Soundtracks from the movie "Gladiator" (OST Gladiator)

“The general who became a slave. A slave who became a gladiator. The gladiator who challenged the empire

Songs from the movie "Gladiator" (2000)

Historical film 2000 of the year "Gladiator" (OST Gladiator) awarded five Oscars, the picture is on the list of the best films and contains a large list of popular soundtracks. General in the Roman Empire Maximus he was a great military leader, his legions were invincible, he became an example for the legionnaires to follow. aging emperor Marcus Aurelius wants to make the commander his successor in order to return state power to the people and the Senate.

But do not forget that court intrigues are worse than any wars. The emperor's son becomes furious because of this and kills his father, and also decides to deal with the commander and his family. Miraculously, Maximus remains alive and becomes a gladiator slave named Hispanic. He will win victories in bloody duels, the time will come when he will meet with the sworn enemy in Rome, in the arena of the Coliseum, he will enter into a mortal battle with him.

Film "Gladiator" - a vivid and cruel spectacle, implying a tragic struggle for power.

It is worth noting that if this film were shown 20 years ago, then the cinemas turned out to be crowded, but times have changed, there is no excitement, another generation has grown up. Although the special effects are impressive, computer reconstructions are also on top, excellent stereo sound, it is still a masterpiece, so you can watch such a movie several times, you never get bored.

Starring: John Shrapnel, Thomas Arana, Richard Harris, David Scofield, Oliver Reed, Djimon Hounsou, Connie Nielsen, Russell Crowe, Derek Jacobi, Joaquin Phoenix and others.

Songs and soundtracks from the film "Gladiator" (OST 2000) well chosen. We have compiled a complete list of all the songs from the Gladiator OST movie. Below you can listen to all songs online in good quality.

Hans Zimmer - Earth (Original Motion Picture Soundtrack)

Hans Zimmer - The Protector of Rome ("Gladiator" movie song)

Hans Zimmer - Figurines (Song from the movie "Gladiator")

Hans Zimmer - Patricide

Hans Zimmer - Marrakesh Market Place (Music from "Gladiator")

Hans Zimmer - Opening Beginning the Battle ("Gladiator" music from the film)

Hans Zimmer - Caravan in the Desert

Hans Zimmer - To Zucchabar (Original Soundtrack from "Gladiator")

Hans Zimmer - The Emperor Is Dead

Hans Zimmer - Escape - Homecoming Sorrow

Hans Zimmer - All the Remains ("Gladiator" song from the movie listen)

Hans Zimmer - Barbarian Horde

Hans Zimmer - I'm Maximus Decimus Denirius

Hans Zimmer - The General Who Bacame a Slave (Movie "Gladiator" music)

Hans Zimmer - Maximus

Hans Zimmer - The Might of Rome ("Gladiator" film music)

Hans Zimmer - Strength and Honor

Hans Zimmer - Rome is the Light (Music from the film "Gladiator")

Hans Zimmer - Death Smiles At Us All

Hans Zimmer - Am I Not Merciful (Songs from the movie "Gladiator")

Hans Zimmer - The Mob-The Betrayal (Music from the film "Gladiator")

Hans Zimmer - The Slave Who Became a Gladiator (Original Motion Picture Soundtrack)

Hans Zimmer - Not Yet (From the movie "Gladiator" music remix)

Hans Zimmer - Elysium

Hans Zimmer - Honor Him (Gladiator Soundtracks)

Hans Zimmer - Now We Are Free (Music "Gladiator" remix from the movie)


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