Dalida: The Sad Fate of a Charming Frenchwoman

"I can't stand my own life anymore..."

The Story of One Talented and Unjustly Unhappy Star - All About Dalida

This woman is forever in the history of both music and France! One of the greatest French singers, Delilah quickly climbed to the pedestal and smote everyone with her amazing voice... However, after her Tragic The demise of the people was astonished by the courage and sad fate performer.

Dalida's whole life has been a continuous interleaving black and white: since childhood tragedies haunted the star. And even on the cusp of glory Dalida could not enjoy her success to the full; in her heart she was lonely and a very poor woman who, in her sixth decade, was loved by millionsand at the same time by no one.

Early years


History Yolanda Gigliotti started in Cairo in the family of Italian immigrants. Her love of music was passed down to her from his father - an amazing violinist Pietro Gigliotti! Subsequently, the name of Yolanda herself would become legendary: the singer sold about 200 million her records! But from early infancy she was haunted by failures...

When the baby was less than a yearshe had to endure a terrible eye infection. Alas, the doctors made a terrible mistake, which resulted in the girl developing Strabismus. Before moving to Paris, Yolanda moved the 3 operations! However, to look at the world without discomfort couldn't.

The Appearance of Dalida


Fortunately, eye problems were not a hindrance on the road to success! Yolanda was the real deal. Beautiful, and in the first half of the 50s even won two prestigious titles for any girl - "Miss Undine." and "Miss Egypt."! But her lover turned out to be a terribly jealous man: when he saw a picture of his beloved in a swimsuit in a fashion magazine, the guy immediately broke off the engagement!


For a while, Dalida worked mannequinand then debuted on the big screen: the beauty has played small roles in movies "The Mask of Tutankhamun and "Glass and Cigarette.". For the last film Dalila - that was the pseudonym originally - even recorded a song "Desiderio di un ora".

In 1954 girl goes to conquer Paris, and soon gets to know the By Alfred Mashard. It was he who advised her to change her pseudonym slightly. That's how she was born. Delilah.

A resounding success - the main stages of creativity


First attempt to break into the charts failed miserably. However, the song that followed "Bambino." became a hit in the blink of an eye! It stayed in the French top 10 for colossal 45 weeks! And the circulation 300,000 copies brought Dalida her first gold.

It did not take long for the popular "Gondolier", "Come prima" and "Ciao, ciao bambina."which also resounded on the radio waves! Their performer was showered with awards and titles, and her picture never left the pages of trendy editions!

Soon Dalida was on a grand tour. across Europe, and even performed in the USAwhere she herself Ella Fitzgerald predicted a brilliant career for her! But the young star did not want to stay in the States.


In 1974, Dalida delivered her super-hit "Gigi l amoroso"which has become a leader in more than ten countries!

With the advent of the '80s, Dalida penetrated and behind the Iron Curtain - company "Melody" released an album by the enchanting Frenchwoman.

Personal life and terrible tragedies


Dalida's success grew at the speed of light! She was popular, rich, beloved by millions of fans! And at the same time Alone.


The singer's first husband, Lucien MorissHe left after Dalida had a torrid affair with the actor. Jean Sobieski. Moriss has developed a profound depressionand at the dawn of the seventies he took a gun in his hands, held it to his temple and pulled the trigger...

Lucien Morisse and Dalida
Lucien Morisse and Dalida

Nothing with Sobieski and Dalida it didn't work out, and she soon became acquainted with Luigi Tenko. Together they performed at Sanremo with the song "Ciao amore ciao."but the audience did not appreciate their number. That night Luigi did the same thing that less than four years later would do Moriss

When Dalida discovered Tenko's body, she almost went crazy. That night she for the first time made an attempt to escape from life, but was rescued - 90 hours The singer was in a coma and even lost her voice.

Dalida and Luigi Tenco
Dalida and Luigi Tenco

Another of Dalida's lovers passed away of his own free will. Richard Chantfretwith whom the singer had longest relationships. All this put pressure on the woman's psyche...

In the mid-1980s, Dalida had to lie down again. on the operating table - Sore eyes made themselves felt. She could not stand it. The woman decided to desperate step

"I can no longer bear my own life," was the note found in her room. Next to it lay whisky bottleTutu Sleeping pills and breathless woman - the legend of an entire era, which was studded with laurels, but deprived of the most important: love and family happiness.

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