Top 3 rock albums worth listening to more than once

It took most people listening to these masterpieces more than once to discern the "glow of the diamond" in them.....

Classic rock albums that didn't find success immediately

It wasn't always the case that people felt classics immediately, from the moment of release. Some albums took a while to become one - and a lot of replaying, because there were times when after a first audition The music lover was left in a very difficult position: with a lot of questions and a complete lack of answers. Well: all that was left was to listen and listen, and try to understand what the band was trying to convey....

Much of this effect was due to the offbeat, more experimental sound to which it seemed, no one was ready: not the public, not the radio, not the critics. And that's why some of today's most masterpiece rock records received mixed reviews upon release. But what at one time might have been considered something a bit eccentric is now becoming the new normal for the music scene, as new bands use these records as a blueprint for what they will do in the future. And yes: it took most people listening to these masterpieces more than once to recognize them as the "glow diamond"

Paul McCartney
Paul McCartney

By the way: how do you feel about all these records we propose to talk about below? How many listens did it take for you to hear something in them? masterpiece? Or maybe there were some other records that at first perplexed you, but then you caught some magic, charm in them? Share your experiences and impressions in the comments, it will be interesting to read! And here we go...

McCartney II is the moment when Paul let his creative impulses run wild and inspired John Lennon

Perhaps Paul McCartney has always distinguished himself from his Beatles comrades by being incredibly passionate experimental. Despite the fact that within Wings he managed to develop a certain recognizable sound, and even released a few hit singles, it was not enough for him. As a true genius and creator - Paul needed to expand his creative boundaries and possibilities... And his second studio solo album became the very "canvas" on which Paul "scattered" the chaotic palette of sounds and created the most misunderstood (at first) masterpiece in rock....

Paul McCartney through Linda's lens
Paul McCartney through Linda's lens

Probably after the first listen. "McCartney II." Most fans wondered, where did the trademark recognizable sound disappear to? Yes, this time Paul chose to leave the Wings style behind to get in touch with his own experimental side, using synthesizers as the main instrument in most of the songs. His skill is to be commended, because in the end Paul managed to produce very pleasant and interesting music that is not easy to understand (or accept, it's all individual), but even harder to get out of your head.

This album can also be called a masterpiece, if only because it inspired Paul's ex-Beatles colleague John Lennon on the creation of his own experimental canvas, namely the record "Double Fantasy."which he recorded and released shortly before his tragic death... As the critics wrote:

"McCartney II feels like Paul's purest form as a musician: a little zany, a little rough, but always on the positive side! A special light or even warmth emanates from this music..."

Meddle, or where the story of "Dark Side of the Moon" began.

In the early '70s. Pink Floyd gradually began to evolve into the group we know today. The collective was still struggling with the loss of their comrade and colleague Syd Barrettwho was fired due to his deteriorating mental health, and who eventually became their vector and sources of inspiration... But the guys tried to come up with something of their own, something that would be different from Syd's style. And it was in the context of the album "Meddle." they went through their biggest evolution yet, namely finding the style and ideas that would later form the basis of their cult classics "The Dark Side of the Moon.

Pink Floyd
Pink Floyd

It's worth noting that the whole album turned out to be pretty experimental The first half of the record, however, could still be understood by the fans. However, if the first half of the record could still be understood by the fans, then the second half of the record, where the almost 25-minute track is located, is not so clear. "Echoes."We're sure that many people had to listen to this part more than once to get the gist of it - and many people didn't even have enough time to listen to this long song with a long introduction... But it was for nothing, because it was this song that turned Pink Floyd into the band we know today.

It is in the "Echoes." for the first time, the group touched on mental health and the impact of the modern world on it, and also, as we can judge, used the studio to its full capacity, which is saying something: for almost half an hour we can only occasionally hear a few verses of lyrics, while the rest of the time is devoted to an experimental sound that says more than words. Each member of the band uses their instruments to create strange sounds, evoking the feeling of diving to the bottom of the ocean... For unprepared listeners it sounded like eccentric and incomprehensiblebut that's where the story of their conquest of Olympus began.

Kid A

Releasing their third album, OK Computer, radiohead made a breakthrough and loudly announced themselves to the whole world! They attracted a huge number of new fans who believed in the band and added it to the list of their unquestionable idols. However - each member realized that this was not the music he really wanted to bring to the world. And after a long and extremely exhausting tour, the bandmates came to the conclusion that it was time for them to reconsider their creativity - and they did. vector shiftso to speak. However, only they were ready for such radical changes - but not them. not fans.

Radiohead band
Radiohead band

This album had more electronic and cold atmospherethan their earlier works, and therefore remained misunderstood by many. Melodies were relegated to the background, while a deeper, more philosophical lyricism came to the fore. As one of the commentators on a foreign forum described it well:

"The more you listen to this album, the more you start to realize what the band is really going for..."

I mean, this record not for a one-time listen. It requires a more detailed study and deepening of the listening process. And that is why we have included it in our list.


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