What to Listen to at Dacha: Five Best Russian-Language Rock Albums for Dacha Residents

The dacha season has already started and many people have the question of what to listen to at the dacha? We have written this article especially for such people. Here we have remembered five of the most dacha rock albums!

Best Russian rock music for dacha

The grass is greener, the apple trees are in bloom, and it's getting warmer and warmer outside every day. Summer is coming, and soon everyone will go to the countryside, to nature. And, of course, to dachas and gardens.

Many Dachshunds are already slowly getting out to their cabins, planting vegetable gardens, breathing fresh air, and just relaxing. Some do all this with music: some don't bother turning on the radio, and some listen to their favorite albums. But what to do if your favorite records have been listened to for a long time and you want something new?

We decided to help the dacha residents and collected five Russian-language rock albums that will perfectly complement a weekend out of town!

Mumiy Troll - «Nautical»

Mummy Troll
Mummy Troll

The rockers' first studio album Mummy Troll from Vladivostok. The rockers are Russian, they also sing in Russian, but the album itself is considered by many to be of the genre of britpop. Why? Because it was recorded in London with British rockers!

It turned out that the mix of Russian and British rockers was very much in demand. The album became the best-selling album in 1997 and brought the band enormous fame. And the clips for "Leak" and "Cat Cat (That's All the Love)" became some of the most watched.

On the whole, the album came out very uDachny. It contains a lot of quiet songs, the music is interesting, the vocalist's voice is pleasant to the ear, and the lyrics are simple and easy. It's perfect for a weekend at the cottage!

Agatha Christie - «Opium»

Agatha Christie
Agatha Christie

The remarkable rockers from Sverdlovsk often delighted their fans with great stuff. Here's the fifth studio album released in 1994, was no exception. Moreover, six months after its release, it became a cult!

The most famous compositions are "Fabulous Taiga", "Opium for Nobody", "Black Moon", "Eternal Love", and "Heterosexual". And Gleb Samoilov, the band's frontman, called the album and the songs "KhaliGaliKrishna", "Wiper" and "Opium for Nobody" his creative peak.

It's true that this album is quite not fun. The band made sure that all the songs on the record have a depressive line. But if you don't pay attention to the excess depressiveness, the album is perfect for listening at the cottage.

Yuri Antonov - "The Roof of Your House"

Yuri Antonov
Yuri Antonov

But this wonderful album was not recorded by a rock band, but by just one musician. Yuri Antonov. Of course, he recorded it in the studio with other musicians. Including the band Arax. But Antonov wrote the lyrics by himself, and he performed with the album alone.

But what makes this CD good is not that the songs were written in the proud solitude, but that the compositions performed by the author sound particularly easy. Under such music pleasant both to work and to have a rest. Perfect for listening at the cottage! Listen, for example, title song from the album. You'll probably recognize her:

This album is great for home listening as well. The songs from the '70s and '80s still sound great.

AQUARIUM - "Radio Africa

"Radio Africa" ("Aquarium")
"Radio Africa" ("Aquarium")

The very Aquarium record that became the band's calling card for many years. Many people know the songs "Captain Africa", "The Art of Being Peaceful", "It's Been Snowing Since Morning" and "Rock and Roll is Dead". They all made it onto this album in 1988.

The album is of very high quality. In terms of sound and sound quality it is better than the previous Aquarium albums, because the recording was done on high-tech studio. They also brought in some talented jazz musicians to record Sergey Kuryokhin and Igor Butmana.

And, interestingly enough, the studio where the rockers from Aquarium recorded belonged to Melody. It was unlikely that any other rockers would have been allowed in there, but Aquarium was helped by Andrei TropilloHe was a famous producer and sound engineer. He persuaded him to give the band a day to record. And the musicians managed to record almost everything. The result was great!

Bravo - "BRAVO"

Bravo Group, 1984
Bravo group in the early '80s

This album was the thing many people love about Bravo to this day. Not everyone knows that the lyrics for the album were written by Zhanna Aguzarovaand the music by the leader of the band. Evgeny Khavtan. The melodies were simple - Khavtan composed them himself, but the lyrics were a bit more complicated. In order to make them interesting and diverse, Aguzarova spent weeks reading various poetry magazines, books, newspaper texts and fishing out ideas for songs. Then she wrote poems.

When the album came out, almost all the songs were already known to the Soviet public. They were released on tapes in one way or another. And since they were listened to even before the album came out, why shouldn't we listen to them many years later?

The most popular songs with "BRAVO" steel "Yellow Shoes"and "cats". This is largely due to the vocal talent of Aguzarova, which is perfectly revealed in these songs. Young Zhanna's voice is a real miracle. And it combines perfectly with the light rock'n'roll tunes of the band.

The album is perfect for listening at the cottage. The unpretentious lyrics, the young Aguzarova's pleasant voice and the excellent rock'n'roll sound will improve your mood and help you plant cabbage, onions, carrots, green salads, radishes, turnips, beets, garlic and parsnips. Overall. anything!

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