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Boris Grebenshchikov - Out Babylon (2020)

Passions have not yet subsided after Evening M, and Boris Grebenshchikov raised a new wave of battles on the network. And the time to post the video for the song “Won Babylon Went Out” on the Web, picked up the right one - December 31. In three days, the video has collected more than 600 thousand views. And it's steadily gaining momentum. On the forums, the clip has become the most discussed topic. What is so deadly in the next scandalous work of BG?
In the frame, Boris Borisovich appears either as a young patriarch, or as a rapper, tapping a simple rhythm on the keyboards. It is clear that everything here is symbolic. Under the image, one can easily guess the representative of the youth, on whose behalf the master conducts his song monologue. This is confirmed by the children's voices performing the chorus. And at the same time, the performer is poking at the instrument with stiff fingers. A clear allusion to someone who is at the helm, but does not know how to steer.
Grebenshchikov's message is dressed in a biblical story so beloved by him. But BG never uses ancient themes without subtext. "Out Babylon" was no exception. Users from YouTube saw prophecies and metaphors in almost every word.

New BG song:

Half of the comments boil down to the fact that Grebenshchikov's song has every chance of becoming the anthem of the all-Russian protest movement in the coming year. There are many who admitted that they listened to the song while standing, not even wiping their tears. Recall that the clip was uploaded on December 31, when the country had already begun to celebrate.
The other half of the listeners excitedly rejoiced at the recognition in the main lines of the song of the Russian president, exercising their wit. They did not hit a detailed analysis, since the opponents of the BG and, accordingly, the supporters of the addressee of the song, pulled themselves into the discussions. And the battle broke out.

The meaning of the composition

Meanwhile, I wonder what Boris Borisovich wanted to say, for example, with words about the patriarch and the bride? What and where should she hang? It is very likely that Grebenshchikov refers to the parable in which ten virgins were waiting for the groom (Christ), having prepared lamps to light his way. The musician concludes that the lamp will not be useful, since the bridegroom (Christ) will not come. Interestingly, while saying these words, Grebenshchikov crosses himself and, as it were, shows the way to the left. They say that the official religion of Russia leads the wrong way.

Boris Grebenshchikov
Boris Grebenshchikov

Well, Babylon, it seems, is given in the song as a symbol of a state that has subjugated many peoples and is on the verge of decline. But, despite this, it continues to suppress the desire for freedom of the entire population and rests only on militarism in its opposition to the rest of the world: “put a soldier in bed for everyone”, “we will kill everyone else”.
And all together it sounds like an appeal to the head of state on behalf of a notorious wandering shaman who never reached Moscow.
Well, everyone is entitled to their own point of view. And those who have already put "Out Babylon" on the ringtone, and those who again accuse BG of working off some grants. But if the authorities do not respond to this song, they will greatly disappoint both the first and second, disrupting the show that took place on TV, in the press and on the Internet after the release of Evening M. But Boris Borisovich tried very hard. For all.

Interview with Boris Grebenshchikov:

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