Brian Jones - recalling the most controversial figure of the 20th century

And while the crowd sat silently on the grassy slopes, the band released 3,500 butterflies, another gesture and salute to Brian...

The story of the infamous "rollin'" Brian Jones

He became famous due to his unique skill to direct a melody in an unusual way, the bright image of the London stylist of the '60sHe was gone just a month after he was fired from the The Rolling Stones - one of the most iconic bands of all time. At the same time, he is the one Brian Jones - was its founder.

Brian Jones was one of the first musicians to join the ranks of the infamous "Club 27". He was the most controversial, scandalous, and colorful person of his time. As his schoolmate recalled:

"Brian was a born rebel, that's a fact!"

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Brian Jones

He wasn't tall or particularly handsome or anything like that. But critics note: Brian Jones was one of the first to form the typical the "rock star" image. Fans chased him in the streets, and often Jones had to literally "make his feet"! He was a guitarist, multi-instrumentalist, and backing vocalist for the band, but that was not enough for him. According to Keith Richards:

"On stage, Brian was always trying to get all the attention - he did it unceremoniously and brazenly, and I guess he was cool about it! He really wanted to outshine Mick as the frontman and take the audience by storm!

The Rolling Stones
The Rolling Stones

He was critical of politics, eloquent and intellectual, but utterly unable to cope with his inner demons

Early years

Brian Jones
Brian Jones

After becoming a rock star, Brian found himself at the epicenter of scandals! Mostly - he had big problems with illegal substances, and twice he was almost put in jail for a very long time... But he got away with fines and warnings. He was called the darkest a member of the Stones, but he was essentially the soul of the band. He was the loudest in the press, angrily and sharply defending the Stones' then radical style of music, their appearance, their politics, and their whole lifestyle in general! At first he got along well with the other members, but at some point he became uncontrolled. And one day one of the rockers even said:

"He shamed the name of The Rolling Stones."

But there was hardly anything Jones could do about it, for he was a rebel from childhood! Brian was born in 1944 in Cheltenham, 98 miles west of London. His family was well-to-do and Musical. Brian picked up the guitar and harmonica early on, but when he did, he felt it was his.

Brian Jones
Brian Jones

Brian hated school, although he did quite well in school - he had a well-developed intellect, and he was not afraid to criticize the educational system, which even caused him to be expelled. He excelled especially in English and music, and hated homework. He would lock himself in his room and listen to jazz with rapture...

Birth of the Rolling Stones

The Rolling Stones
The Rolling Stones

In the early 60s Brian made his first investment in music - for three pounds he bought a Spanish guitar and discovered rhythm and blues. Subsequently, he, like the rest of England of those years, was swept by the wave of the so-called "Trad-jazz". He played in clubs with different bands, but got tired and left for far away Scandinavia. Later, due to lack of money, he returned to his homeland. He worked as a driver, a salesman in a music shop. Even back then Jones was legendary for arguing with customers about their preference for traditional jazz, vainly praising his discoveries about early American blues and R&B artists.

Finally, in 1962, he made the 100-mile trip to London, where he was to meet Mick and Keith. That's basically how the Rolling Stones were born.

Success and Collisions

The Rolling Stones
The Rolling Stones

At first Brian was the leader and manager of the group, but later he was hired to fill that position. Andrew Luga Oldema. Jones' role gradually diminished, and the focus - as lead songwriters - became Jagger and Richards.

Already by the mid-60s The Rolling Stones were at the height of their popularity! Nevertheless, Jones was in a gloomy mood, as he felt dissatisfied with the fact that the rest of the band were crowding him out. Because of the numerous tours, the mental health of the leader was deteriorating: Brian tried less and less to do something good for the band, and resorted more and more to substances and alcohol.

The other members did not accept the irrational behavior of Jones, who increasingly preferred to rest apart from the group. Bill Wyman noted that it was impossible to be alone with Brian, for the most "nasty traits of his character literally oozed out.

"He made communicating with himself unbearable and made him avoid himself..."

Brian Jones
Brian Jones

In 1967, his girlfriend. Anita Pallenberg Keith Richards, which put a fat end to any kind of communication between the musicians.

"That was the final nail in the coffin of my relationship with Brian," said the Stones guitarist.

By the end of the decade Brian had become completely estranged from the band, immersed in the world of perpetual partying and even lost his mastery. By 1969 he was no more than the man who had simply shaped the Stones. He was fired.. He said nothing about his plans for the future, but stated:

"I want to play my music."

The sunset of an era

Brian Jones
Brian Jones

Unfortunately, less than a month later he was gone. His body was found in a swimming pool, and it's not entirely clear whether it was an accident or... something else was going on. He was only 27 yearsBut in such a short life he has already managed to form one of the most legendary bands in history and experience all devastating effects rock star image.

Brian Jones
Brian Jones

Two days after his death, the Rolling Stones honored their comrade in concert in Hyde Park. In front of a crowd of 250,000 people, the tragedy-stricken Mick Jagger recited a poem Percy B. Shelley In memory of Brian:

"He didn't die, he only overcame.
The dream of life, the dream in which we torture
We are all ourselves in the midst of anxiety..."

Brian Jones
Brian Jones

And while the crowd sat silently on the grassy slopes, the group released 3,500 butterflies - Another gesture and salute to Brian.

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