Interesting facts about Bonnie Tyler that you might not know

Despite her Welsh descent, this performer was recognized as the "First International Lady of the USA". The most interesting facts from her creative and personal life are recalled below...

Here are the most interesting facts about Bonnie Tyler

Bonnie Tyler - one of the most amazing singers in her vocals! Her journey to Olympus Wasn't easybut working hard in the studio, Gaynor Hopkins (real name) managed to win fame and a multimillion army of fans! The peak of popularity came in the period of 1980s, when Tyler collaborated with the Jim Steinman. Together they gave the world the hit "Total Eclipse of the Heart, Holding Out for a Hero and several other first-rate songs that have not lost their relevance to this day...

Exactly distinctiveinstantly recognizable voice made Bonnie a star! Even though she got it pretty much not in a good way... Critics have compared it to other "husky." icons of those years, such as Rod Stewart or Kim Carnes. But no matter how you look at it, Tyler was Inimitable in her image: the combination of harsh tones in her vocals and her sweet appearance created a contrast that the audience loved madly. And when combined with powerful compositions all of which made her a world star. Despite her Welsh descent, this performer was recognized by the "the first international lady of the United States.. Most interesting facts from her creative and personal life we suggest recalling below...

She grew up in poverty and did not graduate from high school

Bonnie Tyler as a child
Bonnie Tyler as a child

Gaynor Hopkins was born in large the family of a coal miner and a housewife. The enormous family that raised six childrenThe brothers and sisters had been living in a municipal house with four small rooms. But since childhood, the siblings had had a passion for music... She was their comfort, joy and inspiration at the same time. Gaynor said that at that time in her life she adored listening to popular The Beatlesas well as the king of rock and roll Elvis Presley and the unparalleled Frank Sinatra

The girl never managed to finish school: because of poverty Gaynor was forced to drop out of school and take a job at work And who knows how her fate would have turned out had it not been for her passion for music and the local talent showwhere she managed to take second place! From that moment on she realized that she wanted to become singer.

"Total Eclipse of the Heart might not have been

Bonnie Tyler
Bonnie Tyler

Today "Total Eclipse of the Heart" is one of the most famous hits Bonnie Tyler! The song conquered the world music charts, and won platinum and gold in different countries! And we are left with the horror of knowing that she could have been not be

Total Eclipse of the Heart was written and produced by Jim Steinmanwho literally threw to the fading performer lifeline! Shortly after she released the single "It's a Heartache", Tyler's career has gone rapidly on the decline... The singer left RCA Records, and soon turned to Steinman: Jim was then writing songs for Mita Loufaand they were very popular! So he was Bonnie's last hope for salvation... At first Steinman did not want to work with the young little-known I was a singer, but after listening to her demo tapes, I quickly came to my senses.

Jim Steinman
Jim Steinman

Their first work together was Faster Than the Speed of Nightwhich has significantly moved away from country music in the direction of rock and presented the hit "Total Eclipse of the Heart"!

Her characteristic voice emerged after the operation

Bonnie Tyler ...
Bonnie Tyler...

Unlike many other artists, his distinctive husky voice Tyler did not acquire it from birth or in the course of an addiction to tobacco and strong whiskey... It arose in 1977 year, after removing the nodules on the vocal chords singer. She had to maintain absolute silence for the next six weeks, and when one day she couldn't stand it, she cried out - she was surprised to find the global Changes in the voice...

And if, for another artist, it could mean career endFor Bonnie, on the contrary, the acquired larynxity boded well for chart takeoff! This is evidenced by the success of the single "It's a Heartache". The singer herself commented "blessing."The following is a gift from the physicians to her:

"As it turned out, it saved my career, not ruined it, which I was very afraid of. I recorded 'It's a Heartache' with my new voice, and that single was my first hit in America! Maybe the husky voice was what this song and my career needed. And I see it as nothing short of a blessing..."

Her husband Robert Sullivan cheated on her

bonni tayler i robert sallivan
Bonnie Tyler and Robert Sullivan

For a long time, the singer's marriage to the judoist Robert Sullivan thought exemplary to follow: the couple got married in 1973 year, when Tyler was only 22 years old! Bonnie herself recounted how she and Robert love each otherand that even after all these years their passion had not faded! But the reality was too much to bear. brutal

Bonnie Tyler and Robert Sullivan
Bonnie Tyler and Robert Sullivan

In 2016, it became known that Robert modified Bonnie throughout 18 months with the young Megann Pernod. A man met with 25-year-old a girl at one of his wife's concerts, and immediately started paying attention to her...

"At first, I thought they were in an open relationship - in today's show business, that's pretty common," Megann told me.

Bonnie Tyler
Bonnie Tyler

According to the girl, she and Robert sexual relationship lasted 18 months. The couple's secret rendezvous took place in hotels. In the end, Megan's tortured conscienceand she's all over the confessed Bonnie... To say that the woman was shocked is not to say anything.

"It was very painful. I felt betrayed..."

Robert Sullivan and Bonnie Tyler
Robert Sullivan and Bonnie Tyler

Tyler, however, found the strength to forgive my husbandwho has now renounced the fleeting affair on the side. Today the couple lives in a gorgeous, spacious house... just the two of them. They have no children. At the age of 39, the singer had a miscarriage, after which she never managed to get pregnant. Also in one of her interviews Tyler admitted that as a young man she and Robert were cheating on each other.

Love of cosmetic procedures

Bonnie Tyler
Bonnie Tyler

In 2021 Bonnie Tyler celebrated her anniversary - the singer turned 70 years old! But for her age she looks surprisingly Okay! What is her Secret? In fact, a woman often resorts to the services of cosmetologists...

Bonnie Tyler
Bonnie Tyler

Bonnie admitted that after 60 years Became a fan Botox and other cosmetic beauty shots. It may confuse some fans, but it is a sincere confession, without any "yoga, diets, and lemon waters"which many other celebrities like to use as a cover.

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