The history of the reggae song "C Moon" by Paul McCartney

"C Moon" enjoyed a certain popularity in the UK and was actively rotated on TV, which cannot be said about "Hi, Hi, Hi".

Telling the story of the song "C Moon" with a reggae beat

"C Moon." - Beatle song Paul McCartney and his groups "Wings."The song was written by the musician and his wife Linda. The composition was released on a single along with the scandalous track "Hi, Hi, Hi." in 1972 and reached number five in the British chart. "C Moon" enjoyed a certain popularity in the UK and was actively rotated on TV, but the same could not be said about "Hi, Hi, Hi": the single was banned "BBC." because of the ambiguous context. Let's take it one step at a time.

History of creation

Paul McCartney
Paul McCartney

"C Moon." was released on the B side of the single "Hi, Hi, Hi."which was eventually banned in the UK. For this reason, the whole broadcast went to "C Moon", and very soon the song reached the fifth position in the national music chart. Many people were interested in the unusual title of the song. According to Paul McCartney, it is the exact opposite of the expression that was popular in the 60s "L-7"meaning "inflexible man. From this we can assume that the Beatle dedicated his creation to all "cool people"!

The title was inspired by the words of the song "Wooly Bully" groups "Sam The Sham And The Pharaohs.

Where did the reggae motif come from?

Linda and Paul McCartney
Linda and Paul McCartney

The reggae rhythm that surprised many was partly influenced by the Jamaican holiday that Paul and Linda McCartney was arranged at the end of 1971. The Beatles experimented with ska and reggae back in 1964 year, and McCartney included reggae in a number of his post-tracks.

"We loved music together, and going to Jamaica was our big ambition. When we did, we really fell in love with the country, the people, the music, the lifestyle, the weather. We spent weeks there soaking up a lot of reggae. There was a radio station called "RJR" that played reggae all day, and a little store in Montego Bay called "Tony's Record Store" where we sifted through all the 45s records. It reminded us of the 1950s."

Recording and distribution

"C Moon." was recorded in the "Morgan Studios." in London in October 1972, followed by overlays in "EMI Studios and "Abbey Road.". The base track featured such instruments as piano, bass guitar, tambourine, drums, and xylophone. Unusually, the drummer Danny Sewell played the xylophone in the song, and the guitarist Henry McCulloch on the drums. McCartney and Sywell also added cornet parts as overlays.

There is a legend that the drummer "Led Zeppelin John Bonham joined Wings during the recording of "C Moon". The story goes that the musicians jammed a lot, but unfortunately they didn't record anything together.

John Bonham
John Bonham

On Saturday, November 25, 1972, promotional clips for the songs were filmed at Southern Television Studios in Southampton, UK "Hi, Hi, Hi." and "C Moon.". They were directed by Steve Turner and distributed on 16mm tape. Later the Wings also performed the composition during a 1973 TV show.

A little about "Hi, Hi, Hi"

As for the song "Hi, Hi, Hi."it was forbidden. "BBC." because of unacceptable references in the lyrics. In it McCartney literally sings openly about substances and more. Initially it was not these references that drew the BBC's attention, but a mistakenly deciphered line that supposedly referred to weapons. In 1972, the ambiguity of the lyrics was labeled "beyond morality.

And instead of "Hi, Hi, Hi," the radio station got more airtime "C Moon.".

Live performance

Paul McCartney ...
Paul McCartney

"Wings" performed "C Moon" during their British tour in 1973 and "Wings Over The World Tour" 1975. The track was always played as part of a medley with a snippet of "Little Woman Love," which was released in 1972 as the second side of the single "Mary Had a Little Lamb.".

McCartney often performed "C Moon." during his world tour between 1989 and 1990. One version, recorded in Milan on October 26, 1989, was the b-side of his single "All My Trials. This track became part of Paul's set list during his "Driving Tour." The record was included on the live album "Back In The US.".

Interesting Facts

Paul McCartney
Paul McCartney
  • The recording includes an introduction with a line McCartneywhich has been retained in the released version.
  • Tracks "C Moon." and "Hi, Hi, Hi." were recorded at about the same time, in November 1972.
  • The song was included in the Paul McCartney compilations "All the Best!" (1987) and "Wingspan: Hits and History" (2001).
  • The promotional video for this song featured the members of "Wings." in shirts with the letter Cconnected to the image of the crescent moon.

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