experience a real hysteria when watching a movie ...

And it's actually very strange that the film didn't do well at the box office - it performed poorly in Europe and even worse in America. However, there were enough dark and mysterious phenomena in it to inspire Geezer Butler himself from Black Sabbath to write a song...

Geezer Butler in his youth
Geezer Butler in his youth

After endless attempts to come up with something unique, the band members decided to settle on the name Earth. However… they soon realized that another band already had the name. Fortunately, they didn't have to look for something new for a long time - Butler's psychic visions helped them choose a truly unique and memorable name! Yes, even as a child, Geezer Butler suffered from psychic, sometimes very terrible visions ... According to him, this was mainly inspired by the biblical teachings that were hammered into his head at school. So, one night, mysterious balls appeared to him ...

Mysterious balls in the night

Geezer Butler
Geezer Butler

One night 1969 of the year Butler noticed a strange creature at the foot of his bed:

“I woke up and saw something black looking at me ... It only lasted a second, but it scared me terribly!”

Black Sabbath. Geezer Butler demonstrates the "goat". 1969
Black Sabbath. Geezer Butler demonstrates the "goat". 1969

It was a scary experience that stuck in his mind, so he shared it with his bandmates. They too were fascinated—so much so that when Osbourne began writing the next song, he opened it with the words: “What is this standing in front of me? A figure in black that points to me ... " Himself Ozzy I remember this song well, often recalling in my interviews:

“When I sang this song, the first phrase came out of nowhere… It was born, not written!”

By that time, friends had already watched the movie. 1963 of the year "Black Sabbath.", which inspired them for the name of the song, and not only - they soon decided to give this name to their group! In their opinion, this helped them stand out from other groups ... So, quite possibly - without a film Mario Bava this heavy metal band might not have been where it is today!

Quentin Tarantino is inspired by...


Horror movie by Mario Bava inspired not only the members of the rock band. As it turned out, "Black Sabbath." inspired Quentin Tarantino and Roger Avery to write the script for Pulp Fiction! As mentioned above, the horror film was divided into three stories: the first - "Phone", the second - "Ghoul", and the third "Water drops". It was originally released in Italian but was later changed to an English version to make it more appealing to American audiences. Unfortunately, it did not bring the success expected by the producers. Despite the setback, Tarantino admired the work Mario Bava, and was determined to make a similar crime film. He also wanted his film Pulp Fiction to be divided into three parts, like Bava's, with each story directed by a different person. However, the success he hoped for Tarantino, was not easy ...

"Pulp Fiction" ("Pulp Fiction" 1994)
"Pulp Fiction" ("Pulp Fiction" 1994)

Tri Star Pictures did not want to participate in the making of the film, and yet Tarantino ran around all the major film studios, became interested in the future bestseller Miramax. Harvey Weinstein read the first few pages 159 page script, and immediately fell in love with the first scene! However, he was disappointed when the main character died in the middle of the script... Nevertheless Richard Gladstein, then Vice President of Operations at Miramax, advised him to read on, and by the time he finished, Weinstein was confident that Pulp Fiction was going to be a hit! As a result, the film collected $213 million at the box office and earned Tarantino an Academy Award for Best Original Screenplay.

Unfortunately, his plan to split the film into three parts did not seem to bear fruit. According to IndieWire, Tarantino wanted to make the next prequel titled "Double Vega". He even detailed the premise that needs to happen in Amsterdam. His plans never went beyond that, and as the main characters got much older, the prequel "Pulp Fiction" was excluded. However, Tarantino has to thank "Black Sabbath." for inspiring him with the idea of the film, which became the first independent to collect over $200 million!

Communication goes beyond creative inspiration

"Black Sabbath."
"Black Sabbath."

In addition to its association with the film "Black Sabbath.", rock band and director connected by other things as well, such as their desperate attempts to succeed. According to the BBC, Iommi and Butler had to work in factories before they became rock stars. On the other hand, Ward delivered coal while Osborne staged a burglary after working at a car factory... The only thing the four teenagers used as an outlet was music, which helped them forget about their hard life. Their need to let off steam led to the creation of a group that pioneered heavy metal!

Tarantino also had a hard time. He dropped out of school, and his only solace was in the movies, as he worked in a video store. These films, which he sold, gave him the idea to start writing scripts for his own tapes, which at the initial stages did not involve any production company ... Quentin every now and then he was rejected, saying that his scripts were too cruel, vulgar or vile ... However, he never stopped looking for ways to become a director. His efforts finally paid off when he decided to rework the stories about the films he had watched. In fact, this is how it came about. "Crime novel"!

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