Top Best Songs of the Most Popular K-Pop Group Blackpink Today According to Fuzz Music Magazine

Below are Blackpink's top hits, as well as their stunning music videos that break YouTube records...

Blackpink - a selection of the best songs and videos (only the group's hottest hits)

Blackpink - the most popular K-pop group to date, overtaking in popularity and the number of subscribers on YouTube even BTS! They are a South Korean girl group formed in 2016 year by YG Entertainment. The line-up of Blackpink includes four charming members: Jisoo, Rosé, Lisu and Jennie. Today Blackpink remain leaders in their genre: their videos are rapidly gaining not millions, but billions of views! And, apparently, this is not the limit ... The group's feature is the bright images of the participants, interesting visual effects, the combination of genres, as well as energetic and infectious choreography! You may know them for one or two hit tracks, but in fact, the list of their best songs is much more extensive than it might seem at first glance ... Below are Blackpink's Biggest Hits, as well as amazing music videos for them that break all YouTube records ... Let's start!

"How You Like That"

Watch Blackpink Perform Pretty Savage with James Corden
Watch Blackpink Perform Pretty Savage with James Corden

This track got loud hit 2020 years, and in many ways thanks to TikTok! "How You Like That" released as the first single from the group's debut studio album in Korean. Of particular note is the music video, which has nearly a billion views in just one year! It also broke several YouTube records for the speed of reaching views: the first 100 million for 32 hours and 200 million views per 7 days… Success? Definitely!

According to Consequence of Sound "How You Like That" entered the top 30 best tracks 2020 of the year. The composition was warmly received not only by Blackpink fans, but also by music reviewers, as well as just listeners who did not know about the existence of this girl band at all before ...

"Kill This Love"

The video for this song boasts not only a juicy palette of shades and stylish effects, but also the fact that it has already scored 1.3 billion views in a couple of years! A lot of positive comments and “likes” ratings (and, by the way, more than 20 million) allow us to conclude that the public liked the work ...

An interesting fact: in the first day, the clip scored more than 50 million views!


Debut single Blackpink with an infectious chorus that will certainly get stuck in your head for a couple of days at least! A spectacular music video was shot for the song, which also received over one billion views on YouTube!

The track embraces hip hop feel and club sounds and it all sounds amazing...

ice cream

Another bright one hit Blackpink with an equally bright music video! The video has over 600 million views on YouTube in less than a year...

The song "Ice Cream" is a co-creation Blackpink and Selena Gomez. One of the authors ice cream is Ariana Grande… The track debuted on the Billboard Hot 100 at number 13, making it Blackpink's first Top 20 single!


And this song certainly has an infectious chorus, just like the music video:

Single "DDU-DU DDU-DU" was a wild success in South Korea! It also topped the charts in Singapore and Malaysia! The song has been certified platinum twice by the association. Korea Music Content Association, as well as gold in the US and silver in the UK and Japan. As for the clip, it is currently the most viewed music video among K-pop groups on YouTube…

Lovesick Girls

Another loud hit 2020 of the year in the genres of dance-pop and electropop with elements country folk and EDM. The lyrics tell about a painful breakup and the difficulty of finding a new, spiritually ideal partner...


And this is a hit single 2016 of the year. By the way: the song debuted at number one on the chart Billboard World Digital Songs.

"Forever Young."

If you believe Gaon Music Chart, song "Forever Young." was sold in quantities 2 500 000 digital downloads in Korea! We invite you to watch a video in which Blackpink members perform an incendiary dance to this hit track:


"Tell me that you will get the stars from the sky for me
Be nice to me when I'm with you, because we don't have much time
Tell me other girls are like stone statues
Sometimes, I want to listen to these lies for the good…”

Pretty Savage

Another contagious hit by Blackpink on our list...

"Love To Hate Me"

As it is not difficult to guess, starting from the name, "Love To Hate Me" this is a love song...

"As If It's Your Last"

Single 2017 year, singing such a bright and such a blind youthful love ...


And our list is completed by a pleasant measured composition, which entered the top 10 of the digital chart Gaon!

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