"Daboody-daboody" - what the weirdest hit of the '90s sings about

Today our article is about the history of the band Eiffel 65 and their nettle "Blue (Da Ba Dee)". We'll tell you how the track was created and how the trio found their success.

Everything about the song "Blue (Da Ba Dee)" by Eiffel 65: history of creation, lyrical meaning, success

The members of the Italian trio Eiffel 65 was developed unique the formula for a successful and punchy hit: Together they talentedly worked together to give the world the song "Blue (Da Ba Dee)". This track became a real imperishable era of the late '90s in almost every country in the world, and its simple motif is hardly unheard of by every fan of eurodance.

About how the group created the legendary "Blue (Da Ba Dee)"about the inclusion in the text of the sense and a little bit about the musicians themselves will be discussed in the article.

«Blue (Da Ba Dee)" - a loud Eurodance hit of the late 90s

Gabriel Ponte, Maurizio Lobina, and Jeffrey Jay
Gabriel Ponte, Maurizio Lobina, and Jeffrey Jay

In 1998, the keyboardist Maurizio Lobina was finishing his shift in the studio and playing a simple tune. At the time, the vocalist of the band Bliss Team, which had disbanded by the late '90s Jeffrey J. heard Lobina's wistful playing and sang the first lines of the future chorus of the big hit. A few days later, the development of the track involved Gabriel PonteJay, a famous DJ from northern Italy at the time. Together they composed the musical content of the song, and Jay completed the remaining lyrics. Thus, the most haunting song called "Blue (Da Ba Dee)" came into the world.

Eiffel 65 at the peak of its career
Eiffel 65 at the peak of its career

Release of the lead single from the upcoming album "Europop." was held in mid-autumn 1998 in Italy, and a year later the song was already popular all over the world. "Blue (Da Ba Dee)" became one of the most successful in the history of the band, not counting "Move Your Body". The eurodance track took the leading positions in 23 countries of the world, and almost climbed to the top-5 on the Billboard Hot 100 chart in America. It is interesting that in Britain the song began to climb up the top charts only because of imported sales of the single, since it had not yet been released in this country at that time.

Toward the end of the 1990s, a major role began to be played electronic effects in the music, and a huge influence on the vocals in the song "Blue (Da Ba Dee)" was influenced by the singer Cher's 1998 album "Believe", where most of the tracks used tun. So, Jeffrey Jay followed the lead of the vocalist and used the effect for even more dives listeners into the atmosphere of electronic music.

The true lyrical meaning

Eiffel 65
Eiffel 65

The song repeatedly repeats the word "blue"In English, the expression "I'm blue" can mean "I'm sad. In slang, the expression "I'm blue" can mean "I'm sad," and, therefore, the text of the composition is precisely about the hero being in depressed condition, just like everything else around it:

Hey, listen, here's a story for you,

About a boy who lived in a world of sadness and sorrow,

And all day and all night, all around him

All is sad and sorrowful as in his soul.

Some listeners think that the song is not just about sadness, but also about loneliness, and this can clearly be heard in the lines:

Sad People

Walking around.

Sad, like my Corvette, inside and out.

Eiffel 65 in the 90s
Eiffel 65 in the 90s

Like the hero, the rest of the world is sad because neither he nor all the people and objects around him can be heard:

And everything is sad for him.

And he and everything around him,

Because there is no one to listen to him.

Many listeners unfamiliar with the English language leaned toward the version that the text about the young man unconventional orientation, but this myth was soon shattered right the translation of the composition.

A little bit about the band itself: Who are Eiffel 65?

Maurizio Lobina and Jeffrey Jay at present
Maurizio Lobina and Jeffrey Jay at present

The history of the band itself dates back to random meeting of Italian keyboardist Maurizio Lobina and singer Jeffrey Jay in the studio of the BlissCo label. After the legendary track "Blue (Da Ba Dee)" was finished, the musicians together with Gabriel Ponte decided to choose title for their trio, under which the records would be released. In the end, the name "Eiffel" came about thanks to programThe number "65" at the end of the name of the word appeared at random, and the number "65" at the end of the name appeared even later. Suddenly. As the band members wrote their chosen word on paper to see what it would look like, and placed it on the table, one of the musicians wrote down his phone number on the paper lying from above The musicians decided not to correct the mistake, but to write the last numbers on the paper with the band's name on it. The musicians decided not to correct the mistake, and "65" remained left in the name of the collective.

The band's subsequent recordings were less were more popular than their debut album, but still brought the musicians success in their native Italy. The group existed for several years and released three album before Ponte left the team to pursue his solo career. In 2005 Maurizio and Geoffrey broke the contract with Bliss and created own production center. They had to change the name because the rights to "Eiffel 65" belonged to their former record company. This is how the new formation of the Eurodance band was born. Bloom 06. The first album was released in 2006.

Jeffrey J.
Jeffrey J.

A few years later it became known about reunion Eiffel 65, when Bliss started releasing unreleased material with the band. In one interview, Jeffrey clarified that working on new tracks goesbut slowly due to the difficulties of recording. At the same time, the musicians successfully conducted tour Europe. At the moment the band is still continues their activities.


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