"There's no point in talking about power." Boris Grebenshchikov about life abroad - PART 2

A continuation of the article about the new life of Boris Grebenshchikov, the leader of the band Aquarium. We talk about the reasons for the singer's departure from Russia, and recall the first steps of the master of national rock in music.

Boris Grebenshchikov (BG) - life abroad, the new Aquarium, and politics in song

Boris Grebenshchikov has always been a flamboyant and flamboyant musician. Now, faced with a new reality, he lives and builds a career Away from the homelandtrying to find a starting point for concert activities in Europe.

"...As it was, so it remains. The country we love so much...", the Aquarium guitarist said in an interview in 2016.

Grebenshchikov promptly left Russia 

A new wave of emigration caught up with a segment of Russian culture after the events of February 2022. Those who disagree with the policies of the authorities strongly pronounced about what was going on, called it "insanity" and leaving away from their homeland. One of these figures was the irreplaceable leader of the rock band Aquarium Boris Grebenshchikov. He moved to the capital of England, London, where he has no plans to stop in his creative plan. Just recently he released a new album called "All Saints' House.".

Grebenshchikov confesses: "Since the first grade I knew: there is a false life, which is shown on TV, about which they speak officially, and there is a normal life, which has not the slightest relation to this state life...". In many respects this attitude to what is happening now contributed to his departure from Russia.

Now his songs have taken on a new meaning, becoming "anti-war.". And the musician, apparently, is only happy about it. A confluence of circumstances set Boris Boris Borisovich on a new path, which caused him to change his place of residence. Here, in London, he, according to his own statements, can live and create.

Watchman job

At Boris Grebenshchikov There have already been periods in his career when his lack of acceptance of authority has played a cruel trick on him. For example, after participating in a rock music festival in Tallinn in 1976BG even believed that there was a way to coexistence of alternative rock and conservative management.

"I thought that somehow we could be ourselves and make sure no one got in our way. But that soon fell apart on its own. Looking at my comrades from the Time Machine, I quickly realized where it was all going...", said the leader of Aquarium.

And then four years later, the guitarist was kicked out of everything after a festival in Georgia, after which Boris reconsidered his attitude toward everything that was going on. In 40 hours of despair, he decided that he would go to work... keeper! He was hired by a flutist to do this job! Dusha Romanovwho was playing at the time in the "The Aquarium..

Boris Grebenshchikov is the leader of Aquarium
Boris Grebenshchikov is the leader of Aquarium

This period in life BG can be called an attempt to look at life Soviet man from the side slave. He guarded stadiums, streetcar depots, and other places. And that activity helped him understand To Boris Borisovichthat he doesn't want to be "settled": he wants to be a creator who is honestly on his way to success.

"If you're afraid of losing, you haven't found yourself yet. When you do, you'll calm down, because the structure of life is such that we don't own anything to lose...," Boris asserted.

The Search for Recognition

Triumph - is what any musician who wants to win the hearts of his listeners longs for. For Grebenshchikov it happened, by his own admission, back in 1969, when the project "Aquarium" was not even planned yet, and the Leningrad Rock Club was not even in existence.

In those years, the young BG was inspired by the popular overseas The Rolling Stones and The BeatlesThe band was a great success, but it was not the first time that the future legend played and sang songs in the school band. And then one day the school band, where the future legend played and sang the songs Mick JaggerI was called to perform at another school. For the young Boris it seemed at the time a fantastic invitation: The music, which was heard very quietly because of the small number of speakers, created a real sensation.

"When some hairy gentleman put the speaker to his ear with an expression of delight, I knew I seemed to have gone the right way," recalls BG.

Since Boris Borisovich I couldn't help feeling that he was doing everything the right way. He's madly rejoicesWhen some material becomes available to the public, when the recording of a new album is finished, he didn't care about official recognition.

Performance of "Aquarium" in Kovdor, 1987
Performance of "Aquarium" in Kovdor, 1987

Of course, now that "Everyone knows "Aquariumhe's pleased that his music has resonated in the hearts of listeners. But then, when they were banished, an official "yes" to the band seemed real victorybecause they were absolutely uncompromising in terms of the music they were writing.

New Experience: Touring Europe

Having settled in London, Grebenshchikov began planning a concert tour of European cities. On the poster you can see the following stops: Munich, Zurich, Geneva, Tallinn, Vilnius, Prague, Yerevan, Barcelona and others.

Despite the change of scenery and place of residence, touring outside Russia does not leave you with a sense of detachment from native audience. The only thing that has changed is composition of the groupand the fans stayed the same. They're warm accept Boris Borisovich's music, and come to experience vibrant energy of the singer and his music.

"I realized that everyone who listened to us there in Russia, now they're here...," Grebenshchikov says.

About the political component of the songs

Some songs unwittingly become political anthems thanks to their actual lyrics. However, in most cases, if the performer does not position himself as a political actionist, his compositions only accidentally, spontaneously begin to be perceived as political manifestos. This was encountered, for example, Viktor Tsoi and his song "Change."marking restructuring.

Boris Grebenshchikov He was not left out, either. He is often asked if there are policy share in his songs. However, the musician admits that often the ideas of such songs are just different Interpreted by fansand then they find a new life.

About the song "Train on Fire," BG said: "When politicians, including right-wing, left-wing, and all the rest, started tapping it for themselves, I even had to say once: read first what it says in the song.

It remains to be hoped that Boris Borisovich will return to his homelandwhich provided opportunities for rock creativity and nurtured such a great musician, especially because of its "Russianness" he is not going to give it up.

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