How David Tukhmanov published the first Soviet art-rock album on Melodiya

David Tukhmanov's record "According to the Wave of My Memory" was released in the fall of 1976 and became a real revolution in Soviet music of that time.

"According to the Wave of My Memory" (1976) - album history, performers, interesting facts

Record by David Tukhmanov "According to the wave of my memory" released September 9 1976, on the death day of the former chairman of the People's Republic of China Mao Zedong. The work was very unusual for Soviet music of that time and instantly became popular: first circulation sold out dealwithout even reaching the stores. People tried to take as many records as possible, and "Melody" fulfilled the double sales target for the month. Igor Ivanov, the musician who performed the song "From the Vagants", the album could not be found anywhere. To him donated record myself Tukhmanov, who did not even imagine that his work would be so successful:

"I thought that album too much complicated for perception. “According to the wave of my memory” is exquisite work requiring special approach, and therefore it probably will not famous. After this record, I wrote a lot of things, but they could not repeat her success."

Album cover "On the wave of my memory" (David Tukhmanov)
Album cover "On the wave of my memory" (David Tukhmanov)

Most main difference album "According to the wave of my memory" consists in themselves tracks, which are strongly stood out against the background of other compositions of the Soviet show business. Poems by Voloshin, Sappho, Verlaine, Goethe were put on complex melodies, and now the works of the classics embodied into the songs of young, yet unknown musicians. The disc also surprised with its cover. She was motley, with interesting drawn figures and completely different from familiar design.

In developing a new album, Tukhmanov was greatly helped by his wife Tatyana Sashko. Together they were engaged in the selection of musicians, writing music, the visual component of the album. David Fedorovich argued:

"There was a Soviet The song with her specific features, but our music began to be influenced anotherthat came from the West. Firm "Melody" weakened censorship in the selection of works. I, who at that time wrote several well-known tracks, understood that not completely embody my creativity ambition. Tried experimenting... unite what he knew in the field of classics, with electronic sound, arrangement. But then I thought that my works were too not easy to understand, people simply will not perceive them properly.

David Tukhmanov today
David Tukhmanov today

Tukhmanov was inspired foreign performers. He listened and "King Crimson", и "Jethro Tull", и "Led Zeppelin", и Frank Zappa. He defined the genre of music for his album as art rock. The composer admitted that when working on the disc, he was worried about the specific phonetics Russian language. Tukhmanov thought she would be a problem to work in tougher rhythmic forms. But he still managed to keep "naturalness" native language without changing its pronunciation.

Musicians Tukhmanov was looking for for a long time He needed professionals in his field. He needed a group peoplewho worked in various places, and planned to record with them exactly suite, a set of songs united by one meaning. He found musicians who played in various bands, performed in restaurants. They enthusiastically clung for this chance and agreed participate in the creation album. Perhaps some of them were young and inexperienced, but they burning with their work.

Mehrdad Badi at one of his performances
Mehrdad Badi at one of his performances

Tukhmanov and his team for a long time picked up poemsthat would sound good contemporary processing. The album "On the wave of my memory" consists mainly of foreign songs, the text of which is translated from another language, but the composer quoted some of them in The original. By this he wanted to show that poetry impossible translate completely.

singers Tukhmanov began to pick lastwhen the tracks were ready. Approving the candidates, the composer thought about how he would wantedin order for the song to sound, what should be the voice of the performer, his timbre. So he picked Alexander Barykin for Baudelaire, but Mehrdada Badi - for Voloshin and Shelly.

Alexander Barykin in his youth
Alexander Barykin in his youth

The composer did not want to know about the idea of his album ahead of time. He was afraid that such a specific and unusual record would simply won't allow to release. Tukhmanov and at the artistic council performed the songs that are part of "On the wave of my memory", very gently, in the manner of the classics, so that he was allowed to release them.

The composer admitted that he managed to embody almost everythingwhat he thought. The only thing he did not succeed was to release the work on old poems Chinese the poet Du Fu. Relations China and the USSR in 1976 were very tense, so not a single artistic council would have missed such a song. Most likely, "On the Wave of My Memory" was simply banned if this track was included in the album.

Sergei Belikov answers journalists' questions
Sergei Belikov answers journalists' questions

most popular the song of the record became "On the French Side". She is the most easy performed by a track reminiscent of classical type compositions. It can be assumed that the single became so popular due to its you just, people understood him more than other songs.

Singer Sergei Belikov, who worked with David Tukhmanov, spoke of him as follows:

"He liked the way I perform "Sentimental Walk" to the verses of Verlaine. It was a subtle, poetic, airy composition. When listening to the final version of the song, I noticed that my execution strongly changedbecame more professional and distinctive. Tukhmanov expanded my creativity."

Alexander Schwartzwho drew cover disk, worked on it as follows: Tukhmanov invited him to his home, played song motifs on the piano, the artist listened to them and drew everything that came to him to the headwhile the melody was playing. The very first sketches different from the final version: everything was sketched with a pen, these were allusions to modern reality. On the cover I wanted to show all modern world: and Moscow, and the Universe, and spaceships. But this cover didn't miss artistic council, as it "did not correspond to the ideals of socialist realism."

Second the attempt was crowned success: Schwartz noticed that Tukhmanov strives to achieve ideal in music. He was inspired by this and tried to embody on the cover perfection human spirit. The composition included statues of Athena, a motorcyclist and other figures, but the artistic council did not let them through. Interesting fact: racer was taken from self-portrait Schwartz, written long before the creation of the album. So the cover got its final look.

It is now accepted that "According to the wave of my memory" - this concept album. All musicians (even those who did not participate in the creation of the disc) perceived Tukhmanov's creation as revolution in contemporary Soviet music. The album was recognized as a cult immediately after its release. According to the journalist Alexey Mikhalev, the composer himself became example professionalism and innovation for many musicians of the time.


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