Nirvana - Come As You Are (1992) - All about the song

About the history of the creation of the main rock hit of the 90s

The history of the song "Come As You Are" - Nirvana

Aberdeen is a small provincial town located in Washington. He greets visitors with a bright road sign: “Welcome to Aberdeen. Come As You Are". If the first sentence of the inscription is standard for such signs, then the second one (translated into Russian as “Come as you are”) is a direct reference to the legendary Nirvana song.

History of creation

Released in 1992, "Come As You Are" became the grunge band's second single from the studio album Nevermind. Now such a statement will seem strange and unjustified, but the leader of the group, Kurt Cobain, opposed the inclusion of the track on the album for a long time, he wanted to replace it with "In Bloom". Such desires were caused by the excessive similarity of the song's guitar intro to the riff of the then popular "Eighties", released by the British rock band Killing Joke.

Cobain was well aware of what this was fraught with, he was afraid of accusations of plagiarism. However, he had to make concessions to the producers, who regarded "Come As You Are" as a potential hit. Later, the members of Killing Joke spoke unflatteringly about Nirvana, making serious claims against them. According to rumors, the conflict even came to trial in court, but they were suspended due to the unexpected death of Kurt.

As for the semantic content of the composition, it is quite difficult to interpret it. Cobain himself claimed that it was written "about the stereotypes of human existence and social expectations", designating its rhymes as contradictory. Some fans caught references to drugs in the text, and the line "No, I don't have a gun" ("No, I don't have a gun") took on a deep symbolic meaning after Kurt's tragic death.

Clip for the song

The video clip was directed by Kevin Kerslake, who tried to create an atypical video in the spirit of impressionism. When developing the concept of the video, he proceeded from the style and design of the "Nevermind" disc itself. It depicts a small child diving for dollar bills. The cover symbolized the current society, the main values of which are money and greed.

"Come As You Are" was included on the MTV Unplugged acoustic compilation and was included in the "500 Greatest Songs of All Time" list by Rolling Stone, where it ranked 452.

Interesting information

  • During the studio recording, Kurt made a mistake by singing "And I don't have a gun" at the wrong time, but they did not correct the musician, leaving this option.
  • The song "Adam's Song" by punk band Blink-182 contains a reference to a Nirvana track.
  • In “Come As You Are”, the Latin expression “memoria” sounds twice, which can be translated as “memory”, “memories”.

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