Top 3 things Michael Jackson brought to pop culture according to Fuzz Music magazine

Being a "colored" artist, Jackson paved his way to Olympus and became the idol of millions, who was talked about all over the world! By doing this, he made not just a giant step, but also a whole revolution, opening the gates to the world pop arena for thousands of his followers...

Things that prove that Michael Jackson is the real "King of Pop"

Michael Jackson is a pop culture legend. He was gone in 2009 year, however, the influence of this amazing person in every sense continues to grow in cosmic progression. It was he who made famous moonwalkand also came up with shoes that allowed him to stand at an angle of 45 degrees! He also popularized cinematic music videos and became the first multi-style black artist to break into the global pop arena and surpass his white counterparts in many ways! Of course, Jackson left priceless heritage and gave a huge impact on culture in its broadest sense - from amazing dance moves to high fashion. But we propose to talk about the three most interesting things ...


Michael Jackson
Michael Jackson

Jackson is considered to be one of the most skillful dancers throughout the history of pop culture. Perfectly owning his body, he could become a world star, even if he did not sing! But along with this - every time he went up on stage, he gave the world unique show, filled with music, sexuality and unprecedented artistry.

When in 1983 In the year the world saw the moonwalk for the first time, it became clear to everyone that the name of this person would definitely not disappear from the pages of musical history. Actually, this is what happened: Jackson became a superstar, and his dance moves will serve as a source of inspiration for generations to come.

His choreography was unusual, sexy, incendiary, liberated ... People went to his concerts for shows, and they got it. Each performance of Jackson was a mesmerizing spectacle ...

Jackson He was an innovator, many steps ahead of his time. It was he who popularized street dancing, such as popping and locking, and also broke cultural barriers - today the artist is credited with changing Japanese pop choreography and Indian bollywood movie scene. He also influenced many popular artists of the new millennium, including Lady Gaga and Beyonce.

Music videos

Michael Jackson
Michael Jackson

Definitely live performances. Jackson is a separate art form. What choreographic tricks he did on stage - it's hard to describe in words! However, the artist could strike a multi-million audience on the spot, not only in the spotlight, but also on TV screens. Exactly Michael turned low-budget commercials to promote singles, just starting to gain momentum, into an unprecedented art form, without which it is difficult to imagine the modern music market.

While other musical artists skimped on the gesture as a "non-beneficial trend," Jackson carefully selected his team and spent tens of thousands of dollars to achieve the perfect visualization for his music. And the video for his track "Scream" 1995 years cost the artist $4 million, making it the most expensive music video in pop history at the time.

Thriller, Billie Jean, Beat It are just the most striking examples of how skillfully Jackson combined the music with the script, turning it all into one mesmerizing film story. Every clip of michael was full of cinematography, depth, aesthetics ... Each time, the king of pop sought to ensure that the smallest detail was brought to perfection - from the script and invited guests with dancers to lighting and hair. And this could not leave the viewer indifferent.

Clips of Jackson raised the rating MTV and made him the idol of millions. People adored his videos, and, apparently, this trend has been passed on to the modern generation - today the musician's videos are gaining billions of views on the Internet!


One of the images of Michael Jackson at a concert in Luzhniki.
One of the images of Michael Jackson at a concert in Luzhniki.

From the beginning of his solo career, Jackson wore clothes that defied convention. Over the years, he developed his own conspicuous style, which inspired high fashion houses and world designers to bold experiments!

Michael Jackson and Eddie Van Halen
Michael Jackson and Eddie Van Halen

The main attributes of the pop king can be considered covered with rhinestones glove, loose-fitting black high-waisted trousers, mirror polished shoes with snow-white socks, a red leather jacket with multiple zippers, and sun protection aviator glasses. When Jackson appeared in public, his appearance made a splash - he fully corresponded to his royal title.

Quincy Jones and Michael Jackson
Quincy Jones and Michael Jackson

Remarkably, his recognizable style was inspired by his hobby: Michael was interested in military history and the British royal family. Apparently, his outfits appropriately combined these two stories ...

Beyoncé, Michael Jackson
Beyoncé, Michael Jackson

British Vogue called Jackson a fashion pioneer who started the trophy jacket trend.

Lady Gaga, Michael Jackson
Lady Gaga, Michael Jackson

His image especially influenced Lady Gaga.


Michael Jackson
Michael Jackson

In conclusion, I would like to mention one more fact. Being artist of color, Jackson paved his way to Olympus and became the idol of millions, which was talked about all over the world! By doing this, he made not just a giant step, but also a whole revolution, opening the gates to the world pop arena for thousands of his followers ... Jackson became the first popular black artist on MTV! In fact, he broke down racial barriers not only in music, but also in other aspects of modern society, and his song Black or White became a loud hymn to this event. And yes: it was after Michael managed to break the stereotypes that for the presidency USA the first dark man came...

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