Carrie & The Final Countdown by Europe! The history of the percussion hits of the band ...

About two of the Swedish rock band's most legendary hits...

The history of the two most popular hits of the rock band Europe!

For most music lovers, Europe's hit hit remains the dynamic "The Final Countdown". Topping the world charts, she became the hallmark of the Swedish team. But there is a no less magnificent thing in the band's discography with unrealistically penetrating lyrics... It's, of course, about a ballad about a certain "Carrie"!

gruppa europe
Europe Group

The history of the creation of "Carrie" (1985)

The lyrics were written by Joey Tempest and Mick Michaeli while on tour in their home country. At the same time, the band played for the first time an early version of the ballad, based on keyboards and vocals. The sound of the track was truly magical! Later - when recording for the album The Final Countdown - it was diluted with full-fledged instrumental accompaniment. The ballad became more heartfelt, catchy… It was in this format that the band performed it at their subsequent concerts!

Did a muse named Carrie really exist? Tempest answered this burning question as follows:

“... There was no Carrie. Then we were all very young, we did stupid things and different crazy things… We easily started relationships, and just as easily parted… The girls constantly replaced each other! Rather, in this song, we summarized something personal for each of us ... "

The romanticized "Carrie" was released as the third single from the album, and quickly entered the TOPs of different countries! Her biggest breakthrough was #3 on the Billboard Hot 100!

For the group itself, the ballad about "Carrie" became a hit on the other side of the Atlantic! However, many listeners are much closer to the encouraging "The Final Countdown", which became the top leader in 25 countries at once!
A little about "The Final Countdown"...

Europe can hardly be called a one-hit band. Their discography is full of truly worthy tracks... However, domestic listeners know the Swedish band thanks to the explosive "The Final Countdown"!

History of "The Final Countdown" (1985)

Curiously, the history of the hit dates back as much as four years before its release! It was in 1981 that Tempest composed the legendary keyboard break... And only in 1985, at the insistence of bassist John Levene, the song found its sound.

Joey Tempest
Joey Tempest

At first, none of the band members took this track seriously. Fortunately, Tempest managed to persuade them to work on this dynamic song.

The band wasn't going to release "The Final Countdown" as a single, but Tempest recognized the song's potential! In the end, Epic Records agreed to release the track as a single... and... Not in vain! Released in 1986, it instantly became the leader in 25 countries at once, including the United Kingdom, Germany and Sweden! In the vastness of the Soviet Union, the song became a big hit even without the charts!

Interesting facts about "The Final Countdown"

The lyrics of the song were inspired by David Bowie's Space Oddity.
Tempest composed the intro on someone else's synthesizer, which he borrowed for a while.

The clip for The Final Countdown was shown for the first time on domestic television as part of the Morning Post TV show.

The track has become a favorite anthem for sporting events. It is often turned on in stadiums, boxers, wrestlers and participants in MMA fights enter the ring under it.

In an interview, John Norum, the band's guitarist, admitted:

“When I first heard this synth part… I thought, ‘This is crazy! We won't play it!" And how glad I am today that they didn’t listen to me then!

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