Cambio Dolor is the sultry hit of Uruguayan beauty Natalia Oreiro

Today in our article is the story of the hot '90s hit "Cambio Dolor." How was the title theme to "Wild Angel" written and what was the fate of actress and singer Natalia Oreiro? Let's find out.

Everything about the song "Cambio Dolor": popularity, meaning, Natalia Oreiro today

At the end of the 1990s, a telenovela called "Wild Angel."The main role was played by Natalia Oreiro, who also sang the title song. The main role in the series was played by Natalia Oreiro, who also performed the title song - "Cambio Dolor"which is still the most successful of the artist's career.

The article will talk about the history of the composition, its global success, as well as about popularity performer of the '90s hit "Cambio Dolor."

A late '90s hit that still fascinates today...

Natalia Oreiro. 1996
Natalia Oreiro. 1996

This track was first released in 1998 on debut The album by the rising popularity of Oreiro. The release of the record, named after the performer, was facilitated by a meeting with Gustav Yankelevich, who, after learning about the talented girl on the set of "The Argentine in New York", helped to release her first album. After that, the producer offered Natalia a role in the TV series "Wild Angel."where the main character was needed.

Soon after her participation in the telenovela, the young Oreiro becomes incredibly popular: A love series that has won the hearts of viewers on four continents. "Cambio Dolor," which has become soundtrack to the series, brought Natalia Oreiro international fame and success in her musical endeavors.

Natalia Oreiro in her youth
Natalia Oreiro in her youth

The searing melody and beautiful lyrics of the composition were created by Pablo Durán and Fernando López Rossi. "Cambio Dolor" became Third The single from the singer's first studio album, the release of which had the hand of Duran, who wrote the hit for Oreiro. A short time later, the clip, excerpts from which became initial Wild Angel footage.

Lyrical Meaning-What does Cambio Dolor sing about?

Natalia Oreiro at one of the photo shoots
Natalia Oreiro at one of the photo shoots

The touching song made a real the furor. The text, in which a girl lets go of pain and fear to let freedom, love, and happiness into her soul, was not only a reflection of of nature The actress has been living her dream since her youth, gradually making it come true:

Trading pain for freedom,
Trading wounds for a dream that
Help me move on with my life.
Trading pain for happiness,
Let luck be a fluke,
Not something worth living for.
Natalia Oreiro in the 90s
Natalia Oreiro in the 90s

The heroine specifically "changes the pain" in her fate to other feelings, not to give up and make her life as she sees it in her dreams. On the one hand, the girl does not realize exactly what she wants, but she realizes that she will stop unable to. In spite of all her doubts, she wishes to cast off the shackles of fear:

It's not too late, I can feel it, though.
The fears never left me,
But I dream of love, and again
I can imagine her coming.

The girl has high hopes for good luckAnd in the series, this hope has been fulfilled: Mili manages to become a princess from a simpleton. Changes heroines are also shown in the video for the song, where Natalia first appears in the image of a girl patsanka, chasing her dream, and then in the chic image of a beauty who could achieve their goals.

In the video sequence, as in the TV series, the same transition from the fear-ridden girl to the beautiful and free new version of herself. From the very beginning of the video the heroine is in tears and torment, and by the chorus she is dramatically changesA loose white dress, fluttering hair, and a white dove in her hands as a symbol of freedoms in her new life.

Where is Natalia Oreiro today?

Natalia Oreiro
Natalia Oreiro

The star of the TV series "Wild Angel" started her career at the age of 16: after moving to Buenos Aires, Oreiro worked for MTV. She also starred in six series, before her success in "Wild Angel" caught up with her. In parallel with her successful acting career, Natalia began to try her hand at in music.

After completing "Wild Angel," she records second studio album, the single to which is released some time later. In the music video for "Tu Veneno." The actress appears as a comic book heroine fighting evil. Oreiro's new song bursts onto the music charts and hits the leading positions almost immediately.

Two more singles of the record are released one after the other, and in the video for each of them, Natalia appears in various roles, which conditioned her to be an actor. The compositions were a commercial success and eventually took key status in the artist's musical creativity.

Before the mid-2000s, the singer and actress had managed to spend her first tour of different countries, as well as to declare herself in five new TV series and the movie "Cleopatra". The girl also recorded soundtracks for many of them. A big job for Oreiro was the TV series "You are my life."which brought the actress her first prize.

Until the mid-2010s, Natalia spent more time on film roles, but then she went back to music. At the same time there was world The artist's tour, in which she visited Moscow and gave a large-scale concert at Olimpiyskiy. For the soccer championship in 2018 Oreiro recorded a track "United by Love"In which she urges her listeners to peace and love.


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