Top Bruno Mars songs by Fuzz Music magazine

Eventually a star named Bruno Mars did rise, and it lit up so brightly that many people didn't even have time to realize who this guy was and where he came from!

Bruno Mars' greatest hits - a selection of the best

Bruno Mars - popular Hawaiian songwriter and performer, an artist whose career began as soon as he learned to stand on his feet! Already at the age of four, Bruno was parading Elvis PresleyI have to hand it to him, he was very good at it! Besides the king of rock 'n' roll, he was also greatly influenced by such icons as Michael Jackson and Jimi Hendrix. At the age of 12, he wandered with his father and brother through the "slums of Hawaii."At 17, he left his hometown to become a real star... He took the risky step of going to Los Angeles right out of high school. The first label didn't see the potential in him, however... over time a star named Bruno Mars But it did take off, and it lit up so brightly that many people didn't even have time to figure out who this guy was and where he came from! And now, today we can list a dozen or two strong tracks by Bruno Mars, which climbed to the top of the top charts and brought their owner awards and new fans...

"24K Magic."

"24K Magic." with an electronic score in the style of 80s and a vocodome to be proud of Daft Punk, is a career highlight Bruno Marsa! A pure party anthem, it proves that Bruno can adapt to the sound of the latest pop hits while creating something of his own. Because of this "24K Magic." won a Grammy Award as the record 2018 of the year!

"That's What I Like"

"That's What I Like" - The fourth song on the album 24K Magicand the winner of three Grammy Awards in 2018: "Song of the Year," "Best R&B Song," and "Best R&B Performance! In the song, Bruno tells the girl that he loves everything she likes. This includes beautiful beach houses, extravagant food, fancy cars... And he is ready to fulfill any whim of his "baby girl.

"The Lazy Song."

Song "The Lazy Song.", which has become especially popular because of the months of inactivity in quarantine, shows a great sense of humor Bruno Marsa! A slacker anthem with catchy lyrics and cute whistling solos is the perfect song for those days when you "don't feel like doing anything"!

The music video is another relic of early 2010 pop culture. In it, Bruno and his crew (a group of monkeys in sunglasses and flannel shirts) dance around a cozy bedroom!


Second single from the album Doo-Wops & Hooligans, "Grenade" became an instant hit upon release! It earned the track many critical acclaim and Grammy nominations... Heartbroken, Bruno lists several extreme acts to prove his love for a girl. Unfortunately, she doesn't care...

On video Bruno dragging a heavy piano behind him, traveling long distances... In an interview with Idolator, he also said:

"It's a heartbreaking, heartbreaking song, and I think everybody can understand it. You're so in love with this woman, and you don't realize, 'What am I doing wrong? What am I doing wrong? Why can't I get that kind of love in return?"

"Just The Way You Are"

The first song that turned Bruno Marsa into a pop star, "Just The Way You Are" - is an affirmation to all women that they are beautiful, no matter what flaws they think they have. While the song has Bruno serenading a certain girl of his dreams, the Grammy Award winner specifically wrote such a composition to be open to all listeners...

In an interview with Blues And Soul Magazine, Mars said:

"I'm a big fan of songs like Joe Cocker's 'You Are So Beautiful' and Eric Clapton's 'Wonderful Tonight' - songs that go straight to the point... And 'Just The Way You Are' is one of those songs. There's nothing mind-blowing about it. I'm just telling a woman that she looks great the way she is! And let's be honest: What woman doesn't want to hear that!"

"Finesse" (feat. Cardi B)

Track from 2016, featured on the album 24K Magic


Inspired by a song by a French producer Breakbot "Baby I'm Yours", track "Treasure" by Bruno Mars talks about the benefits of being intoxicated by love. It's a statement to Bruno's woman that she will always be the center of his attention! As far as sound design goes, there are some echoes of the disco era...

"Treasure" was released as the third single from the album Unorthodox Jukebox. The retro-inspired music video is particularly memorable. Besides the funny visuals, it features Bruno and his crew dressed in stunning red suits...

"Please Me" (feat. Cardi B)

Another valuable fruit of Bruno's collaboration with a hip-hop artist Cardi B!

"Uptown Funk" (feat. Mark Ronson)

"Uptown Funk." - best song Bruno Marsa (although technically he is only a represented performer...)

"Locked Out Of Heaven."

Released in 2012 year the song "Locked Out Of Heaven." is a new wave, funk and reggae-rock tale of the heavenly feelings a relationship can bring... Bruno admitted that this song was inspired by the legendary band 80s The Police... The track became a worldwide commercial success - it topped the Billboard Hot 100 for six weeks in a row!

"When I Was Your Man"

Another song from Unorthodox Jukebox, "When I Was Your Man" - is an emotional ballad about a girl who ran away before Bruno became famous. He sings about how he hopes her new man treats her right: buying her flowers, holding her hand, and dancing with her... Pretty much everything Bruno would do if they were ever together again. Bruno has stated many times that "When I Was Your Man" - is the most challenging song in his discography because of the pithy lyrics. The powerful vocals also make this ballad challenging, but Bruno does a great job.

Although the performer has not commented on the inspiration for the song, attentive listeners may notice that the opening chord is the same as the first chord in "Billy Joel's Piano Man. The music videos are also very similar. In "Piano Man," Joel plays in a piano bar. Bruno Mars plays his piano, but in a TV studio. The pianos they both play also have a glass of whiskey on them. A coincidence? We think not...

"Marry You."

"Marry You." - is a fun tune inspired by the spontaneity of marriages in Vegas! Songwriter Philip LawrenceWith whom Bruno began his journey, he once talked about the making of Marry You:

"We always thought it was a good and catchy song, but we didn't think it would have such an impact on pop culture. When we first saw one of those YouTube videos, it changed everything for us! Just the power of music...the power of what we can create!"

Originally released as the fourth and final single Doo-Wops and Hooligans, this track is about Bruno, who at first sight falls in love with a girl up to her eyeballs!

"Leave the Door Open" (Silk Sonic)

A terrific track, recorded and beautifully performed Bruno In conjunction with his group Silk Sonic

"It Will Rain."

One of the early hits Marsa... However, this does not make the track any less relevant!

"Wake Up in The Sky" (feat. Gucci Mane, Kodak Black)

This song reached number 11 on the Billboard Hot 100 and was five times platinum in America.

"Travie McCoy" (feat. Billionaire)

A track from 2010 that sounds very cool even today!


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