Crazy Train (1980) - Ozzy Osbourne - All about the song

It was Ozzy Osbourne's first single released since leaving Black Sabbath in 1978...

Ozzy Osbourne: the story of the hit "Crazy Train"

"Crazy Train" is the title single from the debut solo album by heavy metal metaller Ozzy Osbourne! An accompanying music video was released for promotion purposes. Osbourne and Robert Daisley are credited as writing the song along with the late guitarist Randy Rhoads... The lyrics are about the Cold War and the fear of annihilation...

Where did it all begin? Prerequisites…

Ozzy Osbourne
Ozzy Osbourne

The Crazy Train story began when guitarist Greg Leon, who originally filled Rhoads' place in Quiet Riot, announced that he would help Randy write what would become a quickly recognizable riff... He's up to:

"We were hanging out when I showed Rhoads the riff from Steve Miller's 'Swingtown' and said, 'Look what's going to happen, we just have to speed it up.

It is noteworthy that William Weaver claimed that he wrote the trademark riff, after which he played it to Rhoads in the studio during one of the sessions ... Anyway, after the release of "Crazy Train" in AllMusic there was a note:

“The main guitar riff of this song is a quality classic that includes a full minor scale… This hasn’t been seen since the heyday of Ritchie Blackmore and Deep Purple! Just amazing…”

Where is the name from? Let's hear Ozzy:

“Randy was into trains – he built model trains and so did I. I've always been a fan of trains, and Randy too. I said, “Randy, this looks like a train. But it sounds crazy." And I said, "It's a crazy train!"

Left to right Randy Rhoads, Lee Kerslake, Ozzy Osbourne, Bob Daisley
Left to right Randy Rhoads, Lee Kerslake, Ozzy Osbourne, Bob Daisley

Randy Rhoads was Ozzy's guitarist on this song - he was in Quiet Riot before joining Osbourne. Like most of the guitar solos he recorded with Ozzy, here Rhoads had to "double up" all of his guitar parts. This means that he had to play every note of this very difficult solo the same way, twice. This is one of the reasons why the solo on the record sounds so unique...

“Rhoads was a very accomplished and influential guitarist… He was the first one to say, ‘Maybe you should do it in that key! He was the first guy who listened to my opinion and gave me a break ... "

Contrary to popular belief, this is supposedly another Ozzy song about his madness, it is worth noting that in fact "Crazy Train" is about the cold war ... Here are some lines confirming this fact:

"Millions of people live like enemies"

"One Man Destined to Rule and Control"

"Heirs of the Cold War, that's what we've become"

Success, impact...

It's no secret that "Crazy Train" is one of Osbourne's most famous and recognizable songs as a solo artist! She is also one of the most famous in terms of guitar solo! The track is ranked 9th in the Top 40 Greatest Metal Songs. In 2009 "Crazy Train" was included in the rating of the hardest rock hits!

In America, "Crazy Train" entered the top 100, spending a week at number 106. The track's impact is far greater than what's shown on the charts, as it became one of Ozzy's signature songs and helped promote the Blizzard of Ozz album, selling over a million copies of the album (and that's just in the US, over the next two years). Ozzy eventually became a media leader in America where, with the help of his wife Sharon, he launched the successful Ozzfest and got his own reality show on MTV. Not bad for a British Heavy Metal singer!

Curious cover versions!

Subsequently, "Crazy Train" was covered and replayed by Nightwish, Pat Boone, Skid Row and many others. One of the most interesting is Sebastian Bach's version:

But the most scandalous was the cover version of the Westboro Baptist Church: a version remade especially for a rally against homosexuality was performed, which seriously angered Osborne!

Popularity on Tik-Tok!

The metal track gained a new round of fame thanks to the popular Tik-Tok short video creation and viewing service! It is worth noting that more than 50 thousand clips were shot under the original sound of "Crazy Train"! Let's see some of them:


In honor of the 10 year anniversary of my first viral video (see last post), here's an updated clip of "Crazy Train" 😎🤘 #rimbatubes

♬ original sound – Snubby J


The Nightmare Before Christmas🎅🏻 #FelizNavidad 1TP4Christmas 1TP4Christmascountdown2020

♬ original sound – Snubby J


call of the wild #crazytrain #TheProm #sasquatch #wild #call #rimbatubes #tree

♬ original sound – Snubby J

The essence of the trend is to visually imitate the playback of the introductory sound with the help of ... Yes, yes! You didn't think so! Using tubes of ordinary wrapping paper! It looks quite unusual and entertaining what they say ....

Interesting Facts…

  • It was Ozzy Osbourne's first single released after leaving Black Sabbath in 1978. He left the band after a particularly heated argument with guitarist Tony Iommi, when former bandmates described Ozzy as a "lost slacker". In the end, "Crazy Train" was a triumph for Ozzy, as he proved he could succeed outside of an illustrious band, albeit with a lot of help from his team.
  • At the end, the voice of a studio engineer is heard saying "Egg" through an oscillator. Ozzy asked him what he had for breakfast this morning...
  • In 1999, this was used in advertisements for Mitsubishi vehicles. In 2012, the track was used in a commercial for the Honda Pilot. Given the dynamic sound, this is not at all surprising ...
  • The instrumental part of this song became the beat of the track "Let's Go" by Trick Daddy feat. Twista & Lil Jon, which peaked at number seven in the US in 2004. It was also inserted into the Hollywood Undead song "Undead" in 2008.
  • Ozzy Osbourne released an animated music video in September 2020 as part of Blizzard Of Ozz's 40th anniversary celebration. The clip features hand-drawn cartoon images of the Prince of Darkness and his band. After Randy Rhoads' guitar solo, the guitarist takes to the skies as his bandmates watch him...

  • Former Ozzy Osbourne bassist Bob Daisley is suing the musician and his company Blizzard Music Limited for unpaid royalties. The musician accused Osbourne of withholding more than $ 2 million in unpaid royalties for the song! Luckily, Osborne was able to prove his point...

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