The World's Most Famous Lover: The Story of George Michael's "Careless Whisper" Hit

George Michael's most popular solo song. How was the ballad "Careless Whisper" created? What is its meaning? All of this will be described in the article.

The song "Careless Whisper" by George Michael: history of creation, lyrical meaning, interesting facts, biography of the singer

1980s enriched British music with new genres that "molded" modern pop culture. New WaveThe list could go on forever, but the fact remains that the 80s were a pioneering decade. During this period, artists appeared on the scene, who gave the world a lot of hitswhich remain popular even today.

One such performer was the Greek-born Briton Georgios Kyriakos Panayiotou, whose work is an important part of the British musical heritage. George Michael He ascended the musical Olympus as a member of the duo Wham! and then had an equally successful solo career. In this article we will talk about the creation of his the first serious hit.

The first pancake

George Michael
George Michael

The singer whom history knows by the laconic name of George MichaelHe was born in 1963 to a Greek Cypriot and an Englishwoman. In 1975, he went to a new school, as it was difficult for the boy to adapt to the country. Georgios' first friend was the humble Andrew RidgelyWith whom he would associate his future and become famous throughout the world. Together they were united by a common dream of becoming famous musicians who have a huge crowd of fans who know their songs by heart...

In order to get closer to their dream, the guys decided to form a band. It was formed in 1979 and was supposed to perform in the genre of ska. First Concert The Executives happened in the fall, was held at a Methodist church hall, and was enjoyed by George and Andrew's friends. In addition to these two, there were two other members of the group.

George Michael and Andrew Ridgely
George Michael and Andrew Ridgely

The Executives rehearsed at each other's homes, and often their music practice was accompanied by the unpleasant screams of the young people's parents, who did not want to hear the sounds of guitar amps and drums. After a few failed performances the band broke up.

"My father didn't believe in me, and we fought with him all the time. He told me that I had no future in music. At some point I realized that it was no use arguing with him, he just didn't understand anything. And then I decided to take action...," George told me.

George and Andrew stayed together and created one of the best bands of the 80s, which, surprisingly, lasted only 5 years. wham! quickly went from young idealists dreaming of fame to performers on the stage of the most Wembley as a farewell concert. With Andrew Ridgely, George Michael embraced the image of the young hedonist who gets one thing out of life pleasure, as can be seen in the music videos for the songs "Wham Rap! (Enjoy What You Do)" and "Wake Me Up Before You Go-Go". It is impossible not to mention the Christmas hit "Last Christmas," which has demonstrated its importance in the twenty-first century, rising to a record first place on the UK singles chart only 36 years after its release.

You didn't have to wait long for success 

In 1984when Michael was actually still a member of Wham!, his first solo song, though co-written with friend Andrew Ridgely, was unexpectedly released. It was a first step George to his adult and serious solo career, which he had always dreamed of.

A composition with a rather lyrical title Careless Whisper first appeared on the "Make It Big" album, but was later released on the Columbia Records and Epic Records labels as solo track George Michael. It is interesting that in the USA, Canada and Japan the performer of the song was listed as Wham! together with George Michael. So it appeared that Michael separated himself from his band and performed the song as his own. This, however, was not a stumbling block in his friendship with Ridgely.

George Michael in the 1980s
George Michael in the 1980s

In Careless Whisper George once again demonstrated his beautiful voice, which looked even better in the sentimental ballad than in the classic synth-pop song. Exclusively instrumental music without the addition of drum machines and electronic effects helped Michael to achieve a bright success with this single. In addition, it is important to note that the key musical element in "Careless Whisper" is the saxophone part, performed by the jazz artist Steve GregoryIt gives the song its own charm.

George Michael on making one of the most famous songs of his career: "I loved writing music on the road. And although I don't remember the process of creating some of the songs anymore, it was different with "Careless Whisper". At first it was the saxophone part that came to my mind, which I composed... on the bus! And it was completely in my head. It took me about three months to process it...".

Young Love, or the Meaning of Careless Whispering

The meaning of the song lends itself very well to its features musically, since "Careless Whisper" is written in the genre of a ballad about Of lost love. George dedicated the song to his childhood sweetheart, the girl Janewho didn't notice him at first. Then he met her when he was already popular and... in a relationship with another woman. The love affair began very quickly.

George Michael as a young man
George Michael as a young man

"I thought I was cool because I had come a long way from being a total loser to a guy who was dating two girls at the same time," Michael said.

Idea Careless Whisper is that the first girl discovers the existence of the second, and, of course, breaks off the relationship with the lyrical hero. This song is about George's last dance with Jane, which puts a fat point in their connection.


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