"Tsoi, We Love You" - Mikhail Boyarsky about the Kino leader

"My soul is in my songs. And I live in hope for a better time," admitted Viktor Tsoi. What was he really like? An irreplaceable leader or a vulnerable man? Who was a friend of "the ever-living musician" and who was his idol? About that we will tell in our article.

Mikhail Boyarsky told about what the leader of "Kino" was like

Viktor Tsoi - the first Soviet star to become as widely known in popular culture as one could imagine. He was a unique musician who is still loved today, despite his tragic death in 1990. Let's try to build a quality portrait of the frontman of the band Kino from the recollections of his friends, as well as to recall little-known facts from his biography.

Mikhail Boyarsky about his acquaintance with Tsoi: was there a friendship between the legends?

History of Dating the man we probably can't imagine in everyday life without a black hat or a cigarette in his hands, the same D'Artagnan from the Soviet adaptation "The Three MusketeersThe story of Mikhail Sergeyevich Boyarsky and Viktor Tsoi, who was 13 years younger than the famous singer and actor, is quite funny and at the same time in its own way. Legendary.

Young Boyarsky without a hat
Young Boyarsky without a hat

As you know, you can't change the meeting place, and in this regard, all the stars somehow miraculously came together in the carriage "Red Arrow. - first branded trainThe Soviet Union was the first Soviet republic to run between Leningrad and Moscow.

When asked where he first met Tsoi, Mikhail Boyarsky said not without humor: "Naturally, in "Arrow"! He was quite an inconspicuous passenger, which surprised me, not surrounded by a crowd of fans..."

After the stars got to talking, Boyarsky decided to help Tsoi with some settling. administrative issuesand then invited him to perform at a theater founded by the actor. "Benefit."According to Victor, the formation of his personality when he was growing up and developing his character was largely influenced by Boyarsky. He knew his songs and theater repertoire practically by heartI was in the middle of the night, so I definitely couldn't refuse such an offer.

Then Boyarsky saw a live performance "Kino.", it was in the "Jubilee". He was stunned by the way the audience received Tsoi - the popularity did not spare him, its level was just crazy - Boyarsky had never seen so many fans of the rock singer.

It's interesting how Mikhail notes this fact: "I traveled all over the country, along and across, and everywhere, would it be police buildings, hotels, asphalt, trees, rocks... Even where it was impossible to climb - everywhere were Tsoi's declarations of love."

This demonstrates how important the legendary performer was to Soviet audiences - he was indispensable

Besides, when Tsoi already gets his fame, it will be Mikhail Sergeyevich who will by the censor lyrics by the rock band Kino.

Boyarsky about the legend: "I knew him intimately enough, and I liked him immediately. They brought me his lyrics to sign whether I could sing them or not. And I signed it. He had a good humor, no bigotry...".

What Tsoi was like in everyday life

Even in his youth, Victor showed his good ability to parody. His everyday style was largely shaped by the people he considered his role models, his idols - in the Soviet Union, they were Vysotsky and BoyarskyHe admired him and his style - he liked his haircut, his black bodysuit. He copied his mannerisms and gestures.

Tsoi used to say, "This is my color, this is my style.

Tsoi in black
Tsoi in black

And then he got carried away. Bruce Lee and even started studying martial arts even though he didn't like fighting.

Regarding style, it is necessary to note another contradictory part: Victor chose most of the time for his speeches sable (Boyarsky's influence is apparent here!), but the brutality disappeared in his everyday life, where he wore light clothes and sometimes even bright colored T-shirts with slogans and logos.

Victor Tsoi (left) in a bright T-shirt brought from America
Victor Tsoi (left) in a bright T-shirt brought from America

Many of the funny stories associated with the singer were associated with his predilection for petty trouble. Victor even had a nickname - "One-Legged Hendrix."It appeared because of the frequent leg injuries received by the Kino frontman in quite absurd situations.

Viktor Tsoi was an amazing man, if only because he managed in 1983 get out of the army and not go and fight in Afghanistan. Many rock musicians of the time tried to do it, but not everyone succeeded. Victor was lucky.

Young Viktor Tsoi
Young Viktor Tsoi

The mother of Tsoi's wife Maryana told in an interview how she managed to avoid the draft: "They were at our place on Veteran's Street that night, then they rushed over, and Maryana called an ambulance that night, then she went to the asylum, wrote some posters to be allowed to see him, but he kept spitting pills out, but they still kept him longer than usual. And then they gave him a white ticket, and he was all rock 'n' roll, working like a wreck.

One "Khozyayushka" for two: what a pie shop that was frequented by Tsoi and Boyarsky 

On Moskovsky Prospect in St. Petersburg there is one very interesting place that has become a favorite for both Boyarsky and Tsoi because of just one happy coincidence. This is... pie shopwhich was discovered by in 1956 and adored by everyone who went there, and nothing tasted as good as Gostovka pies.

The same pie shop where Tsoi and Boyarsky went
The same pie shop where Tsoi and Boyarsky went

Tsoi was associated with it because he lived for 5 years in the house where those very pies were made, and he ran into "The Hostess" is quite often. And Boyarsky tried to save it from demolition and was very happy when it was saved. Soviet spirit.

"It was one of the best in town. When I was a student, there were many such places, they were very cheap and tasty," noted the People's Artist of the Russian Federation.


Of course, we can't imagine Tsoi without a cigarette either. This element of his style was absolutely indispensable. So in an alternative reality he could have joined Boyarsky and become a full-fledged leader Smokers' Rights Movementsand friends would spend a lot more time together!


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