Bob Dylan and little-known details of his mysterious life

“Charlie Chaplin influences me, even in the way I sing or joke. I guess I always feel the tramp Chaplin inside me ... "

Interesting facts about Bob Dylan that you might not know

Being one of the most influential poets-musicians of all times, Bob Dylan remains a mystery to many music lovers. His path was thorny and gloomy: Dylan's texts contain a wide range of political, social, philosophical and literary trends for a reason! Nevertheless, this man took the spit of fate with his head held high, turning them into a valuable experience that was deeply imprinted in his high work. One of the most laconic and mysterious figures in the music industry - what you might not know about the author of the legendary "Like A Rolling Stone"?

He was inspired by Charlie Chaplin

Bob Dylan
Bob Dylan

Many critics often called Dylan such "tramp with a guitar": Shabby coats and hats quickly became the hallmark of his recognizable style. But few people know that the image of the "tramp" was inspired by the incomparable comedian of the early 20th century. Charlie Chaplin! It was Dylan's favorite character as a child, and in 2006 the musician even released an album "Modern Times", named after the 1936 Chaplin film.

“Charlie Chaplin influences me, even in the way I sing or joke. I guess I always feel Chaplin's tramp inside me ... "

Charlie Chaplin
Charlie Chaplin

Still didn't like his vagrant style Smothers Brothers: Dylan performed at Smothers brothers opening act in Colorado, but the audience could not appreciate his sloppy image, because of which the performance was interrupted. From the memoirs of an eyewitness of that day Bob Spitz:

“Tommy Smothers stood at the back of the club and cringed at every wheeze of Bob’s tart voice. “Oh my God,” he complained to Walt Conley, “this guy is terrible! Can't you do something with it?" The brothers begged Conley to stop Dylan's performance, and he eventually came to the conclusion that Bob was "too rough and too ethnic".

He was expelled from the school talent show

Bob Dylan
Bob Dylan

Dylan was kicked out of the school talent show for being too shocking for sensitive ears 50s years. The director lowered the curtain right during the performance of Dylan and his band Golden Chords: at this moment the guys performed a raucous cover of the band's song Danny & the Juniors "Rock and Roll Is Here to Stay". In his book Down the Highway: The Life of Bob Dylan, the British journalist and biographer Howard Sones wrote:

“The director was shocked. “He and his band were terrible on stage and it got out of control!” he said. "I couldn't take it." He turned off Bob's microphone and pulled the curtain as he continued to scream. It wasn't so much the noise as it was the way Bob behaved. “He literally went crazy!” The director later commented on this incident ... "

Dylan told his label he was an orphan

Bob Dylan
Bob Dylan

When Dylan signed his first record deal with Columbia Records, he was only 20 years, and under New York law at the time, he was still a minor. The young singer lost touch with his parents after dropping out of college a year earlier. And instead of his legal guardians signing the contract, Bob lied to the label, saying he was an orphan. According to legend, he came from New Mexico, who boarded a train and went to conquer New York ... In this regard, the legendary producer John Henry Hammond waived the clause mentioned above and allowed Dylan to sign the contract himself.

This is not the first nor the last time Dylan has lied. So, for example, after graduating from high school, he fraudulently got into the group of singer Bobby Vee The Shadows, stating that he toured with Conway Twitty. He also introduced himself as Elston Gunn.

“It sounded like the name of the Scottish king, and I liked it!” Dylan himself once said.

He didn't steal "Blowin' in the Wind"

Bob Dylan
Bob Dylan

Rumors that Dylan allegedly stole one of their most famous songs, have been circulating for a long time. And what is most interesting - not from the famous artist, but from a student from New Jersey, a guy named Lorre Wyatt! For the first time "Blowin' in the Wind" was performed by Lorre and his band a few months before the official release of the single! But if Dylan didn't steal the lyrics, how is that possible?

It's very simple: it later turned out that the text "Blowin' in the Wind" was published by Dylan back in 1962, in the magazine Broadside, where Wyatt, in fact, subtracted it. The guy confessed to deceit a dozen years later: according to him, he felt a complex because of his mediocrity, and thus wanted to fuel his popularity as part of an amateur student group. Nevertheless, there are people who to this day accuse Dylan of plagiarism. And some of them are his colleagues on the stage, like Joni Mitchell. In a 2010 interview, one of the most important female artists of the rock era stated:

“Bob is not real at all. He is a plagiarist and his name and voice are fake. Everything about Bob is a lie."

He traded a priceless Andy Warhol painting... for a sofa

Andy Warhol and Bob Dylan
Andy Warhol and Bob Dylan

Looking at Bob Dylan, it is hard to believe that this brutal and rather cold-looking person can have regrets ... But it is. Once an iconic person in the history of the pop art movement Andy Warhol gave him a luxurious picture Elvis Presleythat would be worth millions today! But instead of keeping the gift, Dylan traded it... for sofa. Later he will say:

“I always wanted to tell Andy what a stupid thing I did ... If only he had another picture that he would give me, I would keep it for the rest of my days!”

Six different actors played him in one movie

"I'm not there" - 2007 film by an independent director Todd Hayneswho beat chameleon-like Dylan evolution!

Hired for filming six various actors, including Christian Bale and the charming Cate Blanchett! The idea was to portray characters inspired by turning points in the singer's life.

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