How the hit song "Buffalo Soldier" was created, which has a deep meaning in the history of North America

Buffalo soldiers "fought on arrival" in America, and even after the aforementioned wars ceased, their fighting continued. Only in the latter case it will be a struggle for equality and justice.

We recall the history of "Buffalo Soldier" and interesting facts related to the legendary song of Bob Marley

Buffalo Soldier - the famous song of reggae icon Bob Marley, written by the artist in collaboration with Noel Williams and recorded with his band "The Wailers". The track was included in the posthumous release of 1983. "Confrontation" and became a big hit for Marley, but, unfortunately, after his death: the legendary singer died in 1981. Nevertheless, his message reached the people: the composition tells of a great battle fought by members of the 10th Cavalry Regiment of the US Army during the Indian Wars. buffalo soldiers, established by the United States Congress in September 1866, were renowned both for their prowess and for the fact that they were the first all-black peacetime regiments in the US Army.

How Bob Marley Became a Spiritual Figure
Bob Marley

The Buffalo Soldiers were a detached regiment of black cavalry during the American campaign to rid the West of "Indians" so that "civilized" white people could gain land used by Native Americans. Ironically, many of the soldiers were slaves taken out of Africa. Bob Marley gives a little history lesson as a protest song about the role of a black person in building a country that continues to oppress him.

Source of inspiration and creation process

"Buffalo Soldier" (1983) - Bob Marley & The Wailers - Single Cover
Buffalo Soldier (1983) single cover - "Bob Marley & The Wailers"

One of the main tasks that Buffalo soldiers were assigned to perform during wars was to protect white people who settled on Native American lands. They guarded them from Native American attacks. In his song, Marley sheds light on the remarkable bravery and bravery of black soldiers in the Indian wars, while at the same time lamenting the oppression suffered by the black people in the country they fought for and helped build their own hands.

Marley wrote this song with a Jamaican Noel Williamsknown by the pseudonym King Sporty. Williams was an inventive creator of dance music, combining reggae and disco in his track. "Music Maker" 1975 of the year. He also promoted the Miami bass sound while producing the track. "Funky Fresh Beat" from Youth MC'sreleased in 1986.

Graduation and Success

The song was released two years after his death. Marley and was one of the last he recorded. The single took 4th place in the British charts, where Marley had the same success posthumously as during his lifetime: after that, seven more of his releases hit the charts.

The song was included in "Confrontation" (1983), Bob Marley's first album released after his death, and also on a hits collection "Legend" (1984)which became the best-selling reggae album of all time.

Lyric depth and meaning years later

buffalo soldiers
buffalo soldiers

This is one of the most historically minded songs of the late Bob Marley. Term "Buffalo Soldier" was used to describe a group of black American soldiers who were used to fight Native Americans during the border wars. In other words, they were slaves, that is, "stolen from Africa," as Bob himself put it. And as the story goes, the reason they were compared to buffalo was based on the description the aforementioned Native Americans had for the texture of their hair. As the singer mentions, these warriors were most likely "with dreadlocks" or had a significant amount of natural black hair left unattended for a long time. As for the thesis of this song, it does not focus on presenting buffalo soldier as historical figures as such. Rather, it is more likely that these people themselves were the ancestors of the Rastafari. They come across as extremely independent fighters for survival. In fact, the fact that they "won the war for America" is not as obvious as the notion that the main characters were clearly outcasts.

Pictured is the Buffalo Soldiers.
Pictured are Buffalo soldiers

buffalo soldiers "fought upon arrival" in America, and even after the aforementioned wars ceased, their battles continued. Only in the latter case it will be a struggle for equality and justice. The overall meaning of the composition is that these soldiers were not only Rastafari, but also freedom fighters who deserved a prominent place in the history of North America.

Facts about the song

Bob Marley
Bob Marley
  • Noel Williams, with whom this composition was written, died in 2015 at the age of 71 years old.

  • The song has become an inspiration for many artists of different genres. In 2008, the American rapper presented his cover Vanilla Ice:

  • Buffalo Soldier graced the dramatic motion picture Claire Denis "No fear, no death" ("No Fear, No Die") in 1990.
  • The track was especially popular in New Zealand and the UK. The record itself "Legend" gained cult status in the reggae style: it is considered the most successful album in the history of the musical genre. However, it was only a collection. Its circulation was over 25 million copies around the world, and in 2020 it was ranked 48th on the magazine's "Greatest Albums of All Time" list. "Rolling Stone.

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