"Blue Eyes Crying in the Rain": the last song sung by the King Presley

Elvis Presley's last songs before his death: what his final creations were like and how they were created - read our article today.

Everything about the song "Blue Eyes Crying in the Rain": when and by whom it was performed, history and covers

Loss of idols is always a very traumatic event, but what if a whole generation, which only recently knew the musician young and fresh, now does not understand where to go next and what will happen to legacy a great master? Such a loss shocks both individuals and public.

Today we are going to remember what songs have become last For the great King of Rock and Roll Elvis Presley and how devoted fans honor the memory of their unforgettable idol.

The day the king was gone...

Elvis Presley in the early '70s

Mid-August 1977 The year was the most tragic moment in the fate of rock music. Elvis Presley, nicknamed the King of Rock 'n' Roll by his loyal fans, passed away in his forty-second year.

Before that tragic Tuesday, the musician's life had already been very different. Due to the fact that the famous singer had for a long time Problems The health problems caused by excessive use of illegal substances, he was no longer able to give concerts at a high level, and the compositions he had recorded during a difficult period of his life, did not have of particular success. Despite his deteriorating health, he gave quite a few concerts in 1973 and 1974, though not all of them went well for him.

Elvis Presley on stage in the mid-'70s
Elvis Presley on stage in the mid-'70s

The critics who saw him on stage in depressed condition, which was caused by drugs prescribed by his doctor and outside use of banned substances, wrote that King has now become a badly made copy his real and living self. After the tour, the musician was not in the best of health for some time.

Before the last day of his life, the King of Rock 'n' Roll sang a long-known song to the accompaniment of the piano "Blue Eyes Crying in the Rain"which for many years he performed only with family and friends.

The Last Picture of the King of Rock and Roll
The Last Picture of the King of Rock and Roll

The sad news of Elvis Presley's death quickly spread across the country, but the shock of what happened was so strong that after the terrible news came lullas if before a storm. On August 16, King was scheduled to leave Memphis for another tour, but that evening he was found in a mansion in Graceland with no sign of life. After the news reported the loss, no one at first could believe what they heard, but as early as August 18 King was buried in the cemetery Forest Hill.

"Blue Eyes Crying in the Rain": the last song Elvis Presley sang

Elvis Presley at a performance
Elvis Presley at a performance

The song about blue eyes crying in the rain was written by Fred Rose. It is most widely known for its performance by Willie Nelson. His Recording was released in 1975 on the 18th studio album Red Headed Stranger. Nelson's version was hailed by critics as the most succinct and lighthearted country music. The year of its release, the song became a true hit and ended up at number three on the Billboard Hot Country Singles. Also "Blue Eyes Crying in the Rain" was included in the list of the 500 greatest songs of all time.

The version recorded by Elvis at his Graceland estate was performed in early February 1976. Just before the musician's life was cut short, he played it early on the morning of August 16, 1977, in the recreation area of the racquetball court, and it became his latest performed song.

"Way Down," or the great legacy of the last single

Presley in the last years of his life
Presley in the last years of his life

In the summer of 1977, Elvis Presley released his latest release before leaving our world. "Way Down." was written by American songwriter Laine Martin, Sr. Elvis recorded the song in his home studio in Graceland a year before the official release of the track.

Despite the fact that the song did not rank high on the music charts immediately upon release, a week before the King of Rock 'n' Roll's death it climbed the leading position on the American country music chart. In 1999, the single was recognized platinum.

The recording involved the musician J.D. Sumnerwho is known for his performance of Christian music and his low voice. He sang the words "way on down" in the song in each chorus, reaching to the lowest note of C2.

Ronnie McDowell is currently
Ronnie McDowell is currently

King's last single did not go unnoticed by his peers and followers. In December 1978, the American singer Ronnie McDowell and the band The Jordanaires released cover version on the song "Way Down." In addition, Ronnie McDowell was primarily known as the performer of the track "The King is gone."which the musician wrote on the death of his idol, but more of McDowell's songs were not well received by the public. In addition to "Way Down," Ronnie and the Jordanaires released covers of other popular songs Elvis: "Can't Help Falling in Love," "(You're the) Devil in Disguise," "Love Me Tender," which were mostly released after his demise Presley.

The cover of "Way Down" was released by the band Status Quo in 2000. The British rock band was previously known for their song "In The Army Now" and for covers of rock 'n' roll maestrosChuck Berry, Buddy Holly, Little Richard and many others.

Though Elvis left this world too early, his songs still live on in the covers of many performers and in the memory of those people for whom Presley was not only a successful country singer and honored musician, but also a real idol and true The King of Rock and Roll.

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