Channel Tres – Sexy Black Timberlake (2019)

Rising Star of Los Angeles – Channel Tres

Channel Tres – Sexy Black Timberlake (2019)

Channel Tres' "Sexy Black Timberlake" is a modern jam house downgraded to a simple yet clingy beat. Even someone without a sense of rhythm will still shake their hips to this song.

Channel Tres is a Compton-based rapper and electronic producer who has become a firm favorite in the Los Angeles house music scene. The icy and gravel voice of Channel Tres not only reverberated on the dance floors, but also helped break through the suffocating stereotypes about being a successful young black man in America, usually seen as either a violent threat or a stylish sexual object. In the same song, Channel Tres denied the latter.

The music video, directed by Ian Goodwin, shows the hands of unidentified people caressing the musician.

The song "Sexy Black Timberlake" is the first single from the musician's second EP "Black Moses". Channel Tres fans range from Elton John to Anderson Paak to Disclosure!

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