Blues acoustic duet, where the main soloist is a cat

I wonder if Bruce himself knows that he is a star?

The guy plays the guitar, and the cat sings the blues - a little story of an interesting duet

In February 2022 year on youtube channel "Infinity Cats" A video was posted that went viral on the internet in a matter of days! And it is understandable, because in the video we can see a black cat singing the blues! Its owner and part-time personal guitarist accompanies the mustachioed soloist. This cat seems to know a lot about music! He also has excellent hearing.

Apparently, the soloist of the duet, whose name, by the way, is bruce, wanted to express some very deep feline thoughts with his singing: “Master, I want to eat! And play! And also - today I'm not ready for concerts, let's just stroke me better ... ". Well, that's just speculation. Perhaps the message of such a touching composition was completely different ...

In a week, the video has gained almost 10 thousand views and a sea of enthusiastic comments! Even foreign music lovers did not stand aside and shared their impressions of what they heard:

"Such a beautiful cat! And he has so much on his mind ... ”, one of the users could not resist and commented.


“It's 3 am, I'm on my feet. The food bowl is only half full! And I’m worried…”, another foreign listener offered his interpretation of the song.


Another commentator, only not on YouTube, but in instagram, said that the cat clearly sings better most contemporary artists. The audience also asked the author of this video to provide a 3-hour version of the concert - the singing of the mustachioed soloist really touched people's hearts ...

By the way: about the duet - this is not a joke at all! The YouTube channel description says: "Infinity Cats" is a musical group with a singing black cat, Bruce. Interesting, but bruce knows he's a star?

The channel was created at the beginning 2022and this little blues concert by far the most popular video on it. However, Bruce's colleague in the group decided to share with the public and rehearsal pre-shooting process. This is how Bruce sings before conquering the world with his unparalleled talent:

Well: we hope we will hear more than once about this magnificent group!

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