K-pop stars go to serve - BTS idols of millions take time out

According to their agents, the artists are completely satisfied that they will have to serve, and they are determined.

BTS joining the army - K-pop idols take a break until 2025

Around mid-October, the Internet broke the news: BTS go to serve in the army! Yes, yes, pop stars are also subject to the draft, at least in the South Korea. Thus, the most popular group of "boys" in the K-pop industry (although they are no longer boys) will very soon leave the fans to give back to their homeland.

This confirmation put an end to years of controversy over whether K-pop stars to be exempted from military service. Of course, the news came as a shock to the band's fans: millions of female fans are already in tears, writing sad comments on social networks. On the other hand, it is a good example of what stars "ordinary people, too."who have certain responsibilities to the state and society.

Conscription and Deferment Waiver


Pretty soon the participants BTS will be enrolled in South Korean army. By law, all able-bodied men between the ages of 18 and 28 must serve about two years. The rare exceptions to the deferment are those who are truly important to the country, such as Olympic athletes or traditional musicians.

BTS members do not belong to any of these categories, but they are very much appreciated in their home country: according to the government, they contribute to "improving Korea's international image"and even have a positive effect on young people! In this regard, the oldest idol in the lineup, Kim Sokchinwho will be 30 years old in December 2022, has been offered a deferment of service. This is the first time in the history of K-pop! But the artist refused such an honor...

Kim Seokchin
Kim Seokchin

Kim will start preparing for the service in early November, after presenting his solo work at the end of October. His BTS buddies have taken their cue from their big brother and decided to pay tribute to the motherland. All seven of the Idols will join the military ranks of South Korea, and will serve for about two years. Their reunion is scheduled for around 2025. The group's rapper, RMHe said the following about it:

"Actually, after 10 years of being in BTS and the K-pop industry, I'm not sure the army would be a nightmare for me. The nightmare is our schedules and workload!"

And RM is not lying: the lifestyle of K-pop stars is very rigid, scheduled literally every second of it. They can't gain weight, can't change their image without their agents' knowledge, and often can't advertise their personal life... However, with their busy schedules most artists have it's just not there.. Idols can only sleep five hours a night, right in the studio. The rest of their time is taken up by work: recording and filming, conferences, social media pages (and this is the agents' whim), the gym, dancing, and so on and so forth.

Fans in tears

BTS Group
BTS Group

The BTS announcement came just months after the group announced that they would be taking a break and some members would be pursuing separate projects. The news that beloved performers would be going on hiatus for a few years sounded to fans like out of the blue! Especially for female fans...

Fans of the band are already full of sad comments, expressing their support, grief... It is worth noting that this move by BTS and their agents will likely have broader implications: South Korea could lose the billions of dollars that the group's followers are pumping into its economy.

A little bit about BTS and their plans for the future

BTS group on stage
BTS group on stage

The group BTS was formed in the early 2010s. Over the years, the band has earned a reputation as the most successful and popular K-pop project that has managed to conquer audiences outside its native South Korea: they have been loved in CSHA, England, Russia and a number of other countries! This is unprecedented progress for the genre... You could say they took K-Pop into the global stratosphere! And now, it's time for the participants to focus on the landmark moment when the needs of the country can be respected.

For many Koreans, BTS is already national heritage. Some lawmakers have suggested that the group make an exception so that they can continue to perform. Such exceptions have been granted to Olympic medalists and other prominent sports stars, classical musicians and dancers. But the Idols made their choice. According to their agents, the performers are completely content to go through the service, and they are determined.

Their return is awaited at about in 2025But there is speculation that from time to time BTS will perform in the army.

"There would be a way to give them a chance to practice and perform together ... That would be very good!" said the South Korean defense minister.

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