What did Nirvana musicians do after Cobain's death

When Cobain died in 1994, the members of Nirvana were horrified. They didn't know what to do now. Their paths diverged, and each went his own way. We talk about what the former musicians of Nirvana managed to achieve.

What happened to Nirvana after Kurt Cobain died

1994 was clouded The death of one of the most famous rock musicians of the time - Kurt Cobain died. The fans were in horror, the members of the Nirvana group were no less horrified, who did not know what to do. When the leader of the group passed away, their world turned upside down. But they were able to survive and went further along the musical path.

Kurt Cobain (Kurt Cobain) with a gun in France
Kurt Cobain (Kurt Cobain) with a gun in France

How Kurt Cobain died

After the Munich performance in 1994, Cobain seriously got sick bronchitis. The next performance of the group was supposed to take place the very next day, but the team postponed the performance until the musician recovered.

Cobain's wife Courtney Love found him two days later. passed out in a hotel room and taken to the hospital. Kurt's doctor said that the musician took medicine for bronchitis and alcohol. In the following days, Cobain's addiction to drugs and alcohol again led to a deterioration in the health of the musicians. Friends persuaded musician to go to the clinic and begin to be treated for addiction. Exhausted by illness, Kurt at first agreed. But then something happened that no one could have expected.

Kurt Cobain and Courtney Love
Kurt Cobain and Courtney Love

A couple of days later, the musician escaped from the clinic and flew to Seattle. Soon he was discovered dead in his own house: it is believed that Cobain drugged himself, finally upset in life due to addiction and fired in your mouth with a gun.

Although there is also another the version that Cobain was killed by his wife when she found out that Kurt had filed for divorce. In the event of a divorce, she would have received only one million dollars, and after the death of the musician she got 30 million. But essential evidence this version No.

After that, the group broke up, but the members of Nirvana didn't give up and continued their musical career even after such a shock.

Krist Novoselic (Sweet 75)

Krist Novoselic performing
Krist Novoselic performing

Nirvana bassist after Cobain's death collects Sweet 75. The line-up will include singer Iva Las Vegas and drummer William Rieflin, later Adam Wade will take the position of drummer.

In 1995, Sweet 75 signed with Geffen Records. Already in the next year, 1996, the group holds first tour called Trucked Up Fuckstop. In the same year, the group recorded the first and only album "Sweet 75".

Release represented a mixture of rock and blues. After the band released the album, the musicians focused on playing songs predominantly from it.

In 1998 Adam Wade leaves the group, Sweet 75 temporarily went their separate ways. In 1999, William Rieflin returned to the lineup. He's been recording a few demos for his second album, but founding member Krist Novoselic, like Riflin himself, is starting to devote more time to others projects. Soon the band fell apart due to creative differences.

Dave Grohl

Foo Fighters
Foo Fighters

After Cobain's death, Grohl recorded 15 demos in a week. Dave performed almost all instrumental parts myself. Soon he assembled a team.

In 1994 Grohl founded Foo Fighters. The musician took the name from the slang of American pilots of the Second World War, who called unidentified flying objects and strange atmospheric phenomena in the sky “fu-fighters”.

In addition to playing in his band, Grohl also considered as a replacement drummer for Pearl Jam and even played a few gigs in 1995. But in the end, Grohl decided focus in his band and left the idea of playing somewhere else.

After recording the demo, the musician interested labels. He recruited guitarist Pat Smear (also an ex-Nirvana member), drummer William Goldsmith, and bassist Nat Mendel as members of the Foo Fighters.

The first album Foo Fighters was released in 1995. Soon the group became a popular group, which remains to this day.

Meeting after almost twenty years

In 2010, former Nirvana members Grohl and Novoselic metto give a joint concert. Also playing at the concert was Pat Smear, who was also part of Nirvana for about a year. Krist then assisted the Foo Fighters on the Wasting Light album, playing guitar and accordion on "I Should Have Known".

nirvana without cobain
Nirvana members without Cobain

At a joint performance in 2010, the former members of the group played the song "Marigold" - a single, incoming to the Nirvana performance program. He sang the song Grohl, who since the days of Nirvana has significantly improved his vocal abilities, performing with the Foo Fighters. Novoselic played the bass part, with Smear as the guitarist.

The performance took place as part of the Foo Fighters concert, the fans were very glad Novoselic's presence at the concert.


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