Top songs by the beautiful Bjork according to "Fuzz Music" magazine

Today we decided to look back at Björk's most reputable releases, some of which have received numerous music awards and nominations. Enjoy listening to them!

A look back at Bjork's greatest songs, from the greatest hits to the most beautiful ones

Bjork - the Icelandic queen of avant-garde and popular music, a talented songwriter and singer who has created a sensation throughout her more than 40-year musical career! Ah, yes: this vibrant woman is also a successful producer and actress (and one of the most outrageous performers on the modern stage).

Born in 1965 and raised in Reykjavik, her musical career began at the age of 11 years.. Her stepfather, a guitarist, sent the girl to music school, where she learned to play the flute and classical piano. Björk realized how vocally gifted she was after a school concert in which she sang a song from 1976 "I Love to Love" by Tina Charles. After a little local success, the teachers sent her recording to radio for national broadcasting. That's how the story began...

Singer Björk
Singer Bjork

After listening to her great vocal skills, Fálkinn Records offered her a recording contract. This led to the release of the eponymous debut album at the tender age of eleven. Later, the girl began working with the band The SugarcubesBjörk was a soloist, which led to her international acclaim. After the breakup, Björk began solo careerShe has appeared in various bands from time to time. However, it is her solo work that has made her one of the most respected singers and songwriters in the world.

Today we decided to recall her most authoritative releases, some of which have received numerous music awards and nominations. Enjoy listening!

"Human Behaviour".

Young Björk (björk)
Young Bjork

"Human Behaviour". (which translates as "Human Behavior") was Björk's first song on the British Top 40, coming in at number 36. The catchy tune for this song was written in 1988, when Björk was still a member of the The Sugarcubes. However, it never graced any of the band's tracks, but waited a long time for its time...

In her interview, the singer said that Human Behaviour on human behavior:

"When I was a child, I had good relationships with other children. But I noticed how adults could behave badly toward each other, toward the world... They were pretty chaotic in my opinion.


Björk (bjork).
Björk (bjork).

An epic demonstration of Bjork's vocal abilities-not surprisingly, it one of the most important tracks in the singer's career!

A richly orchestrated, industrial-beat exploration of the intense emotions behind close friendships, "Joga." - a terrific song that was "one step ahead" for its time.


The song includes one of Bjork's best vocal parts (who enjoys taking such high notes), as well as an instrumental part slightly inspired by the electronic house of the 90s. It's a gorgeous romantic masterpiece that, by the way, lasts more than 5 minutes (album version)! But you don't even notice it - it's so good!

By the way: this track is one of the favorites among fans.

"Possibly Maybe"

This track is filled with deep electronic tones and mellow beats. Despite the colorful music video, its lyrics are quite saddedicated to a past relationship...

Though "Possibly Maybe" established itself in the charts, and the music video for it garnered nearly 3 million views, Bjork admitted that she was shame to write this song. Why exactly, she never said, but she added:

"I felt like I was writing a song that would take all hope away from my fans..."

"Venus As A Boy"


Sublime strings, minimalistic percussion, otherworldly vibraphone and, of course, the jubilant vocals of the queen herself... There is nothing to add here, because in this track just fine!

It's a very sexy song with a cheeky message and insanely beautiful lyrics:

"He believes in beautiful things.
He is Venus in male form..."

"Big Time Sensuality


And this is one of the singer's most famous hits among listeners, which, as a rule, no similar list can do without. We are sure: this is the song that needs no introduction!

And 3 more great closing songs that are unlikely to leave anyone indifferent! By the way: what song did you start with? acquaintance with the work of Icelandic icon? Share your experiences in the comments, it will be interesting to read.

"Pagan Poetry."

"All is Full of Love"

"Army of Me."

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