Foreign artists who create relaxing music

How did the genre of chill-out music come to be and who are the main contemporary performers of music for relaxation now? Read today in our article.

Relaxing music: foreign artists, top hits 

Music always was needed by people. In some cases it helps to brighten up a quiet evening if you don't want to be alone, in other cases it can be useful for hard work. The music industry over time has become so largethat there are compositions that help not only to have fun or work, but also vacation.

Today we will look in detail at the musical direction of "chill out."and listen to hits foreign performers.

What is chill-out music and why is it so important today

Participants of the chill-out festival
Participants of the chill-out festival

Chill-out is most commonly referred to as subgenre of pop music, which is characterized as relaxed audio with Slow tempo. There is no clear definition of this genre, as it can include any modern music that has a light melody.

Genres related to chill can include a large number of directionsfrom classical to lounge to downtempo. Usually in this kind of music there is mixing The music is a mix of acoustic and electronic instruments, with extensive use of samples. In the words of Rick Snoman, producer and remixer, "all music that has a tempo of less than 120 beats per minute and a slight groove belongs to the chill-out genre.

Chill-out music festival. 2012
Chill-out music festival. 2012

The term "chill out." was born in the era of club music in the early '90s. At Heaven nightclub in London, DJs Jimmy Coty and Alex Patterson created mixes that emphasized mood and atmosphere track. The musicians took songs by the bands Pink Floyd, The Eagles, War, 10cc, and musicians Brian Eno and Mike Oldfield. The goal of these mixes was to create music that would give club-goers pause time after quick dance songs. Heaven had a place called "The White Room," where they played relaxing mixes of well-known songs.

Images from the festival
Images from the festival

Chill-out music was popular at all not for long - until the mid-1990s. Thereafter, the music industry began to grow rapidly, and the genre practically gone missing out of sight. It returned in the early 2000s, when DJs on the island of Ibiza began to create ambient house tracksThe music was based on jazz and classical compositions. They began to be called "chill-out music," and this sparked a lot of interest from the labels. After a while the genre of music was officialSatellite radio was established to rotate chill-out tracks, festivals and compilations of "chill-out" music began to be produced, but critics couldn't take a genre that knows no boundaries seriously.

Jerk boy

Jerk boy
Jerk boy

Jerk Boy's discography consists of 14 releases, which were released from 2017 to 2022. The musician has a total of three studio albums under the EP label - they contain from three to six songs. Let's take a look at the compositions that can be called best Jerk Boy.

The song that came out single in 2019. «Satellite" - A danceable and light composition with a playful groove, to which you can relax in the club or relax at the bar.

One of the songs on the album that came out just before "Satellite. "Over You" is a track in which organically electronic motifs. Speaking of emotional The feeling of the song, it is worth noting that this composition reeks of the gloss of fashion shows and red carpets.

In The Beginning

The track, released in 2020, is stunning in its calm execution. «Whispering." the vocals allow you to immerse yourself in a hypnotic atmosphere, and the ever-repeating line in the song is a tribute to the style «trance."which appeared in the 1990s of the last century.


Louis Kevin Celestin
Louis Kevin Celestin

Caitranada is a pseudonym Louis Kevin CelestinHe is a music producer and deejay from the island of Haiti. He became popular in 2010 with a series of mixtapes, and in 2016 he released his debut album «99.9%"which was critically acclaimed. Three years later Louis released the album "Bubba", for which he won two Grammy Awards.

The main tracks of Kaytranada should recognize these three songs.

This song with the unusual title was released in 2019 on the musician's second album «Bubba.". For this track the musician won a Grammy in the category "Best Dance Recording" two years after its release.

What You Need

A track produced in conjunction with Charlotte Day Wilson. The record was released on its second album; critics described it as a successful dance record and as an album filled with truthfulness of feeling. Most brightly This is reflected in the song "What You Need.

The Worst In Me

A song that was well received not only by critics but also by fans. The official music video, which was released on YouTube a year after the album's release, has more than three million views, and the enthusiastic comments under the video say one thing: Caitranada - first-class musician and producer.

Corrado Bucci

Chewing Bubble album cover by DJ Corrado Bucci
Chewing Bubble" album cover by DJ Corrado Bucci

Extraordinary A DJ from Italy is gaining attention with his tracks that use symphonic sound. The young musician is gaining popularity among his colleagues from house music. Here are three songs that will help you understand how good Corrado Bucci is at what he does.

This song was released in 2016 on collection "Recordings Presents: Inside The Dance, Vol. 2". It is a dance track with the inclusion of elements of the "trans."The Italian deejay's songs will be heard more than once.

DowntempoThe musician's musical style is very much influenced by the band Orchestral Manoeuvres. The musician immerses the listener in Nostalgia by the time of the birth of this musical style.



Musician of Swedish origin Johan CederbergHe is an R&B artist who works with R&B tracks. The DJ has released several singles and EP albums, at the moment he has his own page on the platform soundcloud. Ambient and house tracks were released until 2016; in 2017, the musician began to step back from chill-out music.

The song that was warm was greeted by listeners. In the comments to the YouTube video, fans say that the composition is caused by melancholic feelings, despite the lightness of the content.

The clip posted on YouTube is footage from a cartoon about Winnie the Pooh. The use of a teddy bear character is the main feature of the musician, by which he is easily distinguished from others.

The track is from HNNY's debut album, which was released in 2015. «Sunday" - An unusual chill-out song: in addition to the slow tempo, it is characterized by a light hummingYou can't find that in other tracks of this genre. The airy melody sounds so nice and sizedThat echoes the era of the '60s, when the bands sang on the stage of the uncommon and quiet melody.

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