Coincidance (2015) - Handsome Dancer - All about the song (TikTok)

The song "Coincidance" is about two men: they come from different places, they have completely different upbringings, but without knowing it (until the moment they meet), they share the same passion for dancing... And it's great!

The story of the song "Coincidance" that became a TikTok trend!

"Coincidance" is a song by James Manzello and Matt Pavic that has become a mega trending trend on TikTok! The duo, familiar to Western audiences from MTV2's Joking Off, has taken social media by storm with a summer dance hit! Yes, "Coincidance" is about dancing: it's a humorous and instantly memorable song that you've probably heard a million times on Tik Tok!

The “Wow, You Can Really Dance” anthem has prompted thousands of internet users to take part in a trend that is simple: show off your best dance moves on social media to this sound! At the same time, this should be done with humor, because the lyrics of the song are full of humorous references... The famous words "Wow You Can Really Dance" glorified James Manzello, the author of the track: today, more than 2 million videos were shot under this sound (and this is only on TikTok!

A little about the song and performers...

"coincidance" (James Manzello and Matt Pavic)
"coincidance" (James Manzello and Matt Pavic)

James Manzello and Matt Pavich, who are known back home from MTV2's Joking Off, have created their own song of the summer! As a result, the track "Coincidance" became a mega-popular hit, although not immediately... The song was released in July 2015, and they learned about it at least 4 years later... However, the history of the collaboration of these two began much earlier!

From the video for the track "coincidance"
From the video for the track "coincidance"

Matt and James have been making comedy videos together for 10 years. Matt was only 16 when they met and was already creatively oriented, while James had already started making comedy videos and feature films. They work together as "Handsome Dancer": together they have created dozens of videos! The last video for the track "Coincidance" was born from a pun invented by James many years ago ... But it was Matt's idea to turn this term into a Eurotastic dance track. James encouraged the idea, and 30 minutes later, Kiki and Chu-Chu, the protagonists of the video, were born. The clip was filmed over a crazy sleepless weekend with the Converge production team and "lots of coffee".

The first was Kiki, whose brother is a wrestling champion. Despite this, Kiki remained true to his love of dancing. Meanwhile, on the other side of the world was Chu Chu, who is described in the video as "the master of romance." Both Kiki and Chu Chu traveled the world following their passions until they crossed paths in Amsterdam. They realized that they both love to dance and said to each other: "What a coincidence!" Hence the name of the song! Their whole story was an amazing coincidence of an unexpected connection that was formed only because there are people who can relate to a certain thing in the same way with love ... Even though the music video was intended to be a comedy, it still has something like messages - maybe just a coincidence! But it can be the key to ending wars and achieving peace!

“The first person was called Kiki.
He wore those pants.
His brother was a champion.
But Kiki loved to dance.


The second person was Chu Chu
Master of Romance
He loved a girl in trouble
But not as much as a dance


And then one day it happened
They went to the world
They went on a journey that
worshiped by boys and girls.


They learned so many lessons
In all foreign countries
But wherever they are,
They never stopped dancing


One day at the station
Accidentally in Amsterdam
The man stood next to
a man with a crooked eye


Then turned to face a friend
to friend. It was an accident
that these two men will meet that day
and perform that faithful dance.


wow you can really dance
wow you can really dance
He went
He went


They said we both danced all this time
What a coincidence!
And then they danced together
Like no one has danced before


Diplomats danced
Then they canceled all wars (no more)
The whole world celebrated
Without violence


And all because these people crossed paths.
What a coincidence!
Yes Yes…
Let's Dance…"

James Manzello
James Manzello

Surely you might have seen people dancing to this sound on TikTok or other social media, but have you ever seen the original video? The director and main dancer of the video was James Manzello, who is also an American actor, comedian, musician and director. Manzello is also the author of The Handsome Dancer YouTube channel, which posts tons of catchy tunes and comedic dances.

Matt says that James is a "girl" for being a vegetarian and James makes fun of Matt for genuinely believing he would have a successful rap career someday but other than that they are like brothers...

Trending on TikTok!

From the video "coincidance"
From the video "coincidance"

And now directly about the trend itself! Even though the internet is full of lots of sad news every single day, some people are still trying to spread positivity and fun! You may have seen people jamming to this extraordinary song from several talented musicians on TikTok or social media. Now a lot of Internet users are addicted to this track!

The audio consists of a small piece of dialogue between two people, the song's characters Kiki and Chu Chu, exchanging "Wow, you can really dance" with each other. This is followed by a fast and stupid dance that tries to make the interlocutor laugh, to blow up with uncontrollable laughter. Curiously, when the song became an internet meme, many people didn't even know where it came from. This song has been trying to get people in the mood to dance for years, and now it's finally getting the attention it deserves!

The essence of the trend is quite simple: you just need to move your shoulders in rhythm, tilting your head to look at the camera with a straight face. The longer you do it, or look at someone doing it, the more it seems impossible not to laugh at the stupidity. In TikTok clips, people are creative in making an already humorous song even sillier. They created their own dance steps, complete with weird outfits and funny facial expressions. This is definitely worth a look:


Moment from the video "coincidance"
Moment from the video "coincidance"

Aside from the fun shoulder shaking, the song contains a lesson that really makes sense... With the heavy movement and funky electric guitar we hear on the track, the music video contains a story that is relevant and useful in today's world. The song "Coincidance" is about two men: they come from different places, they have completely different upbringings, but without knowing it (until the moment they meet), they share the same passion for dancing ... And it's great!

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