A little about DaBro, the dance project of two brothers who give fans good music

"It was important that people like our music. But it was just as important that we liked it..."

History of DaBro: early years, creativity, interesting facts

DaBro - the name of a contemporary musical project founded by two siblings - Ivan and Michael (Zasidkevich). The project is based on incendiary dance music with wonderful rhythms and a deep message in the lyrics... The band was founded in 2013 The guys have released several EPs, four full-length albums and a few dozens of singles... DaBro has its own official channel on YouTube with an audience of more than a million, and their hit "Youth" (2020) is sure to be familiar to every modern graduate! What is the history of DaBro and its members in particular? Let's go over it in order...

The Early Years: About Ivan and Michael's Childhood


Ivan and Mikhail Zasidkevich were born in Donetsk region, Ukraine. Ivan was born in August 1990 of the year, and Michael on the first of May 1992 years! As the guys themselves say, despite the slight difference in age in childhood, they always spent time together: together they played, together they developed, together they grew up... Together they began to be interested in music! It should be noted that their creative path was foreseen from the very beginning. DaBro were musicians, so the boys were brought up in a constant atmosphere of music and creativity... The brothers followed the path of their father, the famous accordionist, and graduated from the music school in the class of accordion. In addition, they own many other instruments, among them balalaika, flute, drums and keyboards...

"Our taste in music was brought up by our parents. Even as children we knew that our adult life would be connected to music..." - the brothers said in their interview.

Thinking back to their childhood, the boys note that their family had never been rich... But now the situation has completely changed for the better! Except that finances are not the most important thing for Ivan and Michaelwho live by creativity...

First steps and first fame


In 2009 year, the brothers began writing their own songs, and very soon founded the rap duo "Room RecordZ". According to them, at that time they were still very inexperienced, but very motivated, trying to find their style:

"We wanted something youthful, modern, and in demand from the audience..."

His first tracks under the name Room RecordZ They recorded... at home, with an ordinary computer. They searched for a long time for their genre, creating music not for money, but for the soul, from the heart...

"It was important that people like our music. But it was just as important that we liked it..."


At the same time - Room RecordZ They did not want to limit themselves to any one genre: they wanted to experiment, to find something of their own, something truly unique... In order to promote their project, the brothers created accounts on social networks and on YouTube. They were not eager to work from under the producer's wing: they liked to write their own songs, come up with scripts for music videos, and just do their own blogs... As for YouTube, today their channel counts 1.3 million subscribers (and the number of DaBro fans is growing rapidly every day!) According to the brothers, YouTube For them it is not only a platform for promotion, but also a source of knowledge.

The birth of "DaBro"


A few years later, namely in 2013 year, Ivan and Mikhail decide to form a new band. They wanted to emphasize positive dance music and deep meaning in the lyrics, and their ideas resulted in the formation of "DaBro." - a musical project, the name of which serves as a reference to the word "dobro." and to slang ("Yes, bro!"). By the time DaBro was created, their style had become more definite and recognizable...

The first big breakthrough for the brothers was the track "You are my dream."which has racked up tens of thousands of plays on the YouTube:

Curiously, this song is often attributed to another performer. To Max Korzhu! Maybe it's all about the slight similarity of the sound... We should not forget that at the time of the release of the track the brothers were not beginners, just as well as professionals! With time their style became more bright and recognizable...

Creativity: the main stages

In the fall of the same 2013 year the debut album is released DaBro entitled "Turn it on.". A year later, a second album was released. "Our Time.":

In 2015 The year saw the release of the single "The heat burns from within."which was recorded with the participation of Mitya Fomin:

The last studio work DaBro The album that has been on the market to date is the "Yunost."released in June 2020 of the year! The main hit single was the track of the same name, and the video for it scored more than 160 million views and a sea of enthusiastic comments on YouTube

It is worth adding that in addition to their project, the brothers Zasidkevich help write music for other performers.



The activities of these kind and positive guys interested the media: Ivan and Mikhail frequently give interviews, and are also occasional guests on television! Their songs can be heard on such popular radio stations as "Humor FM, Russian Radio, Radio Vanya and others... The original lyrics and rousing rhythms of the project have won recognition from the general public, making the guys from Ukraine real stars! At the same time, the brothers have not caught the "star disease": in their social networks they are engaged in charity and actively communicate with their audience...

Interesting Facts

  • Ivan and Mikhail They admit that they do not understand how siblings can have conflicts, quarrels, and competition...
  • As early as high school, the brothers were inspired by the work of "Disco Crash" and "The Otpetye Rascals". Later, they listened to "Caste.". Remarkably, they know Casta personally!
  • The brothers hardly ever listen to other people's music. Ivan and Mikhail often perform concerts, after which they want to "just be in silence..." By the way: the guys have already performed in Germany, Lithuania, Czech Republic, Spain and other countries.
  • In the work of DaBroAs in the lives of the participants, there is no mate at all. Quite a rare phenomenon for the modern world, but it's true!
  • Their hit track. "Yunost." continues to gain popularity, even though it was released over a year ago! And its music video has repeatedly become the leader in views on various channels and platforms...

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