The girl performed a great song and supported "U2"

In just a year, the video has collected more than five million views and a lot of enthusiastic comments! The cover sounds really nice, and in general the video sequence itself creates a festive, but at the same time homely atmosphere.

Singer Carla Morrison performed "Disfruto" live for U2

Carla Morrison – mexican singer from Baja California, whose creation is to create music with unusual keyboards and electro-acoustic guitars effects. In that sound you can feel melancholy and shades avant-garde. In 2021 Karla released video from songwho participated in "The Virtual Road" - series online concertswho organized U2.

Carla Morrison (Carla Morrison) at a professional photoshoot
Carla Morrison

Music video

In 2018 Morrison released new version chamber pop track "Disfruto" with dancehall rapper Franstistil. Among clips Morrison the most famous video is on this song, but in general Karla pays more attention to quality soundthan interesting video sequence.

Clip for the same song, but already on acoustic version (as part of the tour U2 – "The Virtual Road") incredibly pleases with its aesthetics: let it live performance, the performer tried to create home, beautiful atmosphere. The first frame is of a statue. Apollo, then we are shown the very Morrison, which begins to perform song. Velvet Carla's voice hugs listener. In February 2022 This video has over 100 views five million. There are a lot of comments pleasant words addressed to the singer:

“When I first heard this incredible song, I thought this song was not meant to be dedicated to someone special, the most wonderful person that can meet in someone's life, so I dedicated it to my unborn child. You are the best, Carla."


“Let's appreciate this incredible artist, in our time, it is rare to find performers who touch the heart and make you cry. Hello from Ecuador."


"She will always heal our hearts."

"U2" and "The Virtual Road"

U2 known as largest rock and roll group in the world and it rank reflects not only popularity, but also importance. The only one among all the groups that came out of the era post-punk, U2 directed their passion towards sullen, experimental sound textures in well-defined rock anthems and ballads. Them songs became incredible popular, but still it seemed that they were very personal compositions.

Much of this the senses closeness can be attributed Bono, leading soloist, which remains mundane with their faith in humanity and revolutionary force rock and roll. This feeling righteousness and freedom never left U2, not even after the group sold millions albums all over the world.

Group "U2" (Bono and Edge)
Group "U2" (Bono and Edge)

Sound groups, of course, must post-punk, so a little ironicthat U2 formed in 1976, even before punk got to their home Dublin, Ireland. Larry Mullen Jr. (drums) posted ad on the board in the middle school with a request to gather fellow musicians to create groups. Bono, Edge (guitar, keyboards, vocals) Adam Clayton (bass) and Dick Evans saw the advertisement and came, and teenagers gathered as a group called Feedback. Then they changed name on "hype" in 1977. Soon after that Dick Evans left the group to form "Virgin Prunes"and the group changed again title, this time adopting the moniker U2.

As part of a series of concerts "The Virtual Road"shown on YouTube, a series of digital audio recordings also released for various websites and digital stores. "The Virtual Road" represents series of the four previous concert releaseswhich were shown for free on YouTube in March and April 2021, including, in addition, Slane Castle 2001, performance "Red Rocks" in 1983. Similar shows Zoo TV Live From Sydney, "Elevation Live" from Boston "Vertigo Live" from Chicago and "Experience and Innocence Tour Live" from Berlin were shown in high definition on the U2 official website in 2020. Currently physical release "The Virtual Road" not planned, it is available only in digital format.

playlist "The Virtual Road" contains trackstaken from the concert June 6, 1983 in the amphitheater. Original album "Under A Blood Red Sky" contained only two tracks from the Denver show, "Party Girl" and "Gloria", with the rest of the tracks taken from shows elsewhere, so most of the songs from Denver were released in video format. Some tracks have been released in other places: "Twilight" and "An Cat Dubh/Into the Heart" used as B-sides for the single "Sweetest Thing" in 1998, and "New Year's Day" was released on "Red Rock Live", album of 2018.

Four mini albumissued for "The Virtual Road": "Go Home: Live from Slane Castle", "Live At Red Rocks: Under A Blood Red Sky", "PopMart Live from Mexico City", "Innocence + Experience: Live from Paris". Broadcast U2 Go Home: Live From Slane Castle celebrates return bands in 2001 on the famous Irish concert platform on the river Boyne. And in an exclusive speech on YouTube Irish singer-songwriter Dermot Kennedy will open the show solo performance recorded in a real desert outside of Los Angeles.

Group "U2" today
Group "U2" today

Other broadcast "Live At Red Rocks: Under A Blood Red Sky" was recorded June 5 1983 at a concert in Coloradowho first introduced U2 how great group of his time. Other Dublin Group, nominated on the Grammy Awards, "Fontaines DC" will open show performance recorded in their native city. Next tour "PopMart" recorded in Mexico City in December 1997, and April 1 Carla Morrison launched the show online.

December 2015 U2 returned to Paris less than a month after terrorist November 13 attacks on the city for two rescheduled shows. "Innocence + Experience: Live from Paris" marked final tour performance, unforgettable eveningwhich included emotional execution Patti Smith songs "People Have The Power".

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