Songs and music from the anime "Cyberpunk: Running on the Edge" - full soundtrack

Today we'll tell you in detail about how the world of the anime series "Cyberpunk: Running on the Edge" was created and who is the author of the very tracks that are so beloved by all fans.

Cyberpunk: Running on the Edge anime: popularity and soundtracks

Japanese animation is gaining a lot of popularity these days. anime. These stunning graphic cartoons and series are broadcast both on television and on various online resources. Some of them have an original plot, and some of them based on already established video games or book series.

Today in our article we will be looking at a recently released animated series "Cyberpunk: Running on the Edge." and find out why the soundtrack has become so popular.

A little bit about anime: why Cyberpunk: Running on the Edge has gained such rabid popularity

The main character David Martinez
The main character David Martinez

"Cyberpunk: Running on the Edge." - an anime series that was officially released on the Netflix in September of this year. The animated series was based on the game Cyberpunk 2077which was based on Mike Pondsmith's board game Cyberpunk 2020. The video game was created according to the rules of cyberpunk of the 80s; it reflects the real problems of people facing unusual technologies.

The action of the game takes place in North America, in the large city of Knight City. Megapolis can't to exist without robotics, which helps to solve everyday problems in the city. Due to the collapse of the country, corporations are taking over the city, but the power is also being challenged. bandits.

Characters of the anime series
Characters of the anime series

"Cyberpunk: Running on the Edge" is. prequel game and its action unfolds about a year before the events of the video game. According to the plot of the series, people in Knight City are maniacally dependent on various body modifications and modern technology. The main character David Martinez David is a student at an elite school, and his mother is working hard to provide her son with a decent future. A woman is killed in an accident, and David gets an implant that gives him a combat advantage, and soon becomes mercenary.

The anime caused positive assessment from critics. They note that the action that the creators brought to the animated series is a unique and stylish adaptation of the cyberpunk world. Thanks to the popularity of the anime, sales of the Cyberpunk 2077 video game increased, which became a best-selling game in the autumn of 2022.

The title track and music video that has racked up millions of views

The soundtrack to Cyberpunk: Running on the Edge was officially released by Netflix in early October, well after the premiere of the anime itself. The composition "I Really Want to Stay At Your House." performed by Rosa Walton.

A music video has been released for the song, in which appears heroes anime - David and Lucy. On Netflix's official YouTube channel, the video has racked up more than a 7.5 million Views.

"This Fire" is the track from the opening credits that many are looking for

The Franz Ferdinand Group
The Franz Ferdinand Group

Introductory composition "This Fire." was released by Scottish indie rock band Franz Ferdinand in 2003. The song was written by musicians Alex Kapranos and Nicholas McCarthy, and was recorded in the band's own studio. A year after the release of the track, a new version of the song was released, which was produced by Rich Bones; it was his version that was taken by the anime creators for the opening credits.

This song was released single in England and the United States and reached number 17 on the US chart and number 8 on the UK chart. In Australia, the song reached number 29 on Triple J's list of the 100 hottest songs of 2004.

The official music video for the song "This Fire" is inspired by style Soviet art and is shot in a constructivist theme. The clip reflects the spread of "world hypnosis".

The rest of the tracks from "Cyberpunk: Running on the Edge."

The 10 episodes of the anime series featured more than 50 tracks; there are between 5 and 8 in each series. Here is a selection of some of them:

"Whos Ready for Tomorrow" Rat Boy

The first track from the show's debut episode was performed by the singer Rat Boy. He provided his song for use in the game Cyberpunk 2077; the composition was later used extensively in the anime series.

"Friday Night Fire Fight" Aligns

The track played on the radio in the video game was written by a band from Brooklyn Aligns. The song is a hit song for radio, put through electric sound. The composition was used in the 2nd episode of the anime "Cyberpunk: Running on the Edge".

"The Other Room" Earth Trax

The song "The Other Room" was used in episode 4 of the show. Under the YouTube video, users marked it as good bass a song.

"Cyberwildlife Park" Marcin Przybylowicz

The composition from episode 5 was written by Marcin Przybylowicz, a composer from Poland who was a sound engineer Cyberpunk 2077 video games.

"Kevin" Antigama

A track in the style of grindcore from a Polish group Antigama Adds to the frantic energy of the anime series that critics have praised so much.

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